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README.Debian for edb

EDB is Emacs Database, which can use text files for data storage. The
default Debian install adds a function to `find-file-hook' which
detects if the file's first line starts with:

    ;; Database file written by EDB

You can try EDB by loading one of the examples:

    C-x C-f /usr/share/doc/edb/examples/btxdb/journals.dat

For more information, consult info pages in Emacs <C-h i>. For quick
introduction[*], start from section "Three types of EDB file" in

[*] Pay no attention to file's example Emacs code section in "end EDB
    and Two column entry for .emacs file". The file is from year 1993
    and does not reflect current EDB.

 -- 2009-08-19 Jari Aalto <>
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