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This directory contains examples of using EDB.  The following files are
available; see the documentation for file naming conventions.

README		This file.  This is not EDB's README file, only that for its

forms-demo2.dat		The database supplied as "demo2" of the Forms package.

forms-demo2-int.dat	The same database in EDB internal layout.

arb-demo	An example database in "arbitrary" format; it uses functions
arb-demo.dba	rather than rules to read and write the disk file.  It also
arb-demo.fmt	uses an alternate format file.

arb-demo-regexp		The same database as that above, but with its layout
arb-demo-regexp.dba	specified by a set of regular expressions.  When you
			do `db-find-file' on arb-demo-regexp, EDB will ask
			for its display format; you should use arb-demo.fmt.

eicsw.dat	Alan Stebbens's EIC software database, which uses enumerated
eicsw.fmt	types and the date type.

passwd.fmt	A format file for use with /etc/passwd; do db-find-file on
		/etc/passwd and specify this file as the format file.

tepdb		Michael Ernst's address database in internal file layout;
tepdb.fmt	includes change functions, aging of data, reports, mailing
tepdb.dba	labels, and usage instructions.

rolo-jik.dat	Jonathan Kamens's rolodex database; includes user-definable
rolo-jik.fmt	fields and dynamic data display buffer alignment.

intro-and-addr	Bob Chassell's introduction to EDB for the complete novice,
		plus an address database and code for producing mailing labels.

btxdb.README	Instructions for retrieving Thorsten Ohl's BibTeX database.

edbibtex	Michael Burschik's BibTeX database and sample format
		files.	Includes documentation, example databases, and more.

geneal		Instructions for retrieving Michael Patton's geneal database,
		which includes inter-record links and tagged file layout.

www-links*	URLs and associated metadata.

More examples are welcome!  Please send them to <>.
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