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EDOS-BUILDDEBCHECK(1)                          EDOS-BUILDDEBCHECK(1)

       Edos-builddebcheck  -  Check satisfiability of Debian package

       edos-builddebcheck [option] ... Packagefile Sourcepackagefile

       edos-builddebcheck reads a set of Debian package descriptions
       from  the file Packagefile, each of which is in the format of
       deb-control(5), and a set of source package descriptions from
       the  file  Sourcepackagefile.  All  packages described in the
       file Packagefile must have the same value of their  Architec‐
       ture (if it is different from all).

       For  instance,  the  Packages and Sources files as found on a
       Debian mirror server, or in the directory /var/lib/apt/lists/
       of a Debian system, are suitable as input files.

       edos-builddebcheck  verifies for every of the source packages
       (from  Sourcepackagefile)  whether  its   build-dependencies,
       build-indep-dependencies and build-conflicts can be satisfied
       from the binary packages provided in Packagefile. Only build-
       relations  that  apply  to the architecture (see below on how
       the architecture is determined) are taken into account.

       Note that this is not the same thing as  checking  whether  a
       distribution  can  be  rebuild from scratch, for several rea‐

       1.  No actual compilation is taking  place,  this  tool  only
       does a static analysis of package relationships.

       2.  The binary packages in Packages are not necessarily those
       that are the result of the compilation of the source packages
       in Sourcepackagefile.

       3.  We do not check for cycles. For instance, suppose that we
       have source packages a and b both generating one binary pack‐
       age  of  respectively the same name, and that a build-depends
       on b and b build-depends on a. Then we can  not  rebuild  the
       set  of  packages from scratch because of the cycle. However,
       if we already have binary packages a and b then we can recom‐
       pile  both of them. Consequently, edos-builddebcheck will not
       report an error in this case.

       4. The underlying logical machine does a complete analysis of
       alternatives,  and might report satisfiability of constraints
       in case actual tools (like apt) fail to find a solution.

       Build-essential packages are ignored  in  unversioned  build-
       dependencies.   The  (architecture  dependant) list of build-
       essential packages is read from the configuration  file.   If
       that  file  is not available than an architecture independent
       default value is used.

       -a, --architecture architecture
              Check for compilation on architecture. Usually  it  is
              not necessary to specify the architecture since it can
              be derived from the Packages file.

       -be, --binexplain
              Add all explanations why  build-dependencies  are  not
              satisfiable.  Without that option some of these expla‐
              nations may be missing  from  the  output  in  case  a
              source  package build-depends on a binary package that
              exists in Packagefile  file  but  that  edos-debchecks
              finds not to be installable inside Packagefile.

              Configuration file for edos-builddebcheck

       Edos-builddebcheck  has  been  written  by Stefano Zacchiroli
       <> and Ralf Treinen  <>.  It
       heavily  relies  on  edos-debcheck  which has been written by
       Jerome Vouillon for the EDOS project.


EDOS                         2010-04-22        EDOS-BUILDDEBCHECK(1)
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