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phpSysInfo 2.5.2-rc1 -

Copyright (c), 1999-2002, Uriah Welcome (
Copyright (c), 1999-2001, Matthew Snelham (

  - Linux 2.2+
  - FreeBSD 4.x
  - OpenBSD 2.8+
  - NetBSD
  - Darwin/OSX
  - WinNT
  - PHP 4.x and 5.x

  If your platform is not here try checking out the mailing list archives or
  the message boards on SourceForge.

  Just decompress and untar the source (which you should have done by now,
  if you're reading this...), into your webserver's document root.

  There is a configuration file called If this a brand 
  new installation, you should copy this file to config.php and edit it.

  - make sure your 'php.ini' file's include_path entry contains "."
  - make sure your 'php.ini' has safe_mode set to 'off'.

  Please keep in the mind that because phpSysInfo requires access to many
  files in /proc and other system binary you **MUST DISABLE** php's
  safe_mode.  Please see the PHP documentation for information on how you
  can do this.

  If you use the apc pecl extension with apc.optimization="1" then phpSysInfo might
  break in the XPath.class. Turn this option off, and it will work with apc.

  That's it.  Restart your webserver (if you changed php.ini), and viola!

  - phpSysInfo is not full compatible with SELinux Systems
  - small bug under FreeBSD with memory reporting
  - XML will not work properly/validate under anything except Linux and
    Net/FreeBSD The "This is Under Development" warning gets printed and
	isn't valid in XML.

  - FreeBSD
    There is currently a bug in FreeBSD that if you boot your system up and
	drop to single user mode and then again back to multiuser the system
	removes /var/run/dmesg.boot.  This will cause phpsysinfo to fail.  A bug
	has already been reported to the FreeBSD team.  (PS, this may exist in
	other *BSDs also)
  - Windows with IIS
    On Windows systems we get our informations through the WMI interface. If you
       run phpsysinfo with the IIS webserver, phpsysinfo can't connect to the WMI
       interface for security reasons. At this point you MUST set an authentication
       mechanism for the directory in the IIS admin interface. Then you will be asked
       for an user and a password when opening the page. At this point it is necassary
       to log in with an user that will be able to connect to the WMI interface.
       If you use the wrong user and/or password you might get an "ACCESS DENIED ERROR".

  First make sure you've read this file completely, especially the
  "INSTALLATION AND CONFIGURATION" section.  If it still doesn't work then
  you can:
  Submit a bug on SourceForge. (preferred)

  If you have an great ideas or wanna help out, just drop by the project
  page at SourceForge (

  The "Unauthorized reading files on phpSysInfo" reported by
  Albert Puigsech Galicia <> and Wolter Kamphuis 
  <> is fixed in version 2.2.

  This program and all associated files are released under the GNU Public
  License, see COPYING for details.

$Id: README 21209 2006-04-06 13:38:25Z ralfbecker $
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