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  * Version 1.2 (2009-12-24):

    * Make force_mda in the esmtprc to work with the -t option (based on patch
    by Sourav K. Mandal)

  * Version 1.1 (2009-12-16):

    * Option to force local only MDA (Robert A.M. Diamond).

    * Use locking in esmtp-wrapper (Phil Sutter).

    * Update mutt option name in the user manual (Wu Fengguang).

  * Version 1.0 (2008-10-09):

    * Fix NTLM authentication (Nils Rennebarth).

    * Option to disable Message-ID header (Phil Sutter).

  * Version 0.6.0 (2007-09-03):

    * Handle CR-LF newline endings when parsing the headers.

    * Wrapper script for off-line mail delivery (Phil Sutter).

    * Document how to get CA certificates.
    * Corrections to the manpages (Reuben Thomas).

    * Tips for adding missing Date: headers in messages for local delivery
    (Bruce Schultz).
    * Use a reasonable default for the reverse path when one is not 
    specified, instead of an empty one.

    * Prevent segfault expanding %F in the MDA string when the reverse 
    path is not specified.

  * Version 0.5.1 (2005-03-10):

    * A 'postconnect' keyword to execute a command after closing a SMTP

    * Do not attempt to authenticate if no username/password is given.

    * Several configuration fixes/enhancements (SASAJIMA and Dirk Tilger).

    * Enforce strict permissions on configuration file (Tiago Macambira).

    * Allow to set helo-name. Allow to send out local mail as remote mail
    by adding a qualifying domain name. Allow forcing envelope-from and Sender
    headers. Drop possible admin-added sgid priveleges to be dropped after
    reading the config. (Bernhard Link)

    * Do not pass multiple address to the MDA quoted as a single argument
    (Kusanagi Kouichi).

  * Version 0.5.0 (2003-11-14):

    * Fixed another bug which prevented to send mail when libesmtp had no
    openssl support (Maurice Galland).
    * Detailed documentation on how to use the StartTLS extension. More
    verbosity on StartTLS error messages.
    * New 'preconnect' keyword to execute a command prior to opening a SMTP
    connection (Daniel Richard G.).
    * Fixed a bug which prevented to send mail when libesmtp had no
    openssl support (Tomas Kondor).
    * New 'default' keyword for identities (Vitezslav Batrla).

  * Version 0.4.1 (2003-07-14):
    * Packaging fixes.

    * Esmtprc man page.

    * Fixed the MDA return status which wasn't being cheked.

    * Fixed a bug the input buffering which when using the '-t' option and
    piping the input caused the parsed headers to be lost.
  * Version 0.4 (2003-07-12):

    * Debian packaging.

    * Fixes to compile on FreeBSD (Tim Hemel).

    * Local delivery via a MDA.

    * Extraction of the recipients from the headers ('-t' option).

    * 8bit-MIME extension support ('-B' option).

    * Further Delivery Status Notification support ('-R' and '-V' options).

  * Version 0.3 (2003-03-10):

    * Capability to generate log files.

    * Better verbose output.

    * Minor bug fixes and documentation enhancements.

    * Multiple identities (Jerome).

  * Version 0.2 (2002-10-31):

    * Packaging corrections.

    * Minor bug fixes and documentation enhancements.

    * Use sendmail exit codes.

  * Version 0.1 (2002-09-26):

    * Initial release.

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