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Version 3.1 - November 16, 2011

	* Fix: Show all non-zero registers for tg3 (-d option)
	* Feature: Add support for external loopback test (-t option)
	* Fix: Show correct flow control registers for Intel 82599 (-d option)
	* Feature: Add support for reporting and configuring numbers of
	  channels/queues (-l and -L options)
	* Feature: Report pause frame autonegotiation result (-a option)
	* Doc: Change device name metavariable from 'ethX' to 'devname'
	* Doc: Fix various layout problems
	* Cleanup: Reorganise and add test cases for argument parsing
	* Fix: Strictly check for extraneous or missing arguments; in
	  particular, fail if the device name is missing

Version 3.0 - August 4, 2011

	* Feature: Report supported pause frame modes
	* Feature: Support firmware dump (-w and -W options)
	* Feature: Report advertised and supported 20G link modes
	* Feature: Add an 'l4data' option for ip4 filters (-U option)
	* Fix: Correct swapped h_source and h_dest fields for ether filters
	  (-U option)
	* Fix: Set ip_ver field correctly for ip4 filters (-U option)
	* Fix: Correct parameter validation for -e and -E options; in
	  particular, treat the 'magic' value as unsigned

Version 2.6.39 - June 1, 2011

	* Feature: Report some driver features (-i option)
	* Doc: Remove misleading 'Auto' advertising mask from manual page
	* Doc: Improve table formatting on manual page, using tbl
	* Doc: Remove initial blank page in printed manual page
	* Doc: Fix line-wrapping of options
	* Feature: Add support for ESP as a separate protocol from AH
	  (-n, -N, -u and -U options)
	* Cleanup: Remove support for showing RX n-tuple settings
	  (-u option), which was never implemented correctly in the kernel
	* Feature: Add support for RX network flow classifier (NFC)
	  (-u and -U options)
	* Feature: Add support for e1000 M88 PHY registers (-d option)
	* Cleanup: Change bug-address to netdev

Version 2.6.38 - March 15, 2011

	* Doc: Fix spelling and spacing in online help
	* Doc: Update date, version and web site reference in manual page
	* Doc: Fix spelling, capitalisation, consistency and style in
	  manual page
	* Doc: Generalise some references to network devices rather than
	  Ethernet devices
	* Fix: Don't silently ignore speed/duplex when autoneg is on
	* Fix: Report an error (rather than full usage information) if
	  given an unrecognised option
	* Feature: Add --version option

Version 2.6.37 - January 5, 2011

	* Fix: Build fix for distributions with kernel headers from
	  Linux 2.6.9 or earlier

Version 2.6.36 - November 16, 2010

	* Fix: RX n-tuple masks and documentation
	* Feature: Ethernet-level RX n-tuple filtering and 'clear' action
	* Feature: stmmac register dump support
	* Feature: get permanent address (-P) option
	* Feature: VLAN acceleration control

Version 2.6.35 - August 10, 2010

	* Feature: sfc register dump support
	* Feature: improve cmd line parsing of ints, IPv4 addresses
	* Feature: support ethtool named flags, messaging types
	* Feature: minor man page fixes
	* Feature: control RX flow hash indirection

Version 2.6.34 - May 26, 2010

	* Feature: Support n-tuple filter programming
	* Feature: Support rx hashing, v2 (targetted for 2.6.35)
	* Feature: Add names of newer Marvell chips

Version 2.6.33 - February 24, 2010

	This version introduces a new release numbering scheme, based
	on the latest upstream kernel interface supported.

	* Fix: several man page corrections
	* Feature: rx flow hash configuration
	* Feature: report 10000baseT support, where available
	* Feature: report MDI-X status, pause auto-neg, link partner adverts
	* Feature: support additional port types
	* Feature: support arbitrary speeds, faster than 65535 Mb
	* Feature: large and generic receive offload (LRO, GRO) support
	* Feature: option to flash firmware image from specified file
	* Feature: support for block writing of EEPROMs
	* Feature: marvell register dump update
	* Feature: at76c50x-usb, e1000e, igb, ixgbe, r8169 register dump support
	* Cleanup: remove support for RX hashing by port (was removed in
	  kernel by 59089d8d162ddcb5c434672e915331964d38a754)
	* Doc: Explicitly ship GPLv2 license, rather than relying
	  on autotools to supply it for us (autotools started auto-installing
	  GPLv3 recently)

Version 6 - July 26, 2007

	* Fix/security: Fix handling of statistics where the label
	  is exactly 32 bytes (ETH_GSTRING_LEN).
	* Feature: Add ability to change the advertised speed/duplex
	  to a different range of values, rather than all-or-one.
	* Feature: ixgb register dump support
	* Feature: sky2 register dump support
	* Feature: Fabric7 VIOC register dump support
	* Feature: Decode raw register dump stored in a file
	* Feature: Add ability to force hex register dump, if desired
	* Feature: update e1000 register dump
	* Feature: Additional 10Gbps support
	* Feature: Add 2.5G support
	* Feature: Update r8169 register dump
	* Feature: SMSC LAN911x/LAN921x register dump support
	* Cleanup: Update internal ethtool.h copy to match upstream
	  kernel 2.6.23-rc1 version of ethtool.h.

Version 5 - September 1, 2006

	* Security: Avoid potential buffer overflow
	* Feature: GSO support
	* Feature: skge register dump

Version 4 - July 18, 2006

	* Feature: UFO support
	* Feature: support long options
	* Features: e1000, pcnet32, tg3 updates
	* Feature: added PPC4xx EMAC support
	* Feature: Use hexdump instead of single values for register dump

Version 3 - January 27, 2005

	* Feature: r8159 register dump support
	* Feature / bug fix: Support advertising gigabit ethernet
	* Bug fix: make sure to advertise 10baseT-HD
	* Other minor bug fixes.

Version 2 - August 17, 2004

	* Feature: ethtool register dump raw mode
	* Feature: return results of self-test back to OS via exit(2)
	* Feature: add verbose register dump for pcnet32, fec_8xx
	* Maintenance: update to more recent autoconf
	* Maintenance: minor updates to e1000-specific module
	* Bug fix: Remove silly restriction on ethernet interface naming

Version 1.8 - July 19, 2003

	* Feature: Support amd8111e register dumps
	* Feature: Support TSO enable/disable
	* Feature: Support 10 gigabit ethernet
	* Feature: Support writing EEPROM data
	* Feature: Output e100 MDI/MDI-x status in register dump
	* Feature: Clean up RealTek (RTL) chip output, support new chips.
	* Feature: More supported e1000 devices.
	* Bug fix: Properly set ecmd.advertising
	* Bug fix: Fix leaks, handle some error conditions better.

Version 1.7 - October 21, 2002

	* Feature: Support e100 register dumps
	* Feature: Support tg3 eeprom dumps
	* Feature: Support partial eeprom dumps (with non-zero offsets)
	* Feature: Support decimal/octal/hex numbers transparently,
	  at the user's discretion.

Version 1.6 - June 20, 2002

	* Feature: Support e1000 register dumps
	* Feature: Support RealTek RTL-8139C+ and RTL-8169 register dumps
	* Feature: Support coalescing config (ETHTOOL_[GS]COALESCE)
	* Feature: Support ring param config (ETHTOOL_[GS]RINGPARAM)
	* Feature: Support pause param config (ETHTOOL_[GS]PAUSEPARAM)
	* Feature: Support physical NIC identification (ETHTOOL_PHYS_ID)
	* Feature: Support NIC self-testing (ETHTOOL_TEST)
	* Feature: Support NIC checksum/scatter-gather configuration

Version 1.5 - Mar 4, 2002

	* Fix: support usb network interfaces
	* Fix: include redhat spec file in autoconf build system
	* Fix: minor fixes to natsemi register dump
	* Feature: report advertised as well as supported media,
	  when printing device settings.

Version 1.4 - Nov 19, 2001

	* Support builds on configurations missing SIOCETHTOOL constant.
	* Import ethtool.h from kernel 2.4.15-pre6.
	* Support retrieval/setting of per-driver debug levels
	* Support pretty-printing register dumps on natsemi, de2104x
	* Support restarting autonegotiation (ETHTOOL NWAY_RST)
	* Support obtaining link status (ETHTOOL GLINK)

Version 1.3 - Aug 02, 2001

	* Support Wake-on-LAN (ETHTOOL GWOL and ETHTOOL SWOL ioctl).

Version 1.2 - May 17, 2001

	* Support ETHTOOL_GDRVINFO ioctl, which obtains
	  information from the ethernet driver associated
	  with the specified interface.

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