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:Maintainer: David Chisnall
:Author: David Chisnall
:License: Modified BSD License
:Version: 0.1

ScriptKit is a very lightweight cross-app scripting framework built on top of 
Distributed Objects. It simply exports a dictionary containing a set of named 
objects for scripting with Objective-C or any languages based on the LanguageKit 
such as Pragmatic Smalltalk. 

This is used for example by the hit corners and gesture recognition tool to run 
arbitrary commands in response to corner activations or mouse gestures, and by 
ScriptServices which allows arbitrary shell or Smalltalk scripts to be invoked 
on the current selection from any GNUstep or Etoile application.

To know more about ScriptKit:

Build and Install

Read INSTALL document.

Mac OS X support

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