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Dave J. Andruczyk    <djandruczyk at yahoo dot com>

Based on code from:
    The Rasterman        <raster at redhat dot com>
    Michael Fulbright    <msf at redhat dot com>

Spectragram (originally called "tape") submitted by:
    Gregor Leusch <gleusch at Pool dot Informatik dot RWTH-Aachen dot DE>

COMEDI support:
	Brett van de Sande  <bvds at bvds dot geneva dot edu>
He also rewrote the sound I/O code to use proper pthreads which improved
gui response significantly...

and hacked by Dave J. Andruczyk to be fully scalable...

Thanks goes out to Andy Lo A Foe who created Alsaplayer for his excellent
advice on autoconf, and helping me streamline the configure process.

Thanks to Rolf Mueller, for helping me extensively with the window
functions section, and the color picker parts.

Thanks to Ralph Loader <> for the convolve pattern
matching routines making the scope INCREDIBLY stable, even at low freqs.

Thanks to Eric Lassauge for the patches to the Colormap code 
and fixes here and there....

Thanks to Paritosh Pandy <> for assisting with 
testing the decimation code and giving me the push I needed to get 
back into development.

Thanks to Will Riley, A pro in the audio field who offered suggestions
which lead to the arbritrary zooming functions (w.i.p.). His support and 
enthusiasm for eXtace as well as the support from other users is what 
makes this development effort worthwhile.

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