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extremetuxracer - 3D racing game featuring Tux, the Linux penguin…  more info»


Extreme TuxRacer is based on PlanetPenguin Racer.

Extreme TuxRacer Development Team
Volker Ströbel
Andreas Tarandi (Torandi)
Hamish Morrison

PlanetPenguin Racer was based on Tux Racer 0.6.1

Tux Racer is a Sunspire Studios Production

PlanetPenguin Racer Development Team
Volker Stroebel <>

PlanetPenguin Racer Translators
Alexander Aksenov
Eric Alvarez Llimos
Helder Correia
Karl Ove Hufthammer
Marco Antonio Blanco
Mikel Olasagasti
Theo Snelleman
Trygve B. Wiig

Additional Contributors
Peter Reichel <>
	* simple signal/slot system for the ui widgets
Teemu Vesala <>
	* "airborne calculation".
	Outputs how many percent of time the Tux has been flying.

Theo Snelleman <>
	* configuration menu for translations
	* thanx for the good software and the example code 
	for the model loader

Tuxracer Core Development Team (alphabetical order):
Patrick Gilhuly <>
	* Programmer

Eric Hall <>
        * Programmer 

Rick Knowles <>
	* Designer, artist    

Vincent Ma <>
	* Programmer

Jasmin Patry <>
	* Game creator and programmer

Mark Riddell <>
        * Designer, artist

Past Contributors (chronological order):
Alan Levy <>
	* Snowy mountain backdrops in versions < 0.60 used with permission

Ingo Ruhnke <>
	* Helped to track down nasty particle generation bug
	* Designed several courses
	* Wrote several Gimp script-fu scripts to help with course

Michael Dale Long <>
	* Lighting patch to make dark areas of terrain brighter

Steve Baker <>
	* LOTS of very helpful suggestions, tips for supporting
	Voodoo{1,2} cards
	* Designed a track

Sten Eriksson <>
        * Patch to fix coredump in 0.11

Tuomas Jormola <>
	* Patch to add Tcl 8.3 check to configure

Thatcher Ulrich <>
	* Code for quadtree adaptive LOD terrain algorithm

Julien Canet <>
	* Designed two courses

Joseph Toscano <>
        * Composed 5 music tracks

James Barnard <>
        * Contributed several Tux sounds
        * Created several 3D model that haven't made it into the game yet
          (since engine is still lacking support)

Julie Brandon <>
	* Patch for configuring which joystick axes are used to
	control Tux

Jay Estabrook <>
	* Patch to fix some 32-bit-isms that enable compiling on 64-bit
	architectures (like the Alpha).
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