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#	About FDclone Ver. 3.00
#	Takashi SHIRAI, <>
#	Apr 21, 2012

  FDclone is a file & directory maintenance tool for the UNIX
based OS (called as "UNIX" expediently below). It is a clone
of "FD" for MS-DOS, made by Mr. A.Idei <>
in 1989.
  I make it as similar as possible in its specifications, but
implement it quite originally.

  The reason why I called it a clone is based on the fact that
"FD" is so popular that Japanese MS-DOS users treat the name
of "FD" as the synonym of file maintenance tools.
  Once, there was a file maintenance tool for UNIX named 'fu'
(made by Mr. Takashi Tashiro <>),
with which I was concerned to develop. I heard that many users
rename it "fd" as alias.
  I think that the users came from MS-DOS to UNIX adapt to
this name, because of easy typing.
  Therefore, it seemed effective that development of the tool
based on it as its specifications made UNIX novices who came
from MS-DOS adapt the UNIX environment naturally.

  From the above reason, this FDclone is made. While there
ware long transitions and difficulties on its way, at last,
I complete and release it. I dare say I'm happy.

  FDclone-3.00 package includes the following files.

README		this file (in Japanese)
README.eng	this file
HISTORY		amendment history up to now (in Japanese)
HISTORY.eng	amendment history up to now
FAQ		Q&A (Frequently Asked Question in Japanese)
FAQ.eng		Q&A (Frequently Asked Question)
TECHKNOW	technical knowhow (in Japanese)
TECHKNOW.eng	technical knowhow
LICENSES	document for licenses (in Japanese)
LICENSES.eng	document for licenses
Install		document to install FDclone (in Japanese)
Install.eng	document to install FDclone
ToAdmin		document for the administrator of FDclone (in Japanese)
ToAdmin.eng	document for the administrator of FDclone
Configur	auto configuration program (used in Makefile)
Makefile	Makefile	template of Makefile		roff file for man page (in Japanese)	roff file for man page		plain text for man page (in Japanese)	plain text for man page

mkmfsed.c	sed script generator for filtering Makefile
kanjicnv.c	simple kanji code converter
mkfunkno.c	command serial number generator
expfunc.c	shell function expander (for obsolete /bin/sh)
mkunitbl.c	UNICODE translation table generator
mkdict.c	Kana-Kanji translation table convertor
mktankan.c	Tan-Kanji translation table generator
mkkanji.c	kanji.h convertor
mkcat.c		message catalog generator
mkdir_p.c	directory generator
mkmfsedg.sed	sed script filtering Makefile for djgpp v1.xx
mkmfsedd.sed	sed script filtering Makefile for djgpp v2.xx
mkmfdosl.sed	sed script filtering Makefile for LSI C-86 3.5
mkmfdosb.sed	sed script filtering Makefile for Borland C++

makefile.gpc	Makefile for djgpp v1.xx on DOS/V
makefile.g98	Makefile for djgpp v1.xx on PC-98x1
makefile.dpc	Makefile for djgpp v2.xx on DOS/V
makefile.d98	Makefile for djgpp v2.xx on PC-98x1
makefile.lpc	Makefile for LSI C-86 3.5 on DOS/V
makefile.l98	Makefile for LSI C-86 3.5 on PC-98x1
makefile.bpc	Makefile Borland C++ on DOS/V
makefile.b98	Makefile for Borland C++ on PC-98x1

main.c		FDclone main source
termio.c	terminal I/O library source
termio.h	header for termio.c
term.c		termcap library source
term.h		header for term.c
printf.c	formatted printing module
printf.h	header for printf.c
string.c	alternative string functions
string.h	header for string.c
malloc.c	alternative memoly allocation functions
malloc.h	header for malloc.c
stream.c	stream I/O library source
stream.h	header for stream.c
time.c		alternative time functions
time.h		header for time.c
pathname.c	pathname operation module
pathname.h	header for pathname.c
system.c	/bin/sh compatible system(3) module
system.h	header for system.c
posixsh.c	POSIX based builtin commands used in system.c
posixsh.h	header for posix.c
doscom.c	COMMAND.COM builtin commands used in system.c
log.c		system logging module
log.h		header for log.c
dosdisk.c	floppy drive driver
dosdisk.h	header for dosdisk.c
sysemu.c	system call wrapper for floppy drive
sysemu.h	header for sysemu.c
unixdisk.c	file I/O functions for MS-DOS
unixdisk.h	header for unixdisk.c
realpath.c	canonicalization for absolute pathname
realpath.h	header for realpath.c
encode.c	MD5 (RFC1321) & BASE64 (RFC3548) module
encode.h	header for encode.c
pty.c		pseudo terminal module
termemu.c	terminal emulation module
termemu.h	header for termemu.c
frontend.c	frontend module of terminal emulation
backend.c	backend module of terminal emulation
libc.c		arrangement of C standard library
file.c		file I/O module
apply.c		applying one after another module
parse.c		strings parser module
parse.h		header for parse.c
builtin.c	builtin command module
shell.c		shell command module
socket.c	network socket functions
socket.h	header for socket.c
url.c		URL parser module
url.h		header for url.c
auth.c		authentication (RFC2617) module
auth.h		header for auth,c
ftp.c		FTP (RFC959) module
html.c		HTML (RFC2616) module
html.h		header for html.c
http.c		HTTP module
urldisk.c	URL drive driver
urldisk.h	header for urldisk.c
catalog.c	message catalog module
catalog.h	header for catalog.c
kconv.c		kanji code convert module
kconv.h		header for kconv.c
input.c		user input module
ime.c		tiny Kanji Input Method Editor
roman.c		Roman-Kana translation module
roman.h		header for roman.c
dict.c		Kanji dictionary searching module
hinsi.h		header for Hinsi grammar
info.c		various information module
rockridg.c	ISO 9660 RockRidge extension module
lsparse.c	parser for file list
lsparse.h	header for lsparse.c
archive.c	archiver module
tree.c		tree screen module
custom.c	customizer module
command.c	internal command module
browse.c	browser screen module

fd.h		header for customizing FDclone
machine.h	header for machine dependency
config.hin	dummy header for environment setting
headers.h	basic headers
depend.h	headers for dependency of option identifiers
types.h		variable type declarations
namelist.h	header for file list
kctype.h	header for kanji code
typesize.h	header for size of types
wait.h		header for child processes
dirent.h	header for directory entries
unixemu.h	header for system call emulation on MS-DOS
device.h	header for device ID
func.h		prototype declarations
functabl.h	header for attribute on internal command
kanji.hin	Japanese strings
version.h	version

_fdrc		template for .fd2rc
_fdrc.dif	changes from 1.03 about .fd2rc
fd.spec		spec file for RPM

  The copyright of FDclone belongs to:
	[ Takashi Shirai <> ]
  However, you are allowed freely to distribute, change,
include and use secondarily the all sources, without any
  New development from my products, based on the source of
FDclone, will satisfy me as author. You can recycle it

  But, an act which adds restriction to use and distribution
of FDclone, for example applying the patent about FDclone
without permission, is forbidden entirely, because it
becomes the act against the ideology of free software.

  Please tell me individually about distribution of the
executable binary via CD-ROM or various networks.
  However, secondary distribution of the already distributed
binary follows licenses of each distributor, then you
should tell them details.

  The distributor's address of a distributed binary is
displayed on the function line of the help screen, it is
shown by HELP_MESSAGE command.
  If there is not this address, or the version number in
a title line don't suffix the character of '#', it is
revealed to be an unofficial distributed binary. Then I
have no responsibilities for it.

  Please refer to each document for details. Compile
according to `Install', and see man page for operational
details after installation.
  I've prepared FAQ. When you got some troubles, read
these documents before asking me. Almost troubles will
be solved with FAQ and man page.
  You can compile this not only on each UNIX but also on
MS-DOS, compiling on MS-DOS makes you need to replace

  UNIX is the registered trademark licensed by X/Open Company
Ltd. However, the name of UNIX called in each document of
FDclone is not means UNIX OS licensed by X/Open, but means
the any OS derived from unics, AT&T Bell Laboratory developed.
  Though I don't intend to invade the copyright of X/Open,
the generic name means these all is disappeared, so I use
this name expediently.


  At last, thank the following persons for taking care of
FDclone development.
(in alphabetical order)

o He is the author of "FD", and permit to release FDclone. (Atsushi Idei)

o They guided me about file systems in the WINC workshop ML. (Kenji Rikitake) (Hidekazu Mori) (Akitoshi Morishima) (Akinori Saito)

o Administrator of the beta test ML (Makoto MATSUSHITA)

o Beta testers (UENO Fumihiro) (Akiyoshi Sakaguchi) (AOYAGI Yoichi) (Hirosi Daikoku) (FUKUSHIMA Osamu) (Go Watanabe) (Hiroyuki Inoue) (Hideo Yagi) (TAKAHASHI Katsuyuki) (Takahide Yamaguchi) (Akiyasu Hirotani) (Kimura Masashi) (Akira Ishida) (Maki ITO) (Kazunori Yoshida) (Keitarou Yoshimura) (Jiro_Takabatake) (Katsuaki Suzuki) (yosioka tuneo) (IMAI Kenichi) (KOJIMA Hajime) (Kazuo Kubota) (Kunio Miyamoto) (kobashi) (Niizato -Gamer- Manabu) (Matsuo Kazunori) (Seiji Matsumoto) (Mitsuyuki HIRANO) (MINOMO Kazutoshi) (Shigeki Morimoto) (Nao NINOMIYA) (YOSHIDA Nobuaki) (Hiroki Ohge) (Isao Ohishi) (Shuichi OHKUBO) (SATOU Masaki) (Ryoji Nagai) (Junji SAKAI) (Toshiyuki Sakanaga) (Yutaka SAWADA) (Hiroyuki Senshu) (Shigechika Aikawa) (Izuru Shirai) (Takahasi Mamoru) (Takushi Tanaka) ("T.Tanaka") (Mitsuhiko Tomita) (Yoshihiro Tsukamoto) (WAKUI Kazuhiko) (ebaN) (Kuniaki YAJIMA) (Masao Yakushijin) (Yuzo Yamakawa) (Kouya Yamamoto)
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