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Thu, 02 Feb 2012 21:04:06 +0100  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v2.3
    * Add %F and %N format specifiers, containing an escaped version of %f/%n.
      Example: %F for foo'bar".jpg will return 'foo'"'"'bar".jpg'
    * Mention URL support in the SYNOPSIS
    * Do not refer to --help unless help is compiled in
    * Do not overwrite filelist file if it actually is an image
      (-f and -F may get mixed up)
    * Patch by Dennis Real: Add optional EXIF tag view support (make exif=1)
    * Accept offset-only arguments for --geometry

Mon, 02 Jan 2012 11:54:01 +0100  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v2.2
    * Add --no-fehbg option to disable ~/.fehbg creation (patch by Felix Crux)
    * Pause slideshow when editing captions
    * Makefile: Respect CPPFLAGS when creating
    * Fix --montage mode
    * Follow HTTP redirects

Wed, 02 Nov 2011 10:56:10 +0100  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v2.1
    * Experimental --scale-down and --auto-zoom tiling support
      (--scale-down is now re-applied every time the image is resized)
    * Fix http image load for long image names

Mon, 10 Oct 2011 12:25:00 +0200  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v2.0
    * The --bg-options now accept multiple filenames, one per Xinerama screen
    * Fix --info bug when the command wrote no lines to stdout
    * The button-options -0 through -9 are no longer supported.
      Use .config/feh/buttons instead (see feh manpage)
    * New format specifier: %S (size in kB)
    * The --index-{dim,name,size} options are no longer supported.
      Use --index-info <string> with format specifiers instead
    * The thumbnail index now supports actions on the currently selected
      thumbnail  (patch by Olof-Joachim Frahm)
    * feh now supports 'make stat64=1' to access CIFS shares mounted from 64bit
      hosts if the local system is 32bit (for 32<->32 and 64<->64, this works

Mon, 26 Sep 2011 09:35:41 +0200  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.16.2
    * Fix useless memory use when using feh --reload on HTTP URLs
      (fun fact: strictly speaking, this was not a memory leak)
    * "--image-bg default" was renamed to "--image-bg checks"
    * Fix --title-font fallback behaviour
    * Fix delayed title display when using --title-font

Sun, 11 Sep 2011 12:46:50 +0200  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.16.1
    * Fix reload after image rotation and similar (broken by 1.16)

Mon, 05 Sep 2011 10:56:58 +0200  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.16
    * Reload image after executing an action with the hold-action flag set
    * Fix bug in --info (used to swallow the last output character in some
    * Add --draw-tinted option to make overlay text (filename, caption etc.)
      better readable
    * The --collage option (aka collage mode) is now deprecated
    * The feh-cam and gen-cam-menu tools are deprecated as well
      (but will remain in this distribution for at least 1 year)
    * The --filelist option now supports /dev/stdin (or "-" as shortcut)
    * Several Xinerama fixes, only --fullscreen on screen != 0 is still broken
    * Fix segfault when reloading no longer loadable (but still existing) images.
      feh will now display a warning and try to reload ad infinitum
    * Fix memory leak in reload functionality for directories
    * When using --no-menus and clicking the menu button, feh will now ignore
      it instead of quitting (which was undocumented behaviour anyways)

Tue, 16 Aug 2011 22:48:06 +0200  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.15.1
    * Fix segfault when selecting menu items (broken by 1.15)

Mon, 15 Aug 2011 11:12:34 +0200  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.15
    * Respect --image-bg option in full-screen mode
    * Disable blur / rotation in thumbnail viewer window
    * Fix --reloaed behaviour when combined with --fullscreen / --geometry

    [Patches by Yu-Jie Lin]

    * Add scroll by page actions
    * Allow combination of multiple key modifiers
    * Fix option pair bug in theme config
    * Allow Shift modifier in key config
    * New actions: lossless flip (key _) and mirror (key |)
    * Fix save_image key for *.JPG and similar filenames
    * Show correct file number after deleting image
    * Add experimental reload functionality for directories

Mon, 04 Jul 2011 14:46:36 +0200  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.14.2
    * Fix --draw-filename "x of y" being cut off by short filenames
    * Use --zoom 100 to show all images at 100% in --fullscreen mode
    * Add toggle_info key to switch --info display on/off (defaults to 'i')
    * Fix minor documentation bugs
    * Fix minor memleak in the recursive file loader for directories

Thu, 19 May 2011 22:32:42 +0200  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.14.1
    * Fix compilation with curl=0
    * Make zoom_default key work properly with --geometry

Wed, 11 May 2011 11:37:32 +0200  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.14
    * Only create caption directory when actually writing out a caption.
    * The --menu-bg option has been deprecated.  It will be removed along with
      --menu-style by the end of 2012.
    * read directory contents sorted by filename instead of 'randomly'
      (as returned by readdir) by default.  Thanks talisein!
    * Show certain warnings in the image window as well as on the commandline
    * Since the manual is way better structured and more detailed than the
      --help output, it now simply refers to the manual.  To include the old
      help text, build feh with 'help=1'
    * You can now use the next/prev/jump keys to navigate thumbnails. Use the
      render key to open the currently selected thumbnail.
    * Change a patch for NETWM fullscreen support to only apply to fullscreen
      windows.  This fixes the moving windows bug in fluxbox (since fluxbox
      doesn't report its window border width).
    * Minor manpage fixes.
    * Fix --auto-zoom / --zoom max/fill documentation, the "Auto-Zoom" menu
      option is now always checked when these options are used
    * Set _NET_WM_NAME and _NET_WM_ICON_NAME properties
    * The 'A' key (toggle_aliasing) now actually changes the current window,
      and not just the default for new windows
    * The zoom_default key now works fine with --scale-down
    * Fix access of uninitialized memory / malloc/realloc clash in continued
      theme definition handling.  Having a theme line with just one
      option/value pair used to produce undefined behaviour

Sat, 23 Apr 2011 22:00:27 +0200  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.13
    * Fix segfault upon unloadable images when image-related format specifiers
      (e.g. %h) are used in --title
    * Show images in current directory when invoked without file arguments
    * Option to disable antialiasing, either global (--force-aliasing) or per
      image (press 'A' to toggle, keybinding toggle_aliasing)
    * Use SIGUSR1/SIGUSR2 to reload all images in multiwindow mode
    * Fix Imlib2 caching bug in reload (only worked after the second try)
    * The --bg options are now Xinerama-aware.  That is, they set the image in
      the respective mode (scale/fill/max/center) on each Xinerama screen. Use
      --no-xinerama to disable this.

Sat, 12 Mar 2011 22:49:53 +0100  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.12
    * Add --zoom fill as equivalent for --auto-zoom
    * Add --zoom max (zooming like in --bg-max)
    * --menu-style is now deprecated
    * http images are now viewed using libcurl, not wget (thanks to talisein)
      This adds libcurl as dependency, and removes the wget recommendation
    * Slight build system change: make now has flags, e.g.
      "make xinerama=0 debug=1". By default feh is compiled with xinerama and
      libcurl support enabled, see README.
    * Remove builtin http client (--builtin)
    * Fix compilation issues with libpng 1.5.1

Wed, 09 Feb 2011 20:11:26 +0100  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.11.2
    * Use wget --no-clobber to prevent TOCTTOU-based hole allowing a
      well-informed attacker to rewrite arbitrary user files with images.
      The attacker needs to know feh's PID and the URL the user gave it.
      It is still possible for an attacker to _create_ arbitrary files via the
      same hole.

Wed, 26 Jan 2011 21:07:19 +0100  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.11.1
    * Show correct image dimensions in for cached thumbnails
    * Allow commandline options to override those set in a theme
    * Remove support for FEH_OPTIONS (was deprecated >5 years ago)
    * Restrict available modifiers to Control/Mod1/Mod4

Sat, 22 Jan 2011 11:48:33 +0100  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.11
    * Patch by Pascal Bleser: Use getaddrinfo for builtin http client,
      this enables IPv6 support
    * Fix zooming when --scale-down is used
    * The themes are now read from ~/.config/feh/themes (BC for .fehrc exists)
    * Key bindings can now be configured via ~/.config/feh/keys
    * Removes --rcpath, use XDG_CONFIG_HOME instead
    * Increase movement steps for Ctrl+Left etc.
    * Make in/out zoom use equal zoom ratio

Fri, 03 Dec 2010 19:41:45 +0100  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.10.1
    * Partially fix --scale-down behaviour (zooming is still broken)
    * Fix buffer overflow when using --draw-actions
    * Fix segfaults after trying to load several unloadable images
    * Fix fehrc created by feh (contined escape errors)

Thu, 07 Oct 2010 20:15:12 +0200  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.10 (aka "2.0 will come real soon now")
    * Patch by Stefan Mark: Add --bg-max (scaled with borders)
    * Removed rather obscure --bg-seamless mode
    * Short option -Y for --hide-pointer
    * Panning via keys: Make it behave like scrolling (inverted directions)
    * Workaround for Xinerama fuckups: Set XINERAMA_SCREEN to the correct
      xinerama screen number
    * Add --info option to display custom image information
    * Do not change to the next slide when executing an action with ; as first
      character (this character is stripped when executing the action)
    * Speed up panning, zooming etc. by hiding image overlay text
    * Zoom button: Zoom to 100% on button release, not button click
    * --draw-filename: Always show position in filelist

Tue, 24 Aug 2010 19:23:36 +0200  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.9
    * Add --fullscreen option, --full-screen is now deprecated
    * Removed --menu-border option, it is largely useless
    * Add short options: -P for --cache-thumbnails,
                         -K for --caption-papth,
                         -G for --draw-actions
                    and  -J for --thumb-redraw
    * Patch by Noel Cragg: Improve support for tiling window managers
    * Set correct window title when starting feh in paused mode
    * Add Up/Down keys for zooming
    * When zooming via keyboard: Always zoom around the center of the window
    * The image can now be panned with Ctrl + arrow keys

Fri, 25 Jun 2010 16:07:20 +0200  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.8
    * support LDLIBS in Makefile/
    * Don't make the --thumbnails window fullscreen. The images launched from
      thumbnail mode may be fullscreen, though. You can still use 'v' to
      toggle fullscreen, should you really need it.
    * --font now sets the global default font (for action/filename display etc.)
    * Rename --screen-clip 0 to --no-screen-clip
    * Allow multiline theme definitions (via backslash, like in the shell)
    * Center the image after pressing <keypad /> or <keypad *>
    * Saving the filelist from thumbnail mode caused undefined behaviour due
      to handling of uninitialised memory. Since I consider this a rarely
      useful action, the feature has been disabled for thumbnail mode.
    * Remove -G/--wget-timestamp option. It was probably not working
      correctly, plus it contained a code execution hole when used with
      malicious URLs containing shell metacharacters (but only if those URLs
      led to a valid file)
    * Don't add ?randomnumber to URLs when downloading them, it confuses some
      servers and is not really neccessary in general

Thu Jun 10 12:12:04 CEST 2010  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.7
    * Fix segfault in Thumbnail mode when trying to open a no longer
      existing image (e.g. when the file was renamed by a previous action)
    * Set a negative slideshow-delay to start the slideshow in paused mode
    * Remove Shift+Key bindings, they were doing the same as Nothing+Key
      anyways. Plus, I might want to bind Shift + <already used key> to other
      stuff in the future
    * Documentation improvements
    * Remove undocumented hjkl menu keys. Most of the menu options can also be
      accessed directly with keys, plus the number of non-qwerty users (which
      have no use for these shortcuts) is growing.
    * Draw a nice little message when in caption editing mode with empty
      caption (to indicate that caption editing is actually active)
    * caption mode: Automatically create caption directory if it doesn't exist
    * Slideshow mode: SIGUSR1 = next image, SIGUSR2 = previous image

Sat Jun  5 21:35:25 CEST 2010  Daniel Friesel <

* Release v1.6.1
    * Fix omitted image borders at high zoom levels
    * Re-add getopt_long files (possibly relevant for non-glibc systems)
    * Do not require a running X server for -L, -u, -U options

Tue Jun  1 10:21:19 CEST 2010  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.6
    * Patch by aaptel: Support numpad keys for actions
    * Fix blur mode (Ctrl + left mouse key)
    * Center images in index/thumbnail mode relative to the text below them
    * Support caching of "large" (up to 256x256 pixels) thumbnails
    * New --thumb-redraw option as workaround to speed up thumbnail mode
      (thumbnail mode redrawing is quite slow, so now a redraw only happens
      every 10 thumbnails by default - can be changed with this option)
    * Because of that: Major speed improvements for --thumbnails, especially
      with cached thumbnails
    * Do not link against Xext and freetype, they're only used by other libs
    * Fix "make uninstall". You do NOT want to call this for feh versions
      1.4.2 to 1.5

Thu May  6 08:34:39 CEST 2010  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.5
    * Rewrite parts of the menu code & fix a memory leak while there
    * Make --start-at work with filenames instead of list positions
    * Add keybinding to toggle pointer visibility (see --hide-pointer)
    * Sort manual a bit

Thu Apr 22 22:28:09 CEST 2010  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.4.3
     * Warp the pointer when reaching a window border in pan mode
     * Various zoom mode improvements, should be more intuitive now
       + When entering zoom mode, always continue from previous zoom level
       + The image part you clicked on to start zoom mode will remain where it
         is. The zoom happen around at that pixel.
     * Manpage review

Fri Apr  2 16:20:55 CEST 2010  Daniel Friesel <>

* Release v1.4.2
     * Replace autoconf by
     * patch by decklin: Use z key to randomly jump in the filelist
     * patch by muennich: Correctly set [Paused] window title in slideshow mode
     * patch by dylan: Remove temporary files if url opening fails
     * Fix problems with unexpectedly empty filelists

Tue Mar 16 07:56:36 CET 2010  Daniel Friesel <>

  * Release v1.4.1
     * Fix chrome theme in the default .fehrc
     * Rename cam to feh-cam and to gen-cam-menu
     * Add manual for feh-cam and gen-cam-menu (from Debian)
     * Fix lossless rotate for filenames with spaces etc.

Thu Mar  4 14:55:02 CET 2010  Daniel Friesel <>

  * Release v1.4
     * Lots of documentation fixes/improvements
       (including previously undocumented options)
     * Fix --(un)loadable option
     * Add --draw-actions (show defined actions and their number)
     * Use <keypad begin> to antialias the image
     * Fix some keypad keys (+,-,/,*)
     * The button-related options have changed (NOT backwards-compatible)
     * Remove --xinerama option
     * Use jpegtran binary instead of libjpeg for lossless rotation
     * Add --bg-fill option (patch by Anonymous)

Mon Feb  8 21:47:56 CET 2010  Daniel Friesel <>

  * Release v1.3.5
     * Import various Debian patches
     * Update feh(1) manpage
     * Make feh -l / feh -O work without a running X
     * Don't die after encountering three or more unloadable images
       (former "No more slides in show" error)
     * Depracate --xinerama <0|1>, use --no-xinerama or nothing instead
     * Fix transparency in thumbnail mode

Sat Oct  1 08:05:06 EDT 2005  Richard Lowe <>
  * (imlib.c): Fix double free in feh_http_load_image
               when using builtin HTTP support.
Sat Oct  1 07:25:00 EDT 2005  Richard Lowe <>
  * (imlib.c): Fix http grabbing via wget, wget --cache 0 is no longer valid
               and treats the 0 as another URL.  Debian bug #330912.
	           I view this as wget's fault, I'm sure others won't, however.
  * (imlib.c): Tidy up a minor bit of bothersome logic while there.

Fri Aug 05 17:29:55 BST 2005  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Patch from Matthias Drochner to fix compilation on older systems.

Sat Jul 23 00:30:09 BST 2005  Tom Gilbert <>

	* Include the necessary jpegint header to get lossless rotation working in
	the short term.

Wed Jun 22 21:29:20 EDT 2005  Richard Lowe <>
  * (support.c): Better fix for debiag bug#292020

Wed Jun 22 02:41:06 EDT 2005  Richard Lowe <>
  * (support.c): Ugly change to deal with the New (and guaranteed)
                 way E17 tells us it's IPC window is a phony.
  * (support.h): Support for the above.

Wed Jun 22 01:04:20 EDT 2005  Richard Lowe <>
  * (support.c): Check for E17 via the presence of the
                 ENLIGHTENMENT_VERSION atom, which right now is only there
	         on E16.  I asked for this on E17, and two ints showing
	         MAJOR and MINOR.  Let's see what happens (I'll fix the
	         check if it comes).

Tue Jun 21 23:34:17 EDT 2005  Richard Lowe <>
  * (support.c): Change references to Eterm to reference feh.
  * (support.c): Fix Debian bug#292020 'feh crashes when it
                 can't create ~/.fehbg file'.

Wed Jun 01 12:29:40 BST 2005  Tom Gilbert <>

  * fix transupp.c - ditching JPEG_INTERNALS broke exif tag preservation
	* releasing as 1.3.3

Fri May 06 20:23:39 BST 2005  Tom Gilbert <>

  * back out fmmode (buggy, unportable) for now

Sun May 01 00:15:11 BST 2005  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Releasing 1.3.1

Sun May 01 00:05:43 BST 2005  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Patch from From: Mathias Gumz <>
	  When setting a tiled background, tile the image into a root-sized
		pixmap, rather than letting X do the tiling...
	* fix a bug with --action's and thumbnail mode
	* disable thumbnail caching by default :/ The spec doesn't support
	  user-specified thumbnail sizes at the moment, and feh does.
		Use --cache-thumbnails to enable caching for now.
	* New option --cycle-once to exit a slideshow after one loop through it.

Mon Mar 07 23:56:03 GMT 2005  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Patch from Falko Schmidt <>
	  Adds --fmmode. I quote:
     > In short, it enables the user to use feh as an image viewer used by a
     > file manager like ROX-Filer or Nautilus when invoked with the --fmmode
     > option. The file manager passes the file that the user wants to view to
     > feh. My function then reads the directory in which the file resides and 
     > first passes the current image, then alphabetically all the following 
     > images and at last the images that are alphabetically before the current
     > file to the 'filelist'.
     > Afaik that's the default behaviour of gqview and gthumb.

Mon Jan 24 15:34:53 GMT 2005  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Patch from Ulrich Spoerlein <>
	* Displays image num/total when in fullscreen

Tue Jan 04 23:50:08 GMT 2005  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Added option to hide the mouse pointer in full screen: --hide-pointer
  * released 1.3.0 (1.2.[89]) were minor, feature-specific releases.

Sat Sep 04 15:51:14 BST 2004  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Require giblib 1.2.4 now.
  * Preparing for release of 1.2.7

Sat Sep 04 15:43:22 BST 2004  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Applied large patch from Claes Nasten <>
  * Several tweaks to thumbnail.c including support for the "Thumbnail
    Managing Standard" described at Thumbnails are cached in
    a way which makes them accessible to other programs, under ~/.thumbnails
    using md5sum filenames.
  * He had to invoke libpng directly to write out the comments/tags required
    by the spec, but that seems to be a trend with feh now so what the hell :p

Sat Sep 04 12:35:46 BST 2004  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Nice patch from JC <>
  * Alongside the original --action option, adds --action1 through --action9,
    allowing you to define multiple actions which can be run using the number
    keys. Lets you set up a list of commands for organising images.

Fri Sep 03 13:40:48 BST 2004  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Moved to subversion, previous CVS history lost...
  * New method for rotating jpegs - does a lossless jpeg rotation (thanks,
    IJG) and preserves EXIF data, as requested by many users :)
  * Fix minor documentation omissions (debian bug reports)

Sat Jul 24 14:52:19 BST 2004  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Various warning fixes from Claes Nasten <> 

Thu Jun 10 23:14:36 BST 2004  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Support full X geometry flags

Sat Jan 03 19:04:11 EST 2004  Paul Duncan <>,

  * removed extraneous XFlush
  * switched to global file list length (avoid recalculating it

Tue May 27 14:55:02 BST 2003  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Released 1.2.6

Fri May 23 14:23:49 BST 2003  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Fix debian bug #193964. segv on 'm' followed by cursor movement.

Fri Apr 11 11:46:55 BST 2003  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Patch from Eric Dorland <>
  * Set icon name as well as title on change.

Fri Apr 11 11:34:41 BST 2003  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Patch from Rami Lehti <>
  * New option not to jump to start of filelist when it's re-sorted.

Tue Mar 18 19:07:17 GMT 2003  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Fix bug reloading http images that fail to download on subsequent

Sun Feb 23 16:23:00 GMT 2003  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Released 1.2.5, for small bugfix below.

Sun Feb 23 16:19:15 GMT 2003  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Fix
  * Start of IPC code, not used yet.

Mon Dec 23 01:19:17 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Experimental speedup for caption editing. Caches the bg pixmap for the
    image (which doesn't change when you're just editing a caption) so only
    the overlay needs to be re-rendered on each change to the caption.
    Definitely makes a difference when editing captions on a large, fullscreen

Sun Dec 22 22:59:31 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Tweak event handling - don't nuke queued keyevents when we're accepting
    input for caption entry.

Sun Dec 22 13:50:16 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Fixed wrapping for long lines with no spaces
  * Caption editing, also requested by David Blackman <>
    Hit 'c', edit caption, enter to confirm the changes or Escape to revert.
    (Only when --captions-path has been specified).
  * Spotted a couple of minor bugs as I went through stuff, fixed those two.

Sat Dec 21 20:32:40 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * New option --captions-path. Specify a path (relative to each image) to a
    directory with captions in and feh will overlay them on the image. It even
    does text wrapping and centering!
    Example, run feh --captions-path captions testimages
    for image testimages/donna1.jpg, feh will look for a caption in
  * This feature was requested by David Blackman <>

Thu Dec 19 23:09:19 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Fixed bug - segv when last image in slideshow is deleted.

Thu Dec 05 16:04:24 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Released 1.2.3

Thu Dec 05 03:32:29 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Got rid of black background for the "draw filename" and zoom display
    texts. Added a dropshadow to aid visibility when there's no contrast
    against the background.

Thu Dec 05 01:28:44 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Keyboard control for menus :)
  * Press 'm' to open the menu, escape to close it, arrow keys (or hjkl) to
    navigate and space or enter to activate.

Wed Dec 04 23:12:44 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Changed the way the menus work - you don't have to hold the mouse button
    down to keep them open any more. I prefer the old way but that way doesn't
    allow keyboard menu control.

Wed Dec 04 21:30:29 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Found a couple of case statements without breaks in options.c
  * New default menu, tweaked the menus a little, added code to specify the
    menu bg image border and let the user tweak it.

Sun Nov 24 22:47:43 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Patch from Daniel Ashbrook <> to bind a key (v) to
    switching between window and fullscreen mode

Sun Oct 20 22:45:01 2002 EDT, Paul Duncan <>

  * added requested screen-clip option (allows you to disable window size
    clipping based on screen geometry; ie, you can make pathologically large
    windows, assuming you have the images to do so)
  * disabled xinerama geometry check when using feh to set the background.
  * cleaned up spelling and capitalization in menus

Sun Oct 20 20:12:23 2002 EDT, Paul Duncan <>

  * src/support.c: xinerama bugfix from Jon Bernard <>
  * src/options.c: added 'Use Xinerama' toggle to option menu
  * src/options.c: changed 'Keep http files' to 'Keep HTTP Files'
    (pet peeve ;P)
  * src/options.c: added 'Auto-Zoom' toggle to option menu
  * feh.1: added info about --xinerama flag
  * AUTHORS: added Jon Bernard

Sun Oct 20 14:49:46 2002 EDT, Paul Duncan <>
  * New beveled, off-white background image for menus.  I made it the
    default after consulting with the boss (eg Sue Gilbert).  Tom thinks
    it's okay too.

Sun Oct 20 05:48:40 2002 EDT  Paul Duncan <>
  * Added Xinerama support.  Currently defaults to fullscreen on the
    first head (this can be fixed with a little work).
  * Added winwidget_{move,get_geometry}();

Wed Sep 11 19:53:31 BST 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * REALLY release 1.2.1

Wed Sep 11 19:52:24 BST 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * autoconf fixes
  * throw out the damn non-free "public domain" fonts.
  * stick in yudit.ttf. it's not as pretty, but it is, apparently, DFSG
    compliant etc.

Wed Sep 11 19:44:25 BST 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Release 1.2.1

Wed Sep 11 19:43:24 BST 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Patch from Panagiotis Issaris <>
    - adds support for using the numeric keypad to scroll and zoom the image.

Wed Jul 31 22:31:21 BST 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Fixed --draw-filename (was --draw_filename but not documented as such -
    oops, that's been broken a terribly long time :))

Tue Apr 16 19:19:11 BST 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Release 1.2.0

Fri Mar 08 21:04:07 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Patch from Omar Harriott <>
  * fix filelist handling for filenames with spaces.

Fri Feb 08 21:52:48 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Don't segv on save if win->file is NULL, use the mode + .png for the
    filename, or noname.png as a last resort. Reported by mousey.

Sun Feb 03 19:28:19 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Erp. s/wprintf/weprintf - I didn't notice the typo because wprintf is a
    wide character printf. Luckily someone compiled feh on PPC and noticed the

Wed Jan 30 13:54:29 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * New menu colour/style - "feh -Tblack src/testimages"

Wed Jan 30 13:29:21 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Patch from Jens Laas <>
  * Adds --zoom option. Here's what he said about it:
    > What it does:
    > zooms images by a fixed amount but never larger than the screen.
    > Why:
    > This is nice if you got a collection of images where some are small and
    > can stand a small zoom. Large images are unaffected.
    > When does it work, and how?
    > You have to be in fullscreen mode _and_ have auto-zoom turned on.
    > "feh -FZ --zoom 130 imagefile" will do the trick.
    > -zoom percent  -- is the new switch.
    >                   100 = orignal size,
    >                   130 is 30% larger.
  * I tweaked it abit to allow it to work (differently) without -Z.
    feh -F --zoom 200 will zoom each image to 200%, regardless of the
    resulting size. feh -FZ --zoom 200 will zoom each image up to a maximum
    of 200%, but without generating an image larger than the screen.

Sat Jan 26 16:20:43 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Use giblib fontstyles for menus, instead of hardcoding the shadow.
  * Let users choose menu style with --menu-style. Standard giblib

Sat Jan 26 15:34:26 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * make sure fullscreen windows are really fullscreen.
  * Haha! feh uses giblib now, pointless me maintaining two list
    implementations and two imlib2 wrappers. Plus now I can add fontstyles :)

Sat Jan 26 14:10:54 GMT 2002  Tom Gilbert <>

  * Goodbye, non-free fonts, hello, free font. Turns out the guy who made
    those "public domain" fonts doesn't actually want to release them under a
    free license, so they gotta go.

Mon Jan 14 19:51:18 2002  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fixed --bg-seamless from the commandline.
	* When you set a bg with feh, it now stores the necessary
	commandline to restore that bg in ~/.fehbg. So for non-E
	windowmanagers, that don't remember the bg, you can put "eval `cat
	$HOME/.fehbg" in your .xsession, and your setting are remembered
	when you restart X.

Sun Jan 13 21:12:42 2002  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Gah. imlib_image_set_format("JPG") does not work, yet jpg
	does. I think that's dumb :( This work around makes saving work
	with uppercase filenames.

Sat Jan 12 03:01:59 2002  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Stopped the bg code uselessly creating temp images when not

Sun Jan  6 01:37:40 2002  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Use < or > keys to do in place edit rotations, 90 degrees left
	or right.

Sun Jan  6 01:16:04 2002  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fix unlikely but naughty segv.

Sun Jan  6 00:49:35 2002  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Some basic in place editing. Feh is not an editor, but when
	viewing images I just grabbed from the digicam, it's really useful
	to fix up the ones needing rotation.

Tue Sep  4 23:47:42 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* --loadable and --unloadable modes should run --action on
	matching files, fixed.

Sun Aug 26 18:06:51 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Slightly tweaked menu sliding behaviour.
	* About to release 1.1.0.

Sat Aug 25 21:58:31 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Show zoom and new image size when zooming.

Sat Aug 25 18:36:30 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* No need for cam to use -w as it spawns multiple feh processes.
	* Can use options menu to switch between fullscreen and window
	* Some fullscreen code cleanups. Now a per-window option.
	* Menu code cleanups.

Sat Aug 25 17:46:35 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fixed --geometry mode. When you resized the window it would still
	center/size to the size you specified in --geometry. I think
	--geometry should just say "don't change the window size", but the
	user should still be able to :)
	* Added a new menu option for freezing/unfreezing the window size.

Sat Aug 25 02:49:54 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* okay. feh menus now support toggleable items.
	* I was gonna use ellipses for the toggle state, but I found that
	I had broken ellipses in imlib2 a while back (at least I think it
	was me). So it's rectangles. I fixed imlib2 now, but there won't
	be a release for a while.
	* A couple of options can now be configured through the menus,
	will add more in time.
	* some other stuff I forget, I'm tired :)

Fri Aug 24 08:44:46 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Even better, you can copy a pixmap between displays :) This is
	much faster than Xput/get. Cheers raster.

Thu Aug 23 19:04:57 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Okay. So you can't copy a pixmap between two displays using
	XCopyArea :) Fair enough, back to blechy XPut/XGetImage. It works
	now with or without E, and Eterm is happy. Managed to avoid
	leaking data into X through imlib2 or my own cached GCs, which is
	nice :)
	* Tested commandline too, works great with E or without. Finally.
	* Also fixed a bug with the non-E centering code, it would only
	have really worked for square images before ;-)

Wed Aug 22 22:44:13 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Okay, setting the pixmap and atoms works now, bar an imlib2 bug
	we need to fix. So right now, rather than dump core, I leak X
	connections whenever you set a BG. No big hit unless you do
	thousands, and it's only temporary until we fix imlib2.
	* This is mainly for raster to check out right now.

Wed Aug 22 17:01:08 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Okay, setting bg from cmdline when not running E was broken,
	basically because we didn't XFlush before exiting. My bad.
    * Ugh. I'm trying to emulate Esetroot, by setting the atoms needed to
    tell Eterm where the bg pixmap is. Of course, when feh exits, the
    pixmap is cleaned up by X, unless I do an XSetCloseDownMode(disp,
    RetainPermanent); However, this means all my crap hangs around, I want
    it to be cleaned up. So anyone know how I can make the pixmap stick
    around in X, without leaving windows and other pixmaps there too?
    (Esetroot lets it all hang out basically, but it's non graphical and
    can afford to. It always exits after doing it's job and the next time
    you run it, it frees the last pixmap it made).

Mon Aug 20 20:58:47 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* If you specify a font that can't be loaded, feh attempts to fall
	back to 'fixed', then '*'.

Sat Aug 18 19:15:22 2001  Tom Gilber <>

	* Added, 'w, W' and a menu option to resize the window to the
	current image dimensions.

Thu Aug 16 23:07:33 2001  Tom Gilbert <>

	* Added 'x' to close a window but not exit everything.

Thu Aug 16 00:23:26 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fook. Broke backgrounding in E for 1.0, enlightenment IPC does
	NOT support "filename with a space" at all. You can't do
	it. ARGH. Okay, so back that out.
	* Add setting bg from commandline, quite useful because it'll use
	E if it's there or fallback to X, i.e. it should always do the
	right thing (hopes).
	* FYI, it's --bg-scale, --bg-center, --bg-seamless, --bg-tile.

Mon Aug 13 22:21:44 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fixed bug when using -g to reduce image proportionally,
	calculated zoom was incorrect because I am a dick.

Sun Aug 12 18:13:39 2001  Till Adam  <>

	* slide menus to the left and/or up if they are off the screen and the
	cursor is close to the right and/or bottom edge of the screen

Sun Aug 12 00:24:38 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Uh that's not all I changed in the last commit.
	* Panning is different now. It used to be ctrl+button 3, but this
	was redefinable using cmdline/theme options. Now, instead, it's
	combined with the next image button.
	* ie. by default a single click of button 1 will change images, if
	there is more than one image in the slideshow. Clicking and
	dragging button 1 will pan, if the image is bigger than its
	window. I find this more convenient, but let me know.

Sun Aug 12 00:15:06 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Oops. Fixed bug with zooming out larger images when -g is used.
	* Other fixes.

Sat Aug 11 23:29:32 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fixed annoying bug where feh would limit window size to desktop
	size only on the first image.

Sat Aug 11 23:20:09 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Added -g, --geometry setting to fix feh's geometry. Stops
	repeated resizing when browsing lots of pics. Please test this for
	me as I want to get 1.0 out soon :)p

Sat Aug 11 01:41:21 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Add image and filelist saving to context menus.
	* Tidy menus.

Sat Aug 11 01:25:15 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fixed missing break; in keyevent handler
	* Changed the slideshow pause key from "s,S" to "h,H"
	* New slideshow key "s,S" to save the current image to a unique
	filename (generated in the same way as saved webcam images).
	* New slideshow key "f,F" to save the current filelist, also to a
	unique filename.
	* Little cleanups.

Thu Aug  9 23:57:41 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Oops. Went back to getopt_long. getopt_long_only is cool if you
	only have a few cmdline options, but feh has a bunch and most
	short option combos were coming up as "ambiguous". i.e. feh -Vw
	actually ignores the -w. Fixed.

Thu Aug  9 23:39:02 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Remembered some things I changed a while back and didn't put in
	here, but they need to be in here or I'll forget forever.
	* Fixed a race with multiple webcam-viewing feh instances by
	adding feh PID to the tmp filename used to cache the downloaded
	images. Other fixups to the remote-getting code.

Thu Aug  9 23:16:58 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Load menu font just once and keep it around.
	* New menu backgrounds.
	* Fix detection of bad fonts.
	* Allow use of --fontpath multiple times to add many paths
	to the fontpath.

Thu Aug  9 22:45:05 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Progressive loading is gone. It's useless in imlib2 because
	imlib2 can't load from filehandles, it's real application is
	gone. Plus people say without seeing the image load it "feels"
	faster. This also simplifies a bunch of code and I feel cleaner
	without it.
	* Less pointless redraws, should be faster switching images now.
	* Other bits.

Thu Feb 15 11:25:45 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* A patch from labisso (David LaBissoniere <>)
      to allow pausing of slideshows. Handy.

Sun Jan 28 13:20:45 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* cam was using -Cwebcam, should be -Twebcam
	* default generated ~/.fehrc used --keep-http in webcam mode, this
	is probably not what most people want for the default, so I
	removed it. Either blow away your ~/.fehrc or make this change
	yourself to get it....
	* Maybe fixed a memleak. I hope so, but it will take 3 days of
	running cam to find out :-)
	* After an idea and partial patch from KainX, added -G,
	--wget-timestamp to use wget timestamping when downloading http
	images. Useful when watching webcams, the idea is that wget only
	downloads the webcam if it has changed since the last time. Nice
	bandwidth saver. However, there is currently a bug in wget that
	prevents this from working. KainX found it and I think he reported
	it, so the next version should contain a fix.

Wed Jan 17 20:33:31 2001  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Reverted to using wget by default - the builtin stuff isn't
	quite so tolerant about hangups and stuff, it kinda just blocks a
	lot. Needs more work before replacing use of wget, which "just

Mon Dec 11 19:25:10 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Added a super-sweet patch from Benjamin Elijah Griffin
	<> to actually implement the builtin http
	collection I started ages ago. I screwed with it only slightly,
	it's a great patch. So now we can grab http images without
	spawning a subprocess, and I have to say here it seems a little
	faster too ;-)
	* Added -Q, --wget option to use wget to grab http data just in
	case you need to use a proxy, or something else stops the builtin
	stuff from working...
	* Misc tidyups etc..

Tue Nov 28 00:45:38 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Added support for --slideshow-delay as a float. -D0.25 for

Sat Oct 28 23:32:11 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Better check for imlib2.
	* Only create files in current dir if keeping http images. Ones
	that will be deleted on exit go in /tmp.

Sun Oct 22 02:01:33 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Swapped the default right mouse button config. You now hold
	ctrl to pan, or don't to get menus.
	* Changed --no-menu-ctrl-mask to --menu-ctrl-mask
	* Added --no-pan-ctrl-mask
	* Use the options feh --no-pan-ctrl-mask --menu-ctrl-mask to
	simulate the old behaviour, or add that line to ~/.fehrc to keep
	* Need to change all the --*-ctrl-mask options to booleans so it
	is properly configurable, I think.

Sat Oct 21 23:22:09 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fixed the -k option (to save files viewed by http). It now saves
	the files into the *current* directory, with better filenames, eg
	feh_000001_image.jpg for a file called image.jpg.
	* Removed the use of the evil mkstemp function, not needed any

Fri Aug 25 16:41:29 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* rotation wasn't reset when image changed in fullscreen mode

Sat Aug 19 16:07:29 2000  Paul Duncan  <>

	* added multiple key loading to cam.  also updated the
	documentation and chnaged the version number to 0.3.

Fri Aug  4 12:09:29 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Sweet patch from Eric, changes window title to "Reloading:
	<Former title>" when reloading an image. Neato :)

Thu Aug  3 23:11:23 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Another fine patch from Eric Dorland, allows the configuration
	of the reload button, --reload-button NUM. Also patches cam to use
	button 1 to reload webcams :) Nifty ;)

Thu Aug  3 23:04:38 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Patch from David LaBissoniere <>
	Adds a --start-at NUM option for jumping to number NUM of the
	filelist (either from a file or the commandline).
	* Thanks David.

Fri Jul 28 21:07:32 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Added --scale-down to automatically scale images down if they
	are too big to fit on the screen. Only works with -P right now
	because I am lame, but I'm on the case...
	* The start of some builtin http code to replace wget. Part-done
	and #ifdef'd out for now...

Sun Jul  9 00:03:27 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fixed an ickle memleak when reloading a rotated image.

Tue Jun 27 17:16:21 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* More --title stuff from Eric. It now works in thumbnail mode,
	and an additional --thumb-title can be used to set the title of
	the individual thumbnail windows.

Sun Jun 25 03:39:57 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Spec file fixes (I suck).
	* Okay, if DEBUG is defined, then --debug-level NUM shows only
	debug messages with a level equal to or below that
	specified. Right now I'm using 0-5.

Sun Jun 25 02:46:58 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Started reworking the debugging macros. Nothing to see here, yet
	* Another patch from Eric Dorland, makes --title work in all the
	other modes but thumbnail mode.

Sat Jun 24 23:43:03 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Hehehe. Patch from Eric Dorland <> arrived
	just after the release ;-)
	* New format specifiers, --title works in multiwindow mode, and
	--title is passed through feh_printf, so the new format specifiers
	may be used in it... Coolio.

Sat Jun 24 21:27:05 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Released 0.9.9.

Sat Jun 24 19:06:26 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* In multiwindow mode, handle events whilst opening windows. This
	is very handy for when you accidentally do feh -rw / and have 14
	million images opening. 'q' will quit at any time ;)

Sat Jun 24 18:57:22 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fixes for blending transparent stuff onto transparent stuff.
	* Reindent and cleanup prior to release.

Sat Jun 24 18:34:39 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fix for a reload when rotated.

Sat Jun 24 18:27:49 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Check panning after a zoom, move within constraints if

Sat Jun 24 18:15:35 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Constraints for panning.

Sat Jun 24 17:00:59 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Context menu for thumbnail mode.

Sat Jun 24 16:44:19 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fix for segv when tring to get image info for a generated (not
	on fs) image.

Sat Jun 24 16:28:11 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fix for rotation and panning and zooming in fullscreen mode.

Sat Jun 24 12:21:02 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Added --title, with a nice clean patch from Eric Dorland
	<>, allows you to set the window title to be used
	for slideshow mode. He also modified cam to use this to label it's
	windows. A combined perl and C patch - neato ;-)

Sat Jun 24 00:46:54 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* New menu item, Reset. It resets the zoom/pan/rotate etc.
	* Currently only with -P (to be fixed), a reload does not force a
	reset like it did before, so you can zoom a webcam and not have it
	reset on reload.

Sat Jun 24 00:13:53 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Thumbnails, when clicked, now all open the clicked image in the
	same window. Much better for browsing.
	* Menu fixups, more efficient now. Also, better context menus,
	having the right options for the right window types.
	* If you open a thumbnail, and then delete it or remove it from
	the filelist, the thumbnail view will update to show the
	fact. This is cool :-)

Fri Jun 23 17:15:07 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Depreciated the FEH_OPTIONS envrionment variable in favour of
	the configuration file themes.

Fri Jun 23 14:46:21 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Mwahahaha. Asynchronous events for index, thumbnails and
	collages. All events are handled while the images are
	generated. You can quit, bring up menus, zoom, pan and rotate, all
	whilst the image is still being created. Much better.
	* Pass the progress function around instead of using the
	context. Kills two bugs.

Fri Jun 23 14:11:56 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Documentation fixups.
	* --thumnbails can also be called with -t now.
	* --title-font no longer has a short option.
	* --theme is now also -T.
	* Release preparations.

Fri Jun 23 12:54:49 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* You can now select --bg trans to give indexes, collages,
	montages and thumbnail selectors a transparent background.

Fri Jun 23 12:18:44 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fixed a couple of minor bugs
	* You can now open the same image multiple times... If you really
	want to...

Fri Jun 23 11:37:56 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Thumbnails now stored in a linked list.

Thu Jun 22 23:57:33 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Optimisations to thumb hilites. Only show hilite when you can
	click to open an image, don't show when over emtpy space, and 
	don't re-render if the selection hasn't changed from the last
	mouseover. Speeds it up a lot.

Thu Jun 22 23:49:07 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Now thumbnails show as they load too.
	* AND :-)
	* Thumbnail hiliting on mouseover from richlowe. Coolio ;-)

Thu Jun 22 23:32:45 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Same for collage mode :)

Thu Jun 22 23:28:33 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Woop. Something I should've done a WHILE ago. If progressive
	loading is enabled (ie not -P), you can see the index/montage
	being created in front of your eyes ;-) It's sweet.
	* Next I will make it respond to events during the creation
	(quiting/zooming while still creating), and make it work for
	thumbnail and collage modes too.

Thu Jun 22 22:23:48 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fix for trying to reload a montage
	* Rewrite of all linked-list code to a more generic form so I can
	do more with it. I may have introduced bugs in this (big) rewrite,
	so test test test ;-)
	* Misc fixups

Wed Jun 21 23:49:00 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Can set background from multiwindow and thumbnail modes now.

Wed Jun 21 22:43:37 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Initial thumbnail mode, thanks to patches from richlowe and
	modifications by me. Nice work dude. More to come, right now
	there's just the click (although it works with a panned or zoomed
	thumbnail list). To come - opening thumbs in a single window,
	hiliting, and hey, the rest will be a surprise, okay? ;-)
	* This is *initial* btw. I plan to properly add this to index and
	montage modes, as it needn't be a seperate mode. There's lots of
	duplication in the source right now, which needs to be cut down.

Tue Jun 20 20:02:57 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fixed mousebutton swapping option code. It was broken for
	certain combinations, now all seems well.
	* Found a use for ctrl+button1 for now, it just blurs/sharpens the
	image dynamically - for shits and giggles. It is somewhat spoiled
	by the fact that imlib2 currently doesn't seem to care what radius
	you pass to imlib_sharpen_image(), it always does the same thing.

Mon Jun 19 17:47:37 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Added new background setting mode. "Set seamless." It's purdy.

Mon Jun 19 14:18:10 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Mwahaha. Now the window is resized when rotation starts (to fit
	the rotated image in). Also, checks are drawn properly behind the
	image, and rotation works well in combination with pan and zoom.
	* Now that all that's done, rotation is slow as shit ;) We'll see
	if we can speed that up next ;)

Sun Jun 18 21:49:35 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* No more eesh. We use E ipc properly now. IPC code pinched from
	Eterm - thanks KainX.

Sun Jun 18 19:38:02 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Zooming is mostly fixed now. Works much better. A few little
	tweaks and we'll be laughing :-)

Sun Jun 18 16:11:47 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* More menu styles. Remove your ~/.fehrc (let it regenerate) and
	run feh -t wood, feh -t aluminium or feh -t aqua to see them.

Sun Jun 18 14:53:17 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Better eesh availability determination, and a check that E is
	actually being used at the time, too ;)

Sun Jun 18 13:46:59 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Now feh will query eesh for the number of desktops a user
	has. If eesh is there, and there is more than one, the background
	setting menu will offer a choice of which desktop to set.

Sun Jun 18 03:47:58 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Okay. Thanks to richlowe and me, the bg setting is getting
	pretty cool now. It uses eesh under E, but if it can't find it,
	nicely falls back to X calls. There are more options to come
	(choosing which desktop etc), but for now, things are pretty sweet

Sun Jun 18 01:29:16 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* The first part of some background setting code from richlowe 
	<> - more to come, it'll be sweet.
	* Doesn't work yet btw, so don't get excited ;)

Sun Jun 18 00:40:28 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* New option, --rcfile FILE. Uses FILE instead of the normal
	~/.fehrc or /etc/fehrc for parsing configs/themes from.

Sun Jun 18 00:26:06 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Now feh will write a default ~/.fehrc if none is found, but only
	if there is no /etc/fehrc in place already.

Sat Jun 17 23:46:32 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* A couple of nice new menu bgs from pabsmonkey.
	* The example.fehrc has theme entries for them, so if you copy it
	to ~/.fehrc, using feh --theme brushed will use the brushed menu
	bg. Same for --theme chrome.

Sat Jun 17 12:57:49 PDT 2000 Paul Duncan <>
   * wget is now quiet by default (wget -q). it's verbose if the
   -V or --verbose flag is passed to feh.  Your terminal will
   thank you.
   * mirrored the same change too cam.  cam -V or cam --verbose
   will enable verbose mode for feh and the forked wgets.
   * the second mouse button now zooms again, and the third button
   * added menu-button option too (-4 or --menu-button). ctrl+the
   menu button brings up the menu.  defaults to the right mouse
   button, and you can set it to 0 for any button (including ones
   >3, there's no bounds checking).  This feature is disabled by
   the -N or --no-menus flag.

Sat Jun 17 20:41:24 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Apend ? and a random number to the image url for webcams so that
	the image isn't cached. Much better.

Fri Jun 16 22:52:50 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Menus can have a background image now. There is a default one,
	courtesy of Pablo P Duncan (
	* You can use any image you like for the background, by using
	--menu-bg FILE to select one. I had a small amount of fun using
	Britney as my menu background. Strange, but true.

Wed Jun 14 18:53:06 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Added --progress-gran NUM. Sets the progressive-loading
	granularity to NUM, an integer between 0 and 100. This is the
	percentage of the image to load before updating the display. 0 is
	super-smooth, but slightly slower than 100, which loads the whole
	image before showing anything. Use lower numbers to get
	responsiveness over slow network connections...

Sat Jun 10 21:25:33 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Zooming is back, and it's as it was before. I'm still not happy
	with it, but it works again anyhow. Next: fix, fix, fix.
	* Don't forget, you need to hold control to get menus now...

Sat Jun 10 12:36:58 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Only render the current viewport. Big optimisation I should have
	done earlier. Makes zooming big images smooooooooth ;-)
	* Nearly finished the zooming rewrite, but it's disabled right now
	(it's still a bit crappy).

Sat Jun 10 00:05:10 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fixed check drawing after resize. Edge resistance against *all*
	the edges, not just two of them ;-)

Fri Jun  9 21:31:01 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fix fullscreen mode to work with new image placement code. Make
	it work with --auto-zoom and --stretch too.
	* Perform an antialiased pass after panning if needed.

Fri Jun  9 19:48:05 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Edge resistance when panning. Much better.

Thu Jun  8 22:02:50 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* First part of zooming/scaling rewrite. Only panning so far, but
	it works nice. Zooming is current *disabled*.

Sun Jun  4 15:44:05 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Added a wrapper to imlib2. I was getting some subtle bugs from
	the singleton context (accidentally leaving context_antialias on,
	not blending when I should be etc), and to fix them I was adding
	lines and lines of context_set this, context_set that. I've
	wrapped the imlib calls in an imlib1 
	lots-of-params-per-function-call stylee, and now it's much more
	readable and harder to break.
	* In the process, made big speedups by not antialiasing when I
	needn't, or blending when I shouldn't etc. Also blew away a few
	hundred lines of context-setting.

Fri Jun  2 22:58:50 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fixed pixmap resizing bug properly this time ;-)

Thu Jun  1 19:36:19 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Correct oversite in sizing pixmaps.

Wed May 24 20:21:14 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Massively speeded up image rendering and therefore zooming by
	actually *thinking* about what I was doing and using a tiled
	pixmap GC and XFillRectangle for drawing the background
	checkerboard pattern. Much better. I'll clean it up a bit

Wed May 24 00:09:12 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fixed bug with --no-progressive and window resizing. The
	rendering and resizing code is a *mess* now, which I'll have to
	fix tomorrow (lots of duplication and a complex codepath). But at
	least it works properly right now :-)

Tue May 23 22:19:30 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Optimised event handling from nasty big switch() to a table of
	pointers to functions.

Sun May 21 20:53:37 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* About.png contributed by Phil Morris (marmot)

Sun May 21 10:01:39 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Gratituous eyecandy in the about box 'cos Boris asked nicely ;-)

Sat May 20 01:09:15 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Wired cam into the

Fri May 19 19:21:01 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* You can now use --action with list or customlists too. In these
	modes, the action is run automatically for each file listed.

Thu May 18 21:34:03 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Quotes, escaped quotes and escaped spaces in config files work
	as one would expect. I think. Don't they?

Thu May 18 20:43:16 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* \n now gets you a newline in a feh-interpreted string.

Thu May 18 20:26:54 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Changed how -l and -L work. -L is now --customlist, which takes
	a string argument. The string is a feh-printf format specifier,
	just like those used for action definitions. (Eg %f for filename,
	%w for width etc). The format specifier is used to form the list
	output for each file. Example usage:
	feh -L "<img src=\"%f\" alt=\"feh\" width=\"%w\" height=\"%h\">" pr0n.png
	Stuck a new theme in the example.fehrc config, and found how lame
	my config parsing code is :-) Quotes and escaped quotes currently
	*do not* work right. I'm fixing it now :-)

Tue May 16 17:51:40 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Ignore duplicate MotionNotify events
	* Same for ConfigureNotify
	* Saved some wasted cycles

Mon May 15 22:49:07 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Hehe. Now I made a release I can break stuff again =P You can
	resize the window again now, and it works okay, except zooming
	isn't quite right when the window is bigger than the image right
	now. I have to redo *all* that zooming code over the next week
	or so 'cos it was shortsighted to start with :-(

Sun May 14 17:34:48 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* New "Image Info" submenu. It tells you stuff. About the
	image. Hence the name.

Sun May 14 16:03:53 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Reorganised and tidied the headers somewhat. Various cleanups.

Sat May 13 20:53:12 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Add -N, --no-menus option for people who Just Want The Pr0n [tm]

Sat May 13 20:35:08 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Now you can press 'r' to reload images too.

Sat May 13 20:24:18 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Hide menu, *then* perform action. Otherwise hitting "reload" on
	an http:// image over a slow connection keeps the mouse grab until
	finished. Messy ;-)

Sat May 13 19:54:46 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Make the menus slightly prettier. I wish I had an artistic bone
	somewhere in my body...

Sat May 13 18:04:58 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Use realpath() to cleanup paths before sticking them in a
	filelist. Added --menu-font, -M so that you can use whatever font
	you like for menus.

Sat May 13 00:11:06 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Menus. They need some work, but are mostly good.
	* I owe many thanks to raster here, 'cos I pinched some functions
        from efm to save time :-)
	* Added --auto-zoom. Currently only works with --no-progressive, I
	need to fix that soonish...

Tue May  9 22:04:37 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Now --filelist is -f, relegating -font to -e. *shrug*.

Tue May  9 21:57:14 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Now --theme is -t instead of -C (duh).

Tue May  9 21:35:34 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Now --action is A, and --ignoreaspect is X.

Tue May  9 21:30:59 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Now randomize is -z, which makes a little more sense.

Tue May  9 21:15:57 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Swapped -g and -c so that --collage gets the -c it fits, and
	randomize gets -g. I need to rework all these short options,
	they're a mess right now. Sorry if I break anyone's configs doing
	this :-(

Tue May  9 21:09:15 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Removed -B, --booth, as it's just a combo of options now doable
	in the config file. I stuck it in the example config instead...

Mon May  8 22:38:11 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Don't apply colormods to each whole image. First scale it to
	thumbnail size, then apply the colormod to that.

Mon May  8 22:08:41 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Made --alpha actually do stuff. I finally grokked color
	modifiers, and now they're fun ;-) Imlib2.h is really gonna need
	some comments at some point though - I had proper trial-and-error
	fun and games there for a while ;-)

Mon May  8 21:58:54 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* D'oh! if(foo & bar) isn't quite the same as if(foo &&
	bar). Stupid cheap keyboards ;-)

Mon May  8 13:12:01 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Fun with dmalloc

Mon May  8 13:10:12 2000  Tom Gilbert  <>

	* Ensure backgrounds of index a
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