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version 2.28.2

        Bugs fixed:

	* Fixed possible use of uninitialized memory. (#604535)

        New or updated application translations:

        * Lithuanian (Gintautas Miliauskas)
        * Low German (Nils-Christoph Fiedler)
        * zh_CN (Tao Wei)

version 2.28.1

        New or updated application translations:

        * Russian (Leonid Kanter)

version 2.28.0

        New or updated application translations:

        * Assamese 
        * Breton (Denis) 
        * British English (Philip Withnall)
        * Catalan (Gil Forcada)
        * Danish (Kenneth Nielsen)
        * Hindi (Rajesh Ranjan)
        * Italian (Milo Casagrande)
        * Lithuanian (Gintautas Miliauskas)
        * Marathi (Sandeep Shedmake)
        * Punjabi/Panjabi (A S Alam)
        * Romanian (Mișu Moldovan)
        * Slovenian (Matej Urbančič)
        * Telugu (Krishna Babu K)
        * Ukrainian (wanderlust)

        New or updated manual translations:

        * French (Claude Paroz)

version 2.27.92

        New or updated application translations:

        * Basque (Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio)
        * Bengali INDIA (Runa Bhattacharjee)
        * French (Claude Paroz)
        * Gujarati (Sweta Kothari)
        * Hungarian (Gabor Kelemen)
        * Kannada (Shankar Prasad)
        * Oriya (Manoj Kumar Giri)
        * Portuguese (Duarte Loreto)
        * Serbian (sr) (Горан Ракић)
        * Serbian (sr) (Goran Rakić)

version 2.27.91

        Bugs fixed:

        * Fixed bug that prevented to add files with spaces. (#589920)
        * Fixed opening of cab files (William Jon McCann) (#591868)

        New or updated application translations:

        * Arabic (Khaled Hosny)
        * Bulgarian (Alexander Shopov)
        * Deutsch (Mario Blättermann)
        * Galician (Antón Méixome)
        * Irish (Seán de Búrca)
        * Korea (Changwoo Ryu)
        * Polish (Piotr Drąg)
        * Romanian (Lucian Adrian Grijincu)
        * Thai (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan)

        New or updated manual translations:

        * German (Mario Blättermann)
        * Italian (Milo Casagrande)

version 2.27.90

        Bugs fixed:

        * Allow to archive files with spaces and other special characters
        * Support different types of RPM payloads (#590262, #574005)
        * Fixed building error (#591243)

        New or updated application translations:

        * Brazilian Portuguese (Krix Apolinário)
        * Breton (Denis Arnaud)
        * Czech (Adrian Guniš)
        * Galician (Antón Méixome)
        * Norwegian Bokmål (Kjartan Maraas)
        * Swedish (Daniel Nylander)
        * Vietnamese (Clytie Siddall)

version 2.27.3

        Bugs fixed:

        * Do not execute the extraction operation twice when the archive is
          encrypted. (#392994)
        * Fixed bug that prevented in some cases the correct extraction of
          encrypted files. (#588547)

        New or updated application translations:

        * Chinese (Hong Kong) (Chao-Hsiung Liao)
        * Chinese/Traditional (Chao-Hsiung Liao)
        * Español (Jorge González)
        * Estonian (Ivar Smolin)
        * Finnish (Ilkka Tuohela)
        * Hebrew (Yaron Shahrabani)
        * Tamil (Dr.T.Vasudevan)

        New or updated manual translations:

        * Czech (Marek Černocký)
        * German (Mario Blättermann)

version 2.27.2

        Bugs fixed:

	* Renamed the "Open Destination" button as "Show the Files" (#587501)
	* Renamed the "Create Archive" command as "Compress" (#300655)
	* Added a Quit button to the extract dialog. (#586014)
        * Do not distribute built sources. (#587491)
        * Auto-resize the property dialog to view the content correctly

	Internal changes:

	* Do not copy remote files to a local folder, use gvfs directly.

        New or updated application translations:

        * Czech (Adrian Guniš)
        * Español (Jorge González)
        * Estonian (Ivar Smolin)
        * Hebrew (Mark Krapivner)
        * Swedish (Daniel Nylander)
        * Ukrainian (wanderlust)

        New or updated manual translations:

        * Español (Jorge González)

version 2.27.1

	New features and user visible changes

	* Added support for lzip compressed archives  (#579467)
	* Added support for xz compressed archives (#582237)

	Bugs fixed:

	* #582712: Opening multipart encrypted .7z files does not work (file-roller-created .7z)
	* #584675: Untracked files on fresh clone
	* #580070: Garbage is displayed when adding a folder
	* #583863: Wrong explanation for the command 'extract-here'.
	* #584810: File-roller uses libsexy
	* #584718: File-roller crashes when opening certain archives with wierd characters in filename
	* #581102: build error in copy-n-paste/
	* #578467: Should not use deprecated gtk symbols

	New or updated application translations:

	* Danish (Kenneth Nielsen)
	* Español (Jorge González)
	* Estonian (Ivar Smolin)
	* Greek (Thanos Lefteris)
	* Kazakh (Baurzhan M.)

	New or updated manual translations:

	* Greek (Μάριος Ζηντίλης)

version 2.26.1

	Bugs fixed:
	* #574657: support corrupted rar archives.
        * #576960: file-roller shows random filesize for zero bytes files.
        * #577389: File roller hangs and leaks memory when file is dragged /
          dropped from archive
	New or updated application translations:

	* Estonian (Ivar Smolin)
	* Swedish (Daniel Nylander)
	* Serbian (Miloš Popović)
	* Greek (Thanos Lefteris)
	* Dutch (Wouter Bolsterlee)
	* Kannada (Shankar Prasad)
	* Arabic (خالد حسني)
	* Assamese (Amitakhya Phukan)

	New or updated manual translations:
	* Español (Jorge González)
	* French (Claude Paroz)
	* German (Mario Blättermann)
	* Greek (Μάριος Ζηντίλης)

version 2.26.0

	New or updated application translations:

	* Assamese (Amitakhya Phukan)
	* Bengali INDIA (Runa Bhattacharjee)
	* Español (Jorge González)
	* Estonian (Ivar Smolin)
	* Galego (Suso Baleato)
	* Greek (Jennie Petoumenou)
	* Gujarati (Ankit Patel)
	* Hebrew (Gil Osher)
	* Hindi (Rajesh Ranjan)
	* Lithuanian (Vytautas Rekus)
	* Maithili (Sangeeta Kumari)
	* marathi (Sandeep Shedmake)
	* Oriya (Manoj Kumar Giri)
	* Russian (Anton Shestakov)
	* Swathanthra Malayalam Computing|സ്വതന്ത്ര
	  മലയാളം കമ്പ്യൂട്ടിങ് (Ani Peter)
	* Tamil (I. Felix)
	* Telugu (Krishna Babu K)

	New or updated manual translations:

	* British English (Philip Withnall)

version 2.25.92

	New or updated application translations:

	* English (British) (David Lodge)
	* Bulgarian (Alexander Shopov)
	* Czech (Adrian Guniš)
	* Hungarian (Gabor Kelemen)
	* Italian (Milo Casagrande)
	* Japanese (Takeshi AIHANA)
	* Swedish (Daniel Nylander)
	* Turkish (Baris Cicek)

	New or updated manual translations:

	* Swedish (Daniel Nylander)

version 2.25.91

	Bugs fixed:

	* #571273: crash in Archive Manager: Opening an archive (ISO)
	  Patch by Tom Parker.
	* #560429: GNOME Goal: Remove deprecated GLib symbols
	* #570505: file-roller crashed with signal 5 in IA__g_malloc()

	New or updated application translations:

	* Asturian (Astur)
	* (Tomasz Dominikowski)
	* Basque (Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio)
	* Belarusian Latin (Ihar Hrachyshka)
	* Brazilian Portuguese (Fabrício Godoy)
	* Bulgarian (Alexander Shopov)
	* Chinese (Hong Kong) (Chao-Hsiung Liao)
	* Chinese/Traditional (Chao-Hsiung Liao)
	* Danish (Kenneth Nielsen)
	* Dutch (Wouter Bolsterlee)
	* Español (Jorge González)
	* French (Claude Paroz)
	* Kannada (Shankar Prasad)
	* Macedonian (Arangel Angov)
	* Portuguese (Duarte Loreto)
	* Romanian (Adi Roiban)
	* Serbian (sr) (Горан Ракић)
	* Serbian (sr) (Goran Rakić)
	* Thai (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan)
	* Ukrainian (Maxim Dziumanenko)
	* Vietnamese (Clytie Siddall)
	* zh_CN (甘露(Gan Lu))

version 2.25.90

	New features and user visible changes:

	* Use gtkbuilder instead of libglade.

	Bugs fixed:

	* #568881: don't rely on gtk implementation details
	* #569825: file-roller should use TMPDIR or XDG_CACHE_HOME for
	  temporary files.

	New or updated application translations:

	* Brazilian Portuguese (Fabrício Godoy)
	* Catalan (Jordi Mallach)
	* Deutsch (Christian Kirbach)
	* Finnish (Ilkka Tuohela)
	* Hungarian (Gabor Kelemen)
	* Korea (Changwoo Ryu)
	* Swedish (Daniel Nylander)

version 2.25.2

	Bugs fixed:

	* #567554: An error occurred while adding files to the archive after
	  encrypt the zip archive.
	* #566591: File roller cannot create splitted archives with pieces
	  smaller than 1 Mb
	* #560647: file-roller wakes up the CPU 2 times per second.
	* #563208: file-roller can't extract to an ftp mounted directory.
	  Patch by Gerard Lommerse.
	* #564029: Unziping an archive from nautilus fails with certain
	* #565879: has shebang but is installed -x Patch by Loïc
	* #567901: renaming directory in tarball creates duplicate files
	* #568260: file-roller installs static libraries by default (for
	  nautilus extension)
	* #566683: remove redundant figures

	New or updated application translations:

	* Español (Jorge González)
	* Norwegian Bokmål (Kjartan Maraas)
	* zh_CN (甘露(Gan Lu))

version 2.25.1

	Bugs fixed:

	* #564805: Drop libgnome/ui dependency. Patch by Saleem Abdulrasool.
	* #561535: Unable to create archive with OpenOffice document using
	  nautilus integration. Patch by Gerard Lommerse.
	* #559481: Can't open/view file directly from File Roller if there
	  is a bracket in the directory/file name. Patch by Gerard Lommerse.

	New or updated manual translations:

	* Catalan (Joan Duran)

version 2.24.2

	New or updated application translations:

	* Estonian (Ivar Smolin)

version 2.24.1

	Bugs fixed:

	* #556623: correct spacings in glade dialogues. Patch by Christian
	* #556619: format not a string literal and no format arguments.
	  Patch by Christian Persch.
	* #556571: non secret password typing.
	* #555282: opening archive on remote directory fails with "Operation
	  not supported".

	New or updated application translations:

	* Arabic (Anas Afif Emad)
	* Brazilian Portuguese (Fábio Nogueira)
	* Czech (Adrian Guniš)

	New or updated manual translations:

	* Finnish (Valto Wirkola)

version 2.24.0

	Bugs fixed:

	* #546799: file-roller crashed with SIGSEGV in g_str_hash()
	* #552031: Add archiving and compression to desktop categories.
	  Patch by Patryk Zawadzki.

	New or updated application translations:

	* Afrikaans (F Wolff)
	* Arabic (Anas Afif Emad)
	* Catalan (Jordi Mallach)
	* Croatian 
	* Danish (Ask Hjorth Larsen)
	* Dzongkha (Dawa pemo)
	* French (Claude Paroz)
	* Greek (Kostas Papadimas)
	* Gujarati (Sweta Kothari)
	* Hungarian (Gabor Kelemen)
	* Italian (Milo Casagrande)
	* Kannada (Shankar Prasad)
	* Lithuanian (Gintautas Miliauskas)
	* Malayalam (Santhosh Thottingal)
	* marathi (Sandeep Shedmake)
	* Romanian (Mișu Moldovan)
	* Russian (Yuriy Penkin)
	* Serbian (sr) (Горан Ракић)
	* Serbian (sr) (Goran Rakić)
	* Telugu (Krishna Babu K)	
	* Turkish (Baris Cicek)

	New or updated manual translations:

	* Español (Jorge González)
	* Finnish (Valto Wirkola)
	* French (Claude Paroz)
	* German (Mario Blättermann)
	* Italian (Milo Casagrande)

version 2.23.92

	Bugs fixed:

	* #551153: [PATCH] rpm: display empty directories and support device
	  files. Patch by Eric Piel.
	* #551146: [PATCH] cpio: escaped filenames and block devices
	  support. Patch by Eric Piel.
	* #546541: File associations paragraph corrected. Patch by Claude

	New or updated application translations:

	* British English (David Lodge)
	* albanian (Laurent Dhima)
	* Bulgarian (Alexander Shopov)
	* Croatian (Robert Sedak)
	* Korean (Changwoo Ryu)
	* Vietnamese (Nguyễn Đình Trung)
	* zh_CN (甘露(Lu Gan))

	New or updated manual translations:

	* Vietnamese (Nguyễn Đình Trung)

version 2.23.91

	Bugs fixed:

	* #544766: file-roller doesn't remember open-with application.
	* Sort the archive type list to make it easier to find the desired

	New or updated application translations:

	* Basque (Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio)
	* Chinese (Hong Kong) (Chao-Hsiung Liao)
	* Chinese/Traditional (Chao-Hsiung Liao)
	* Español (Jorge González)
	* French (Claude Paroz)
	* German (Hendrik Richter)
	* Oriya (Manoj Kumar Giri)
	* Polish (Tomasz Dominikowski)
	* Serbian (Goran Rakić)

	New or updated manual translations:

	* German (Mario Blättermann)

version 2.23.6

	Bugs fixed:

	* #350640: sending an empty folder doesn't work.
	* #548020: "create archive" directory selection not working
	  correctly. Patch by Marcel Stimberg.
	* #546698: file-roller-2.23.1/2.23.5 removes r/x bit for anyone but
	  root from /
	* #547733: 7-zip tells about invalid command line
	* #547297: Crash reading zip/7za files with 7z version 4.55.
	* #546978: wrong icon for folders. Patch by Matthias Clasen.
	* #547017: segfault in "Open with". Patch by Matthias Clasen.
	* #546505: Debian packages not supported anymore.
	* #542424: Tar.bz2 archives create uncompressed archive files.
	* #546541: Typo and little errors in documentation. Suggested by
	  Frederic Peters. Patch by Claude Paroz.
	* LP#26662: file-roller fails to open .Z files.

	New or updated application translations:

	* Arabic (Djihed Afifi)
	* Belarusian Latin (Ihar Hrachyshka)
	* Bengali INDIA (Runa Bhattacharjee)
	* Brazilian Portuguese (Fábio Nogueira)
	* Español (Jorge González)
	* Estonian (Ivar Smolin)
	* Finnish (Ilkka Tuohela)
	* Hebrew (Gil Osher)
	* Japanese (Takeshi AIHANA)
	* Portuguese (Duarte Loreto)
	* Swedish (Daniel Nylander)
	* Thai (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan)

	New or updated manual translations:

	* Español (Jorge González)
	* German (Mario Blättermann)

version 2.23.5

	New features and user visible changes:

	* Added a help button to the window used to create archives from the
	  file manager menu.
	* Unified the "new" and "save as" dialogs. Allow to specify other
	  options in these dialogs, such as whether to encrypt the header and
	  whether to split the archive in volumes.
	* User's manual: now describes the current file-roller version.


	* #545188: Has incorrect start text for 7zip version 4.43
	* #545168: no longer possible to open a multi-volume rar from any
	* #545161: file-roller crashed with SIGSEGV in strlen() when
	  extracting tarball.
	* #544613: file-roller crashed with SIGSEGV in remove_directory()
	* #544296: desktop entry does not validate. Patch by Götz Waschk.
	* #544184: extra space in the mimetype lists. Patch by Sebastien
	* #544182: should use AC_PROG_CC. Patch by Sebastien
	* Allow to create multi-volume archives from the main window.

	Updated application translations:

	* Arabic (Djihed Afifi)
	* Dutch (Wouter Bolsterlee)
	* Norwegian Bokmål (Kjartan Maraas)
	* Macedonian (Arangel Angov)
	* Occitan (Yannig Marchegay (Kokoyaya))
	* Galego (Ignacio Casal Quinteiro)
	* Brazilian Portuguese (Fabrício Godoy)
	* Español (Jorge González)
	* Czech (Adrian Guniš)
	* Estonian (Ivar Smolin)

	Updated manual translations:

	* Swedish (Daniel Nylander)

version 2.23.4

        New features and user visible changes:
	* Added support for reading and extracting alz archives (#521324).
	* Added support for rzip compressed files (#503000).
	* Added support for creating self-extracting zip archives.
	* Added ability to create multi-volume archives.
	* Added support for header encryption.  Implemented header encryption for
	  7zip and rar archives.
	* Use the 7z command to read/write zip, cbr, cbz archives, and to
	  read cabinet, arj, rar and iso archives.	
	* Try to get the mime type from magic numbers if all other methods 
	* Now the progress dialog is exact when adding, extracting or deleting
	  files for tar, zip, rar and 7zip archives (#153281).
	* Do not add the backup files, that is files ending with ~, to the 
	* Operations are now more efficient for archives with a long file 
	* Fixed bug #343201 – Use p7zip for RAR archives?
	* Fixed bug #529395 – file-roller will not open 256 AES zip files
	* Fixed bug #515194 – PK 4.5 Zip files
	* Fixed bug #519046 – add x-cbr and x-cbz support
	* Fixed bug #336790 – file-roller can't open winzip-10 encrypted files (AES)	
	* Fixed bug #539629 – Create archive for Trash/Computer
	* Fixed bug #506698 – 7z Filename (header) Encryption request
	* Fixed bug #542541 – icon lookup code is broken
	* Fixed bug #504584 – Incorrect comportment when extracting multi part 
	  rar files.
	Internal code:
	* Simplified the way to register commands.
	* Allow to compile with Gtk+ 2.12 as well. 
version 2.23.3
	* Added partial support for tar archives compressed with 7zip.  
	* Display the progress dialog if the operation lasts more than 5 
	  Display the progress dialog without delay if extracting or converting
	  an archive.  After the extraction add to the progress dialog the 
	  button to open the destination folder and after the conversion add 
	  the button to open the newly created archive.
	  Removed the 'view folder after extraction' option from the 
	  extraction dialog.
	* Removed the preview-file stock item, use gtk_stock_open instead.
	* Do not use the sh command to exec the process, use the utility command
	  directly to allow to stop the process properly
	* Use g_io_channel to read the command output.
version 2.23.2

	* Fixed bug #480190 – files added to archive are wrongly placed in root
	* Fixed bug #535967 – Meaningless message: Open Go to the next visited 
	  location selected folder
	* Fixed bug #536055 – Support for special characters in rpm archives
	* Fixed bug #527271 – Ctrl-Q should quit file-roller.
	* Fixed bug #532789 – file-roller crashes when modifying archive, 
	  data destroyed
	* Fixed bug #532255 – file-roller silently allows the user to exit in 
	  the middle of an operation.

version 2.23.1

        New features and user visible changes:

	* Show an alert dialog when the 'save as' operation is completed, and 
	  allow the user the open the newly created archive.
	* Load and save the 'add folder' dialog options.  Allow to clear the
	  options as well.
	* Allow to specify a password when converting an archive to another 
	* Added keyboard shortcut to deselect all.  Moved add files and add 
	  folders down in the edit menu.  Moved stop and reaload at the bottom of
	  the view menu.  Removed the 'sort by' submenu.
	* Added an exclude folder filter to specify sub-folders to ignore when 
	  adding a folder recursively.
	* Added ability to extract folders from the folder
	  pane using drag & drop.
	* Fixed bug #523158 – exclamation mark in RAR password
	* Fixed bug #516043 – status bar / progress bar artifact
	* Fixed bug #512474 – Visual glitches at startup
	Internal code has been modified in order to remove the usage of
	deprecated libraries and API: 
	* now the GIO library is used to access the filesystem instead of 
	  the deprecated gnome-vfs library.
	* gtk+ is used to get the applications and mime types icons.
	* replaced gnome_url_show with g_app_info_launch_default_for_uri.
	* use g_app_info_launch_default_for_uri to show the help dialog.
	* use the new tooltips API.
	* use g_key_file instead of gnome_config for loading/saving sessions.
	* use GRegex instead of the custom utf8_fnmatch function.
version 2.22.0

	* Fixed bug #518680 – Right click "Extract Here" action: Password dialogue
	  doesn't have its title set.
	* Fixed bug #504155 – Crash when click on create before it selects the
	  current directory
	* Updated translations.

version 2.21.92
	* Updated translations.

version 2.21.91
	* Updated translations.

version 2.21.2
	New features:
	* Added the ability to find the files of the archive with the 
	  specified filename.
	Bug fixes:
	* Fixed bug #303213 – default to extract in home instead of tmp
	* Fixed bug #509933 – 2.21.1 does not compile
version 2.21.1

	New features:

	* Implemented the ability to update the files in an archive
	  when the files are modified with an external application (#109767).
	* Added support for lzma files, both normal files and tar-files 
	  compressed by lzma (#502999).
	* Fixed bug #487012: Check for the existence of 'filename.tar.{bz2,gz}'
	  and only if it doesn't exist it makes file-roller call tar with 
	  the '-cf' switch.
	* Fixed bug #487079: Key F10 can not activate the main menu.
	* Fixed bug #499958: file size displayed incorrectly on .Z file
	* Fixed bug #499558: File-roller is unable to expand some zip files
	* Fixed bug #458399: fix duplicated hotkeys, assign new hotkeys, add
	  some user-friendly features
	* Fixed bug #475166: Failed assertion when --extract-here is used 
 	  without --extract-to
 	* Fixed bug #505987: Nautilus extension directory changed to -2.0
 	* Fixed bug #487012: file-roller causes gnu tar >= 1.19 to give 
	  warnings when creating tar-archives
	* Fixed bug #490891: skips files when opening an old ARJ archive
	* Fixed bug #504597: Direct compare on string

version 2.20.2
	* Updated translations: Occitan (oc), Galician (gl), Arabic (ar), 
	Slovenian (sl), Hebrew (he), Hungarian (hu).
version 2.20.1
	* Fixed crash after cancelling an archive creation from the Nautilus
	context menu. (bug #482203)
version 2.20.0
	* Fixed bug #473158 - is missing
	* Fixes bug #463968 - file-roller crashed with SIGSEGV in 
	* Removed old check that prevented extraction to remote locations 
	  via DnD.

version 2.19.92
	* Display empty folders in 7zip archives.
version 2.19.91
	* Fixed bug #467482 - [gutsy regression] "extract here" no longer puts 
	  extracted file "here".
	* Fixed bug #468677 - file-roller doesn't open folders if you go up
	  one level.
	* Fixed bug #469528 - file-roller crashed with SIGSEGV in strlen()
	* Fixed bug #469221 - extract a package on an NTFS partition doesn't 

version 2.19.90
	* Fixed copy & paste of folders with tar archives.
	* Fixed execution of the sidebar context menu commands.
	* Fixed renaming of files.  Do not change the current location when 
	reloading the archive after a rename.
	* Fixed bug #144216 - can't open compressed .EXE files
	* Fixed bug #463251 - remove #include <gnome.h> lines
	* Fixed bug #463235 - Can't add an empty directory with --add option.
	* Fixed bug #463753 - replace gnome_help_display.
	* Fixed bug #463887 - Progress bar height should be smaller.
version 2.19.4
	* Get the mime type from the file content to find out the default
	  application to use when viewing a file.
	* Added a sidebar context menu.
	* Unescape the archive filename in the tree view.
	* Fixed bug #450150 - Translate program description correctly.
	* Fixesd bug #461356 - Please add comment to this time string.
version 2.19.3
	* Added support for Drag&Drop among file-roller	windows.
	* Added a folders pane.  
	* Fixed daylight saving time calculation.
	* Save and restore the filename column width.
	* Fixed bug #402756 - Can not open a file whose name is in 
	non-ascii encoding.
version 2.19.2
	* Added support for cut/copy and paste among different windows.
	* Fixed bug #171619 - uses GnomeIconTheme which is deprecated
	* Fixed bug #398824 - crash in Archive Manager: Opened a lha-archiv
	* Fixed bug #438340 - file-roller has problems with files starting 
	  with a dash ("-")
	* Fixed bug #402760 - "modified time" column is displayed blank in
	  zh_CN.GB18030 locale when creating a new archive
	* Fixes bug #440662 - extraction of files with special characters only 
	  when in directory.
	* Fixes bug #439154 - file-roller: fails to create archives from 
	  files starting with '#'
version 2.19.1
	* Added ability to load and save remote archives, to add remote files
	  to an archive and to extract to remote locations.
	* Make sure the extract_here destination is unique.
	* View the destination folder after performing an
	  extract_here operation if the corrisponding gconf key is active.
	* The encrypted emblem is now shown on the right of the name column,
	  this way the mime-type icon is alway visible.
	* The error dialog is now HIG compliant.

version 2.18.0
	* Use standard password blank character instead of stars (#407461)
	* Removed Application from the .desktop categories.
	* Updated translations: zh_CN, lt, gu, mg, sl, ku, sr, bn_IN, ca,
	  nl, hu, ru, ro.

version 2.17.92
	* Fixed bug #409433 – Feisty Herd4: File-Roller shows directory
	  name twice.

version 2.17.91
	* The password dialog is HIG compliant (#396775)
	* Disable the ok button in the 'open with' dialog if no
	  application has been selected (#395074).

version 2.17.90
	* Updated translations: th, de, sv.

version 2.17.5
	* Fixed bug #387602 – Cannot open self-extracting files (*.exe)
	* Fixed bug #384499 – File-roller does not handle filenames starting with
	  a dash (-) correctly.
	* Fixed bug #384504 – File-roller does not handle filenames containing
	  a backquote (`) correctly.
	* Fixed bug #374478 – crash in Archive Manager: using archive
	  manager to...

version 2.17.4
	* Use the XDS protocol to extract dragged files.
 	  Fixes bug #102501 – Drag-and-drop extract operation should run
 	  instantly in background.
	* New app icons from Jakub Steiner
	* Made action icons themable.
	* Fixed bug #324154 – file-roller can't display modified time on
	  non-utf8 locale

version 2.17.3
	* Fixed ISO images extraction.
	* Fixes bug #371582 – Dead code in window.c
	* Fixed bug #367385 – [WISHLIST] file-roller does not close after
	  closing last open archive in violation of HIG

version 2.17.2
	* Make stock icons themable. (#362922)
	* Do not add temp archives to the recent files list
	* View as Java Archive (jar) (#43975)
	* Do not display a 100% progress bar when the last file is processed.
	* Rename the extraction folder if a folder with	the same name already
	* Fixed bug #349824 – does not work with 7zr.
	* Fixed bug #350192 – [PATCH] Make the Ok button to be default in
	  delete dialog.
	* Fixed bug #160991 – Crash while trying to extract from a .sit
	* Fixed bug #355307 – If uncompressed name not specified in compressed
	  file, cannot view, bad extracted filename.
	* Fixed bug #348211 – Please distinguish "View" menus/buttons for
	* Fixed bug #347019 – incorrect error message shown when trying to open
	  incomplete archive
	* Fixed bug #338210 – Context menu option "open files" not available
	  for folders.
	* Fixed bug #348524 – rar archives give ERROR: Unknown option: idp
	* Fixed bug #370754 – Manual menu item should be 'Contents' not 'Help'

version 2.17.1
	* Added ace and cpio support.
	* Allow to store, view and extract empty folders (#162792).
	* Use the file-chooser dialog to extract files.
	* Fixed bug #303213 - default to extract in home instead of tmp
	* Fixed bug #304362 - crash extratcting .sit stuffit files
	* Fixed bug #359629 - rpm support on solaris failing

version 2.16.1
	* Updated translations: ar, en_GB, et, ka, nn.

version 2.16.0
	* Updated translations: ja, sv, or, zh_CN, ml, ca, mr, lv, de, mk,
	  pt_BR, lt, pt, hu, mk, el, ta, bg, bn_IN, ro.

version 2.15.93
	* Prompt for the password when an archive is encrypted
	  instead of simply displaying a warning on how to spicify a password
	* Do not use the encrypted emblem for folders.
	* Added X-GNOME-Bugzilla-Version field to the .desktop file.
	* Fixed bug #349095: Filetypes seriously screwed up in .zip files
	* Fixes bug #153642: Temporary files are created on the current

version 2.15.92
	* Fixed tar archives creation.

version 2.15.91
	* Fixed bug #343739 – Seems to not escape file names correctly.
	* Fixes bug #340050 – tar permissions are not preserved.
	* Fixed bug #339913 – "create archive" option does not work on some
	* Fixed bug #347624 – fix build with gcc 2.95
	* Fixed bug #347416 – RecentFilesMenu - OpenRecentMenu converting
	* Update translations: eu, zh_HK, zh_TW, nb, et, fr.

version 2.15.90
	* Update translations: cs, dz, fi, gu, ko, sk, sv.
	* Update manual translations: sv.

version 2.15.1
	* Migrated from EggRecent to GtkRecent.
	* Fixed bug #345052 – file roller should remember the size of the
	  window when it closes.
	* Fixed bug #345278 – File operations on the Edit menu should be moved
	  to the Archive menu.
	* Fixed bug #342251 – backspace does not go up a directory (ala
	* Fixed bug #336078 - [PATCH] Convert from popt to GOption
	* Fixed bug #317782 - file-roller Cygwin build fixes
	* Fixed bug #152039 - Password Protected Files must be displayed

version 2.14.3
	* Fixed bug #338944 - Open Files..., can't delete programs
	* Updated translations: et.
	* Updated manual Spanish translation.

version 2.14.2
	* Fixed filename escaping in tar archives.

version 2.14.1
	* Ask for the password when trying to open a password protected rar
	  or arj archive.
	* Updated the user's guide.
	* Added help button to all the dialogs.
	* Install theme-friendly icon.
	* Fixed bug #335035 - mistake in file-roller's License.
	* Fixed bug #336908 - backshalshes not supported in paths.
	* Fixed bug #336632 - Help for Extract Dialog pointing to incorrect
	* Fixed bug #336854 - crash on twice unpacking to the same location.
	* Fixed bug #335659 - File Roller should move not copy files.
	* Fixed bug #335368 - Crash when opening large 7z-archive.
	* Fixed buf #326193 - file-roller creates empty 7zip archives.
	* Fixed bug #337754 - Drag and Drop extraction only works when source
	  already has focus.
	* Fixed bug #337331 - Cut/Paste same file results in loss of file.

version 2.14.0
	* Added license button to the about dialog.
	* New translations: Georgian (ka) and Breton (br).
	* Updated translations: Ukrainian (uk), Welsh (cy), Hindi (hi),
	  Swedish (sv), et, Czech (cs), Italian (it), Romanian (ro).

version 2.13.92
	* Fixed bug #331601 – Nautilus doesn't display the "Extract here" menu
	  option for files which have a ".ps.gz"

version 2.13.91
	* Fixed bug #330315 - ps.gz files not associated
	* Fixed bug #328942 - Don't translate empty strings

version 2.13.90
	* Fixed bug #328473 – should not distribute pre-gnome-2.8 mime files
	* Fixed bug #328331 - Crashes on extraction
	* Fixed bug #328036 - Add GTK category to the .desktop file

version 2.13.4
	* Fixed bug #139912 - file roller is not a "system tool".
	* Fixed bug #168388 - file roller shouldn't create an ARCHIVE_FILES
	  folder if the archive only have one root folder
	* Fixed bug #326810 - file-roller escaping issue with '#' by example.
	* Removed obsolete .applications file.

version 2.13.3
	* Updated translations: ca, zh_HK, zh_TW, vi, fi, ja, be, hy.

version 2.13.2
	* Fixed bug #323713: "Save as" should default to current archive
	* Fixed bug #315069: file-roller: drag 'n drop doesn't work for more
	  than 1 file.
	* Fixed bug #323534: Passwords improperly escaped for zip files
	* Do not open a progress dialog	when dragging files, use a progressbar
	  in the statusbar instead.
	* Fixed bug #316364: Nautilus dependency should be optional
	* Fixed bug #311821: ascending and descending indicators are opposite
	  from expected.
	* Fixed bug #317423: Conflicting mnemonic in "Extract" dialog.
	* Fixed bug #323068: file-roller fails in chosing extract-to directory
	* Fixed bug #322197: Improve Naming Filename when create new Archive
	* Fixed bug #316564: needs unzip AND zip.
	* Simplified the add dialog populating the file type combobox with the
	  extensions instead of the descriptions.
	* Set progress dialog display delay to 1 second.
	* More HIG compliant progress dialog.
	* Use a single command execution to add many files and folders to an
	  archive to speed up the operation.
	* Allow to stop creation of a new archive.
	* Correctly associate fr to 7zip files.

version 2.13.1
	* Fixed bug #319600: compilation under AIX 5.1 aborts with ".atoll
	  not found".
	* Fixed bug #319343: file-roller won't let me delete files from an
	  archive which contain a dollar sign ($).
	* Removed the bonobo component.

version 2.12.1
	* Updated translations: it, bn, sv, ku, vi, eu.

version 2.12.0
	* New and updated translations.

version 2.11.92
	* Do not allow Drag and Drop on the same window.

version 2.11.91
	* Fixed bug #311437: [breezy] can't extract a filename from a directory
	  with a space in it from ISO.
	* Ported the help documents to gnome-doc-utils.
	* Fixed bug #312243: wrong zoo and 7-zip extensions.
	* Fixed bug #312240: escape sequences in rar output.
	* Fixed bug #312246: FR does not read all pending output.

version 2.11.90
	* Fixed bug #105521: single click: list view should have mouse-over.
	* Fixed bug #310015: crash when listing 7-zip archive with 7za 4.x
	* Updated translations: de bg zh_TW gl sr sr@Latn gu ja fi

version 2.11.2
	* Removed copy/move/rename/delete archive commands.
	* The recent files items are in the Archive menu instead of a submenu.
	* Changes in the properties dialog: align labels to left, allow window
	  resizing, ellipsize filename and path labels.
	* Fixed bug #142860: File-roller displays files larger
	  than 2GB as 2GB.

version 2.11.1
	* Do not create a _FILES folder anymore (#167261).
	* Allow to extract more archives at once.  Added an --extract-here
	  command line option.
	* Use g_filename_display_name and g_filename_display_basename when
	* Prevent renaming of files to silently overwrite other existing
	  files (#168287).
	* Header cleanup (#171618).
	* Allow stock labels to show through, be nice to translators (#172867).

version 2.10.2
	* Fixed bug #300238: Unable to gunzip "gzip'd ubuntu mail archives".
	* Plugged a little memory leak related tooltips.

version 2.10.1
	* Fixed bug #171195: File-Roller will not tar up any subdirectories
	  directly under /
	* Fixed bug #170842: Toolbar buttons too wide.
	* Fixed bug #170329: Aborting File Add can sometimes crash the
	* Fixed bug #170258: file-roller can't open for preview files with a
	  white space in filename.
	* Fixed bug #169818: Archive menu item to be disabled if no files are
	* Fixed bug #172219: Select All and Deselect all doesnt work properly.
	* Added ellipsize property to the list view.
	* Do not activate the first row after reordering the list in single
	  click mode.
	* Fixed bug in recent files view.

version 2.10.0
	* Updated translations: it, sr, sr@Latn, lt, hu.

version 2.9.92
	* Fixed bug #157698: Default new archive name as the first-added object.
	* Fixed bug #168477: Create Archive should leave status window in the
	  background while creating multiple folder archives.
	* Fixed bug #159952: file-roller compilation error.
	* Fixed bug #166658: Archives should only be processed if command-line
	  utility is present.
	* Fixed bug #144953: ISO reading assumes Joliet and Rock Ridge

version 2.9.91
	* Updated recent-files from libegg.

version 2.9.4
	* Fixed bug #100927: should use GNOME mouse click settings.

version 2.9.3
	* Fixed bug #132555: file-roller does not honor system-wide toolbar
	* Fixed bug #162188: RAR archives' directories are not recognized
	* Fixed bug #162324: Cannot drag files from gthumb to file-roller

version 2.9.2
	* Fixed bug #152129: Unnecessary call to _window_update_sensitivity()
	* Fixed bug #154821: file-roller can't open archives with extension
	* Fixed bug #154398: Remove some useless code.
	* Fixed bug #154233: load_icon_file optimization.
	* Fixed bug #161141: Time of modifcation incorrect
	* Fixed bug #161147: View->Toolbars inconsistent across multiple
	* Fixed bug #160617: "Create archive" context menu item does not
	  support single-file bz2 or gz
	* Fixed bug #160401: create archive doesn't work on read-only CD-ROM
	* Fixed bug #159906: the should update its gnome-vfs
	* Fixed bug #160221: No more "extract here" entry in Nautilus
 	  context menu.
	* Use 'extract to...' if the archive location is write only.
	* Fixed loading of rar archives with directories.

version 2.9.1
	* Added a 'Open Recent' menu item on the toolbar.
	* Added password support and testing to RAR archives.
	* Fixed bug #145162] .omf.out and omf_timestamp files should not be in
	* Fixed bug #159172: tooltips leaked.
	* Fixed bug #159464: Should not use deprecate mime API
	* Make logo icon to use the theme icon.

version 2.9.0
	* Added AR, Debian and 7-zip archives support.
	* Open the "open with" dialog if the file type does not
	  have a registered application; get rid of the internal viewer.
	* Make the text invisible for the password entries.
	* Removed Select All/Deselect All from the context menu.

version 2.8.0
	* Updated translations.

version 2.7.5
	* Fixed bug #151427: Compilation error.
	* Fixed bug #150672: Back button is broken
	* Fixed bug #150329: File roller creates predictable /tmp directories
	* Fixed bug #150327: Adding a directory to archive hangs file roller
	* Fixed BUG #150328: avoid crashing while DND of 'Home' icon into
	* Updated the recent-files sources from libegg.

version 2.7.4
	* Updated the recent-files sources from libegg.
	* Added more mime types to the desktop file.

version 2.7.3
	* Added the supported mime types to file-roller.desktop

version 2.7.2
	* Fixed bug #144041: [Solaris] gtar will not be in path
	* Do not display the "operation stopped" dialog (bug #144171).
	* Fixed a leak and the display of the error message (bug #145440).

version 2.7.1
	* Fixed bug #144455: Make file-roller session aware even when no
	  archive is opened.
	* Fixed bug #144079 (iso is not listed as a archive in open dialog)
	* Hide the main window when in batch mode.
	* Allow to extract all the files, not only the selected files, from
	  an ISO image.

version 2.7.0
	* Added read/extract support for ISO files. (bug #142316)
	* Split the add dialog into two dialogs, one used to add files and the
	  other one used to add folders.
	* Ask the distination folder after pasting a selection, this allows
	  the user to create new folders in the archive.
	* Added content size and compression ratio in the properties dialog.
	* Extract selection without creating the whole path. (bug #140971)

version 2.6.1
	* Fixes reading of filenames with spaces in tar archives.
	* Fixes bug #138154 (File-Roller Crash when dropping a file dragged
	  from archive).
	* Remove a file from the recent file list if the file could not be
	* Add RPM and Stuffit to the recent file list mime types.

version 2.6.0
	* Updated translations.

version 2.5.7
	* Fixed bug #137183 (Crash when opening tar-file when using 24 hour
	  time format).
	* Updated manual.
	* Added localized manuals for de, es, fr, it, ja, ko, sv,
	  zh_TW, zh_HK, zh_CN.

version 2.5.6
	* Use a better logic to parse the tar output.
	* Updated to work with the new filechooser api.

version 2.5.5
	* Use gtar if present, otherwise use tar.
	* Fix the "Zip Objects" command.
	* Remove C++ style comments.
	* Fix bug #133998 (schemas file must not be removed during distclean).
	* Updated manual.
	* Fix the password protected detection code.
	* Handle the delete_event event for the progress dialog.
	* Add a filter for the "save archive" and "new archive" dialogs,
	  simplify the filter for the "open archive" dialog.

version 2.5.4
	* Fix bug #105739 (Can't open tar.gz files on Solaris).
	* Fix bug #133358 (Small HIG fix for column header).
	* Allow to extract more archives at once with the "Extract Here"
	* Use GType instead of guint.  Fixes segfaults on 64-bit architectures.
	* Do not show the new window until we are sure that the archive
	  has been opened with success.

version 2.5.3
	* Simplify the "Load Options" and "Save Options" commands in the
	  Add dialog.
	* Make the path column visible only if the list mode is set to flat.
	* Fix the "Save as" dialog.
	* Updated the recent-files stuff from libegg.
	* Changed Nautilus context menu item to "Zip Objects" and simplied
	  the dialog.
	* Always use a close button in the error dialogs.

version 2.5.2
	* Replace GtkFileSelection with GtkFileChooser everywhere.
	* Use gnome_url_show instead of calling nautilus explicitly.
	* Do not use mkdtemp which does not exist on Solaris9.
	* Do not destroy the file selector if the archive was not created
	* Do not add the password argument if the password is an empty string.
	* Use the stock system for the commands Add, Extract and View.
	* Updated the egg_recent stuff.
	* Changed name to "Zip Creator" and category to System Utility.
	* The preferences dialog has been removed.
	* The add dialog has been simplyfied.
	* The extract dialog is a GtkFileChooser in folder mode now.

version 2.5.1
	* Fix crash upon LZH file opening (#129794).

version 2.5.0
	* Added unstuff and RPM support.
	* Added ability to rename files and folders.
	* Added Cut/Copy/Paste operations.
 	* Add files and folders to the current directory.
	* Added ability to go back and forward in location history.
	* Open the archive in a new window if the current window already has
	  an archive opened.
	* Exit closes only the current window instead of closing all the
	* Zip archives: ask to enter a password if the archive is password
	* Remember extraction dialog options.
	* Substitute "Extract To.." with "Extract Here" in the Nautilus
	  context menu.

version 2.4.2
	* Do not compile with the DISABLE_DEPRECATED macros defined.
	* Handle filenames with ambiguous chars (like []*) in zip archives.
	* Handle passwords with spaces in zip archives.

version 2.4.1
	* Fixed bug that prevented the user to view the content of a
	  compressed file.

version 2.4.0
	* Updated recent files stuff from libegg.

version 2.3.6
	* Use unrar if rar is not available.

version 2.3.5
	* Minor bugfixes.

version 2.3.4
	* Updated manual.
	* Minor bugfixes.

version 2.3.3
	* Updated manual.
	* Make dialogs more HIG compliant.
	* Removed "Extract Here" and "Extract in a Folder" from the
	  Nautilus context menu.
	* Minor bugfixes.

version 2.3.2
	* Added ARJ archives support.
	* The delete operation move the archive to the trash instead of
	  deleting it from the disk.

version 2.3.1
	* Added ability to convert archives.
	* Popup a progress dialog when a long operation is underway,
	  instead of using a progress bar in the status bar.
	* Give more detailed information about the current operation (only
	  for tar archives at the moment).
	* When creating new archives, if the user does not specify the
	  extension, use 'tgz' as default instead of giving an 'archive
	  type not supported' error.
	* Associate File Roller to the zoo archive format.
	* Use a text entry instead of the option menu for the location.
	* Do not allow dangerous operations, that is operations that if stopped
	  can cause the lost of the archive, such as adding and
	  removing files, to be stopped.
	* Allow to stop folders reading.
	* Added ability to test zoo archives.
	* New toolbar icons.
	* Bugfixes.

version 2.3.0
	* Added ZOO archives support.
	* Read folders asynchronously.
	* Display a better error message when the user forgets to specify
	  the archive name in the "add to archive" dialog.
	* Handle tar archives with a ':' in the path.

version 2.2.0
	* Updated the manual.

version 2.1.5
	* Handle LHA archives created on Windows.
	* Bugfixes.

version 2.1.4
	* Bugfixes.

version 2.1.3
	* Multi Drag & Drop support.
	* Session management support.
	* HIG compliant dialogs.
	* Added archive operations in the nautilus context menu.
	* Scripts removed.
	* Bugfixes.

version 2.1.2
	* Archive loading is 3 times faster.
	* Recognize zip archives regardless of the file extension.

version 2.1.1
	* Use egg-recent for handling recent files.
	* Use gnome-icon-lookup to get icons.

version 2.1.0
	* Do not read the archive in non-interative mode, this speeds up
	  extraction with Nautilus scripts.
	* Fixed russian manual.

version 2.0.2
	* Bugfixes.

version 2.0.1
	* Added a compression level option.
	* Added ability to extract multiple archives from command line.
	* Removed the "install Nautilus scripts" option, now simply install
	  scripts the first time you start File Roller.
	* Added ability to hide toolbar and statusbar.
	* Re-arranged menus.
	* Recent archives are shown in a submenu.
	* Uses gconf instead of gnome-config.
	* Builds on systems that do not have the FNM_CASEFOLD constant
	  defined (e.g. Solaris).

version 2.0.0
	* New option to install and remove the nautilus scripts automatically.

version 1.109
	* Added option to view the destination folder after extraction.
	* Updated documentation.
	* bugfixes.

version 1.108
	* re-arranged menus.
	* bugfixes.

version 1.107
	* added support for encrypted zip archives.
	* added test operation for zip archives.
	* added mnemonics to all dialogs.
	* use Nautilus as document viewer.
	* user manual.
	* handle archives with a ';' in the name.
	* use g_spawn to create processes.

version 1.106
	* the user can specify files to exclude when adding files with
	  the wildcard.
	* the user can save and load add dialog options.
	* ask whether to overwrite the file when copying, moving or renaming
	  an archive.
	* added ability to rename compressed files.

version 1.105
	* The document viewer shows the components list in a submenu.
	* bugfixes.

version 1.104
	* bugfixes.

version 1.103
	* bugfixes.

version 1.102
	* bugfixes.

version 1.101
	* ported to GNOME 2.

version 0.8
	* added support for single files compressed with gzip, bzip, bzip2,
	  compress, lzop.
	* non-interactive mode to automatically add files to archives.
	* added two Nautilus scripts to extract archives and add files to
	* use the MIME database to decide whether to use the viewer or
	  the associated application when double-clicking on a file, or
	  ask the user what to do if no entry is available in the database.
	* bugfixes.

version 0.7
	* the user can choose the columns to show in the file list.
	* when extracting to a non existing directory ask the user whether
	  to create it.
	* bugfixes.

version 0.6
	* non-interactive mode to automatically extract archives.
	* can open multiple files at command line.
	* works faster when adding and removing a lot of files from
	  compressed tar archives.
	* works better when files in archives have strange characters.
	* fixed a bug when adding files with wildcard.
	* fixed a bug when 'view all files' mode is used.
	* fixed a bug when using tbz and tbz2 extensions.
	* minor bugfixes.

version 0.5
	* added support for ear, war, tbz and tbz2 archives (me, Claudio Bley).
	* better rar archives support (Claudio Bley).
	* new icon (Jakub Steiner).
	* the document viewer uses the locale language.

version 0.4
	* added support for multiple windows.
	* fixed some bugs concerning old versions of tar.

version 0.3
	* added rar and lha support.
	* the user can add, remove, extract files with wildcard.
	* fixed drag and drop of directories.

version 0.2
	* added jar archives support.
	* works even with big archives.
	* full drag & drop support.
	* double clicking on an file views its content.
	* added a file context menu.
	* the user can specify the file type when creating a new archive.
	* the user can specify the max length of the history list.
	* the user can interrupt a long operation.
	* toolbar buttons show the insensitive state correctly.

version 0.1
	* first public version.

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