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F.L.A.W. - the fantastic league of almighty wizards!

FLAW is a free top-down wizard battle game. 
It can be played by up to 5 players simultaneously. The goal of the game is to survive 
as long as possible while more and more fireballs appear in the arena. 
Gameplay is simple and self-explanatory. It's all about evading the fireballs 
and knocking your opponents down. In addition there are collectable magic gems that 
provide special abilities. 

FLAW can be played on any current Linux or Windows system. A Pentium II with 128 MB of RAM 
should be enough to run the game.
FLAW can be played with the keyboard and joysticks/gamepads. 
It is intended to be a fun multiplayer game, so you might want to have some friends, 
gamepads and drinks around. However it can also be played as a single player game against  
computer controlled wizards.

The Menu:
You can use the mouse, arrow keys or a joystick to navigate the menu.
The following menu items are available:

* Player Setup:
  Choose the number of players (2 - 5) and how each is controlled 
  (computer, keyboard, joystick)

* Game Options
  In this menu you can set the winning score, switch the collectable gems on and off and set the
  difficulty level (This affects the game speed and the cleverness of the computer players.).
  Also, there are 3 different arenas to choose from, each with different characteristics.

  The so-called "Tactical Mode" makes the fireballs slow down while they are flying. This makes
  it easier to hit the fireballs and use them as a strategic element. The game typically takes 
  longer and feels slower in tactical mode.

* Graphics and Sound
  Change the sound options and screen mode. The game can be played fullscreen or in a window.
  If the game runs too slowly for you, try a lower screen resolution and/or set the graphics
  quality to "low". FLAW supports many resolutions from 320x240 to 1280x1024. The game should run
  fine with the standard settings on most hardware though. 

* Start the Game
  Starts the game :-)

* Exit
  You don't really want that, do you?

Playing the game:

Joystick/Gamepad: Just move your wizard around and use a fire button to hit.

Arrow Keys: Use the arrow keys to move around and the right CTRL/SHIFT or RETURN key to hit.

WASD Keys: Use the W,A,S,D keys to move around the left CTRL/SHIFT or SPACE key to hit.

If you want to leave the game, just press the ESC key, and you will get back to the main
menu. The P key pauses the game. In case no more human players are alive, you can press the
X key when the game is paused. This is a shortcut to skip the rest of the round and show the 
result directly.

From time to time magic gems will appear on the screen. If you collect them, you will gain 
one of the following special abilities:

* Speed: You can move faster.

* Shield: Complete(?) safety for a few seconds.

* Ghost Wizard: A ghost can't get hit. He can even walk through his opponents.

* Fire Wizard: A fire wizard can kill his opponents by hitting them.

After every round, a scoreboard appears and the next round is just a keypress away. 
As soon as one player reaches the winning score, the game is over and you are brought
back to the main menu.


Thank you for playing FLAW!

I hope you enjoy this little game. If you have any comments, please let me know.
If you want to report any bugs or feature requests or just want the newest version of the
game, please visit the FLAW website:

Denis Comtesse
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