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* 5-11-2005 flow-tools 0.68 released. 

* added flow-rpt2rrd - post process flow-report into RRD's.

* added flow-log2rrd - post process logs from 

* added flow-rptfmt - post process flow-report into readable and HTML.

* ftstat.c s/psizr256/psize256/ -

* rec_v5->engine_id not set properly in ftdecode.c

* --enable-lfs set flags for large file support -

* Added CryptoPAn support to flow-xlate
  req by Abilene

* mailing list archive is available at
  req by

* flow-cat.c: progress debug output -

* portability: gcc no longer supports goto label which label is at the
  end of a compound statement - Andreas Jochens <>

* flow-stat.c: protect from divize by zero - should only happen on invalid
  flows - -

* flow-filter.c: exaddr filter -

* ftxlate.c: tag-mask eval_tag_mask() not using correct offsets
  - Cougar <> &

* flow-send: default tx_delay to 0 like flow-fanout -

* flow-export: debug should be global -

* flow-report: path will accept spaces, ie |flow-rpt2rrd -p rrd -k 25

* flow-report: records is in rec1

* flow-fanout: did not set address family for receive fd - noted by

* docs: add FILES section to man pages

* flow-report: -hh to list available reports

* flow-report, flow-tag, flow-xlate, flow-nfilter.  Run-time variable
  expansion of the form @VAR or @{VAR:default} for config files.

* flow-receive: dropped inline tagging and nfilter support

* 12-4-2003 flow-tools 0.67 released. 

* flow-export: pgsql support from

* docs: flow-report: Added description of reports.

* ftlib: ftfil.c - match_end_time() broken - noted by
  "Joe Loiacono" <>

* ftlib: fttag.c - better syntax checking for or-src/dst and set-src/dst

* ftlib: ftlib.h FT_TAG_TYPE_MATCH_NEXTHOP duplicated - flow-tag crash 
  with next-hop type noted by Maxim Grigoriev <>

* ftlib: ftstat.c - broken ip-destination-address-source-count.  patch from
  "Shigeki Taniguchi" <>

* flow-fanout: filters not loaded - noted by

* ftlib: missing function prototypes for ftstat_*, rename bind to binding
  to prevent shadowing bind().  patch from Bill Fumerola <>

* flow-fanout, flow-capture.  Process SIGTERM like SIGQUIT so flow-tools
  will work better under daemontools - req by
  Bernhard Weisshuhn <>

* docs: flow-nfilter and flow-cat TIME/DATE parsing section.

* flow-dscan: drp->flags not updated when loading saved state - patch from
  Jon Snyder <>

* flow-dscan: allow concurrent -w and -W, patch from
  Dan Thorson <>

* docs: flow-print -f24 - noted by
  noted by Christian Bauer <>

* dist: tag.sym and tag.cfg example files reversed - noted by

* ftlib: ftlib.h - FT_TAG_SET and FT_TAG_OR are broken - patch from
  Valtteri Vuorikoski <>

* ftlib: ftrec.c - add 1005to5 translation - patch from
  Valtteri Vuorikoski <>

* flow-stat -f0 will try to divide by 0 with an empty flow file
  - noted by Mike Hunter <mhunter@ack.Berkeley.EDU>

* flow-capture: -u preserve unherited umask - patch from
  Everton da Silva Marques <>

* flow-receive: remove -m and -A.

* flow-capture: remove -m and -A, functionality is now in xlate -x -X.

* flow-xlate: - config file based now.

* docs: flow-report: note which fields are sortable and what the key
  field is.

* flow-capture: accept()'s 3rd arg should be casted to socklen_t*, noted

* docs: flow-nfilter, port is 0..65535 not 0..255 - noted by
  Mike Hunter <mhunter@ack.Berkeley.EDU>

* ftlib: ftlib.h - set-{dst,src} and or-{dst,src} constants not correct - 
  patch from  Valtteri Vuorikoski <>

* ftlib: ftchash.c - ftchash_sort() should not try to sort 0 entry table -
  noted by "Shane D." <>

* flow-import: missing !HAVE_STRSEP compatability - patch from

* ftlib: ftstat.c - output path not parsed correctly with leading whitespace
  -- noted by Maxim Grigoriev <>

* ftlib: fttag.c - src->source dst->destination

* ftlib: fttag.c - ip-address, exporter, interface tag actions, requested by
  Tim Irwin <>

* ftlib: ftsym.c - ftsym_new() should handle null filename - noted by
  Celso Alves Vieira <>

* flow-dscan: buf len 64, not 54 - Anil Madhavapeddy <>

* 4-3-2003 flow-tools-0.66 released

* reapply flow-fanout linux patch, also infected flow-send

* 4-3-2003 flow-tools-0.65 released

* flow-send, flow-fanout: -s source IP address spoofing.

* build: builddir != srcdir problems - noted by

* build: All default config files installed by default.

* build: config files end in .cfg, symbol files end in .sym.  Note this changes
  the names of the default configuration files.

* ftlib: ftfil.c - random sample filter - reqested by
  Edward Balas <>

* ftlib: ftstat.c - ip-destination-address-source-count missing count - noted
  by Christian Cinetto <>

* build: example tags file installed by default.

* ftlib: ftstat.c - broken ip-source-address/ip-destination-port - noted

* ftlib: ftstat.c - broken ip-destination-address/destination-as - noted

* remove bin scripts (mostly historical OSU stuff)

* upgrade to automake 1.7.3 and autoconf 2.57

* docs: flow-report.sgml missing
  noted by

* flow-fanout: will not compile under linux - patch from

* ftlib: ftstat.c - use FMT_SYM_LEN instead of hard coded 32 byte length.
  increase len to 64 bytes.

* ftlib: fmt.c - fmt_uint*s() did not properly null terminate when symbol
  strlen >= max - noted by

* 2-23-2003 flow-tools-0.64 released

* flow-fanout, flow-capture, flow-receive: add startup= to STAT: line

* docs: flow-fanout - missing -f -F - noted by

* flow-split: consuming too many resources, noted by

* ftlib: ftstat.c - rec2: in summary-detail report missing time_real field
  - noted by

* build: strouq() -> strtoull().  Check if strtoul() is really strtoull() -
  noted by

* ftlib: ftstat.c - protect potential divide by 0 errors - noted by

* flow-split: stag not initialized - patch from

* build: ftlib.h should not require ftconfig.h - noted by

* build: lib/ftconfig.h does not belong in dist - noted by

* ftlib: ftlib.h - FT_SO_RCV_BUFSIZE default to 4MB

* ftlib: suppport.c - bigsockbuf() - more agressive reduction on large
  buffers.  Report size.

* ftlib: ftmask.c - flow-mask: rn_deladdr(): failed.  Missing masklen
  set - noted by

* ftlib: ftfil.c - invert option to filter-definition req by

* ftlib: shadowed variable names -

* flow-cat: exit status 1 if no streams processed - req by

* ftlib: ftstat.c - bucket_dump_1(): loop typo noted by

* flow-capture: reload tags and filters with SIGHUP

* flow-import: format4 wire format.

* ftlib: ftstat.c - tag mask option should not require local tagging - noted

* flow-*: catch extra command line args - noted by

* ftlib: fttag.c - fix ToS tagging, add ANY tagging.

* 12-12-2002 flow-tools-0.63 released

* ftlib: ftstat.c - More informative error message when invalid field -
  patch from

* docs: flow-capture - hosts.allow requires flow-capture-client, not
  flow-capture - noted by

* flow-capture: TCP client port should be same as UDP netflow port - noted

* ftlib: ftfil.c: moved primitive initialization code to
  parse_primitive_type() to avoid state loss when 'default'
  or 'mask' keyword used before a permit/deny.

* ftlib: ftfil.c: tos, marked_tos, tcp_flags mask applied to flow not
  to a copy - noted by

* flow-export -f4 wire format - requested by

* docs: flow-print.sgml - document column headers.

* flow-report / ftstat.c - added runtime variable binding and output
  path substitution support, ie run with -v ROUTER=NYCM and use
  output path '/report/@ROUTER/report-out'

* ftlib: ftvar.c - variable binding functions.

* ftlib: ftstat.c - summary-detail report will produce core if no flows
  are processed - noted by

* docs: not all targets included in distribution - noted by
  Jeje <>

* ftlib: ftio.c byte order of output not always in synch with flags -
  noted by

* docs: flow-filter port correction - mhunter@ack.Berkeley.EDU 

* ftlib: ftstat.c names option works with IP addresses -- DNS lookups.
  req by

* ftlib: ftstat.c: min_pps,max_pps,min_bps,max_bps calculations,
  reduce memory and CPU footprint if *ps calculations are not selected.
  req by

* ftlib: ftstat.c: linear-interpolated-flows-octets-packets,first,last,
  ip-source/destination-address/ip-protocol/ip-tos reports.
  req by

* ftlib: ftstat.c: new fields, index,first,last
  req by

* ftlib: ftstat.c: integrated mask eval
  req by

* flow-mask: new - replace mask length based on prefix.
  req by

* ftlib: fttag.c: tag on tcp-src-port, tcp-dst-port, tcp-port, udp-src-port,
  udp-dst-port, udp-port, tos.
  req by

* ftlib: fttag.c: rework to use jump tables to support more match types
  w/o performance impact.

* flow-stat: -f32 did not have symbol lookups enabled, noted by
  Michael Redinger <

* docs: flow-tag man page example does not work - noted by

* flow-fanout: -V does not work, noted by

* 10-15-2002 flow-tools-0.62 released

* ftlib: ftstat.c: fcount displayed (flows counted in pps and bbs calcs)

* build: localstatedir no longer hardcoded to /var/ft.  man and html pages
  have localstatedir substitution.

* ftlib: ftstat.c: multiple output per report, output to a pipe,
  source/destination address format, source/destination address count

* flow-import: -m allows ascii input.  #:<fields> in ascii output
  automatically parsed as -m option.

* flow-export: fix -m, -m now allows ascii input, ie -m unix_secs,dpkts,doctets

* ftlib: ftstat.c masked tag not restored if filter evaluated to DENY.

* ftlib: ftstat.c bucket record count in header not correct.

* ftlib: ftstat.c ip-address and ip-port to pick up flow-stat -f7 and -f11
  style reports.  noted by

* flow-cat / flow-receive: Pay closer attention to FT_FIELD_CAP_START and
  FT_FIELD_CAP_END so a bogus capture period is not displayed on
  output from flow-receive > file.  noted by

* flow-print: Missing leading 0's on msec formats, noted by

* ftlib: ftfil.c: use consistent naming with flow-report

* flow-fanout, flow-receive, flow-capture: handle interrupted recvmsg()
  syscall which happens on some linux MP configurations.

* ftlib: ftfil.c - pps/bps not handled correctly - patch from

* flow-print - format 24 from

* flow-import - Cisco NFC format from

* flow-capture - more informative err message on bind() failure - noted by

* docs: flow-capture.sgml - no -o option - noted by

* flow-search - remove hard coded path, noted by

* ftlib: ftdecode.c - ftpdu_verify() can segv on invalid packets < 4 bytes
  noted by Eric Stewart

* ftlib: ftfil.c - PERMIT/DENY reversed for many when default PERMIT --
  noted by

* ftlib: ftstat.c - tag mask before filter - noted by

* 8-27-2002 flow-tools-0.61 released

* ftlib: strtoull.c - missing ULLONG_MAX - noted by

* build: --with-mysql allows path, ie --with-mysql=/usr/local

* ftlib: ftstat.c - don't require FT_XFIELD_SRC_MASK / FT_XFIELD_DST_MASK -
  dynamically add the requirement when FT_STAT_OPT_PREFIX_* is set -
  noted by

* ftlib: ftio.c - more informative warning when trying to process non
  flow-tools files.

* ftlib: ftfile.c - more informative warning when ignoring files.

* ftlib: fttag.c - parser requires 'type' for a match and 'term' in a

* ftlib: ftdecode.c - allow padded Cat 6K packets.

* flow-receive, flow-capture: no longer need ftio_set_xip() - noted by

* flow-tag, ftstat: allow retagging - noted by

* flow-cat: cleanup error message

* flow-export: len = 0, mysql typo

* ftlib: ftstat.c missed a few , - noted by

* 8-15-2002 flow-tools-0.60 released

* flow-capture,flow-receive,flow-fanout: add filter option.

* flow-export: MySQL support based on patch from

* ftlib: ftfil.c pps and bps filter.

* build: scripts in bin directory get installed

* build/ftlib: added BSD strtoull.c for DEC portability - noted by

* flow-report: future replacement for flow-stat

* ftlib: added ftstat.c - stats and report library

* ftlib:  FT_RECGET_* macros

* docs: updated documentation.

* configs: updated asn.txt and asn symbol file

* ftlib: fmt.c - fmt_ipv4prefix() was not processing 0/0 correctly.

* ftlib: ftfil.c - fix memory leak with ftd->name and ftfil->name

* ftlib: ftfil.c - delay primitive resolution until file is parsed
  -- a filter-definition can precede a filter-primitive 

* ftlib: ftfil.c - time only primitive implemented.  Req by

* 7-6-2002 flow-tools-0.59 released

* build: ftbuild.h created by configure

* ftlib: ftfil.c - time -> time-date

* flow-cat: -t start_time -T end_time options for file inclusion based on

* contrib: update pyflowtools to pyflowtools-0.3.tar.gz

* contrib: updated to Inter.netPH-1.3.tar.gz

* flow-stat: format 23 bug input/output are u_int16 not u_int8.  patch from

* ftlib: ftfil.c - too many hash bits, src/dst reversed, bzero() fed wrong
  size.  Noted by William Emmanuel S. Yu.

* flow-receive: tag_active should default to null not "".  noted by
  "Saro Hayan" <>

* 6-11-2002 flow-tools-0.58 released

* 0.57 dist stats: 815 downloads (651 unique).  253 mailing list members.

* ftlib: fttag.c cleanup, walk_free()

* signal() portability, potential SIGCHLD race condition in flow-capture.
  Noted by Jarkko Torppa <>

* flow-split: split on tags.

* flow-filter: -x nexthop_filter patch from Jen Linkova <>

* flow-capture,flow-receive: tagging integration.

* ftlib: ftio_header_print() updated for new 8.x agg methods

* flow-nfilter: new improved version of flow-filter

* ftlib: ftfil.c - new flow filtering library

* ftlib: import getdate.c

* ftlib: Unitialized variable in ftio_header_print - noted by 
  "Dutky, Steve" <>

* flow-capture,flow-fanout : -p pidfile option.
  req by "Ed Ravin" <>

* flow-filter,flow-tag,flow-xlate: -k (keep time) option.
  req by Annie Tong <>

* flow-gen: tos variance, v1005 support

* ftlib: byte order fix - noted by

* ftlib,flow-capture: fix memory leak - noted by

* flow-fanout: missing #include <time.h> - noted by

* build: autoconf/automake update 2.53/1.6.1

* 4-20-2002 flow-tools-0.57 released

* 0.56 dist stats: 1512 downloads (1269 unique).  209 mailing list members.

* flow-print: avoid divide by 0 when processing corrupt flows (dPkts=0)

* flow-filter: add -o option to OR instead of AND filters.  From
  Cougar <>

* ftlib: ftfile_pathname() would not properly generate pathnames for
  nesting level -1 and -2.  Patch from Arvids <>,
  also fixed by Chris Timmons <>.

* docs: add .sgml source to distribution

* contrib: add Robin Sommer's pyflowtools (Python module for ftlib)

* contrib: update

* flow-fanout: support multiple exporters.  Add -S stat_inverval

* flow-tag: new utility.  Tag flows using fttag logic.

* docs: clean up html formatting of man pages

* flow-xlate: add -tT options to mask tag

* flow-print: add format 9 for tagged flows

* tcp-port: Joe St Sauver <JOE@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU> - Napster, FastTrack,
  Gnutella, etc

* flow-send: accept -V and -m flags

* flow-capture: tcp client support

* flow-stat: use system qsort() instead of internal.

* build/code: misc harmless compiler warning cleanups

* build/code: install ftlib.a in prefix/lib, install ftlib header files
  in prefix/include.  Remove HAVE_CONFIG_H dependency.  Combine header
  files in to ftlib.h

* build: hostname -s is not portable, whoami may not be in path

* ftlib: fttag.c tag flows based on ASN, Prefix, or Next-Hop

* ftlib: support.[ch] scan_ip_prefix()

* ftlib: ftchash.c sort_offset is not static

* flow-xlate: count total flows for -d1 stats, default to no compression

* ftlib: import NetBSD radix.c

* flow-merge: E. Larry Lidz <> not processing all
  flows in certain cases.

* flow-export: V1005 mask not set for version 1005 

* flow-print: fix -f2 core dump (introduced in 0.56)

* flow-export: fix -f1 core dump (introduced in 0.56)

* 12-28-2001 flow-tools-0.56 released

* cleanup -h in all.  Add build information via ftbuild.h

* New SGML documentation.

* Dave Plonka <>: patch to allow more file rotations
  per day.

* flow-filter works with the v8 formats.

* Jos Backus <> Superfluous trailing \0's in string literals
  (actually just need to remove old progname globals)

* Maxim Konovalov <>: use const for fterr_* formats.

* Paul Dokas <>: contrib find_scanners.  Perl script to
  provide compact summarizations of top in/out ip's, ports, etc.

* version 8.6 - 8.14 support

* -T TCP flags filter option to flow-filter

* Robert Wariua rwariua@socrates.Berkeley.EDU : contrib acl-filter.tgz.
  mrtd + NetFlow.  community and as-path acl's.

* Updated contrib.

* flow-capture - -R option to specify program to execute on rotate.  Based on
  patch from Stefan Stefanov <>

* flow-capture,flow-receive - store exporter IP when multiple exporters instead
  of 0.  patch from Dave Plonka <> and
  Jos Backus <>

* Solaris compile problem - noted by Dave Hartzell <

* Sif Dif in flow-print format4 and -w - 
  Everton da Silva Marques <>

* initial support for v1005 - tagged version 5

* off by one malloc() bugs in ftio.c and support.c -- core dump noted by
  Ferry Korving <> and probably
  "Devon True" <>

* flow-cat: o: not i: in getopt - Heiko Schlichting <flow-tools@FU-Berlin.DE>

* 7-17-2001 flow-tools-0.55 released

* flow-receive,flow-capture: -S option to emit processed packets every n 

* flow-receive,flow-capture: accept wildcard source IP, demux on src_ip,
  dst_ip, and d_version.  xlate to common version when possible.

* flow-stat: update to use ftsym_*()

* flow-stat: format 1,2,3 use hash tables instead of possible overflow

* flow-print: wide output option

* flow-print: update to use ftsym_*()

* ftsym_*() implementation.  Dynamic symbol table support.

* scan_ip() will try gethostbyname() if arg looks like a hostname.

* flow-cat: preload header option (-p).  Prescans flow files to create
  better output header.

* Wilhelm Becker <Wilhelm.Becker@HRZ.Uni-Dortmund.DE>
  set SO_REUSEADDR on multicast socket
  ttl is u_char, not int

* added flow-import: import flows from cflowd or ASCII CSV formats

* Dave Plonka <> - patch for configure to emit an
  error message if zlib not found.

* flow-profile: removed.  Outdated ugly hack.

* flow-export: cflowd binary file implementation.

* fixed off by one bug in fmt_uint8() when formatting value >99

* flow-xlate: Disable header rewrite (stdin)

* flow-export: ASCII CSV (comma separated value) implementation.

* flow-stat: update to use fts3rec_compute_offsets().  Full support for v8.

* flow-stat: engine_type and engine_id reports

* added fts3rec_compute_offsets() - provides a cleaner way to handle
  the many export versions.

* 6-22-2001 flow-tools-0.54 released

* added flow-xlate.  Allow translations including packet/byte scaling,
  AS 0 substitution, classful address masking, flow mask address masking,
  and privacy mask. Translate among export version 1, 5, 6, and 7.

* Wilhelm Becker <Wilhelm.Becker@HRZ.Uni-Dortmund.DE> - ftio_write() and
  ftio_close() not properly updating bytes written.  Add header size to
  total size in flow-capture. -E now works in flow-capture again.

* added reference to flow-extract in contrib/README

* flow-stat: more informative header -- suggested by stanislav shalunov

* fixed bug: if using mmap'd files and the flow-file had no records a warning
  would be displayed and a single corrupt record would be returned by

* added Dave Plonka's Cflow perl module to the contrib area.

* added work from Miguel A.L. Paraz <> and
  William Emmanuel S. Yu <> to contrib area.  Utils
  to work with prefix lists and reporting scripts.

* flow-stat: format24-26 src prefix, dst prefix, src/dst prefix fopd

* committed E. Larry Lidz" <> flow-merge.c

* flow-stat: format23 - Input/Output interface flows,octets,packets,duration

* flow-stat: option -w (wide output).  Default to not printing duration field.

* flow-stat: move large arrays off the stack

* flow-stat: implement format21 - src/dst AS flows,octets,packets,duration

* removed -C option to flow-stat (summarize to classful IP networks) --
  use flow-xlate instead

* flow-stat: implemented sorting options for formats which use hash tables
  (src ip, dst ip, ip, nexthop, src/dst ip)

* integrate Dave Plonka <>'s offsetof() method for
  computing structure element offsets.  Fixes v1 export packet decode.

* Added ToS filter capability to flow-filter

* Juniper v8 hack.  Juniper sets v8 aggregation version to 0 instead of
  2.  Reported by Jerome Fleury <>

* updated flow-stat to use ftchash_*

* new ftchash_* - generalized constant hash implementation to replace

* flow-stat - fixed bug in hash_ip.c hash_ip2.c where etime not updated on
  initial allocation

* flow-capture, flow-receive -m option.  Mask ip addresses (srcaddr,dstaddr)
  in version 1,5,6,7 with privacy mask.  Defaults to
  Does not alter multicast S,G's.

* flow-capture, flow-send, flow-receive, flow-fanout call bigsockbuf() to
  allocate large socket buffers instead of setsockopt() directly.

* bigsockbuf() implementation.  Instead of using a hard coded value
  when attempting to extend the socket buffer size which can vary
  among systems, guess, then decrement by 512 bytes on failure until
  success.  Noted by

* flow-fanout handle signals, log PDU version forwarding.

* flow-fanout checks sequence numbers, version, and verifies integrity
  of received packets before forwarding

* flow-capture, flow-fanout utilize fterr_setexit() to ensure removal of

* fterr_setxit() implementation

* flow-gen - do not create bogus flows, use more reasonable initialization.
  Noted by Robert Hough <>

* flow-stat - ignore bogus 0 packet flows instead of divide by 0
  Noted by Robert Hough <>

* working docs/

* 4-24-2001 flow-tools-0.53 released

* Solaris portability buglets

* flow-fanout,flow-receive,flow-capture support joining a multicast group
  for receiving flows localip/remoteip/port is replaced by s/g/port

* flow-send,flow-fanout set the ttl if the destination address is multicast
  localip/remoteip/port -> localip/remoteip/port/ttl.  TTL defaults to 0.

* flow-fanout maintaines pidfile

* flow-fanout will honor SIGQUIT

* flow-capture will unlink pid file on exit

* flow-capture log SIGQUIT and SIGHUP

* flow-capture will honor SIGQUIT before processing a file

* flow-fanout daemonizes by default

* flow-fanout,flow-capture,flow-send,flow-receive all use common format
  to describe peer - localip/remoteip/port

* flow-send,flow-fanout can set local IP address when sending

* flow-receive,flow-capture,flow-fanout can bind to a specific local IP

* added directory support to flow-cat

* added directory support to flow-capture and flow-expire

* flow-cat all command line options not processed due to unbalanced "

* flow-capture - filenames generated have +- GMT offset
  (example from Dave Plonka <>)

* ftio_set_ver(): use new ver struct for updating ftio->fth.fields, not old
  (broken v8 files)

* fttlv_enc_uint8(): 1 byte encoding, not 2
  (broken v8 files)

* 4-8-2001 flow-tools 0.52 released

* prepend FT_ to QUEUE* functions to prevent conflicting with BSDI's

* flow-stat.c stat0() also report in realtime.

* fterr.c portablilty

* 3-14-2001 flow-tools 0.51 released

* Fixed byte ordering problem with flow-fanout

* Added ToS based format to flow-stat

* time fields byte order problem on BIG_ENDIAN

* Added Miguel A.L. Paraz <> flow-split to contrib

* flow-capture header size rewrite fix

* fixed longword alignment problem in ftio_write_header()

* generalized error/warning/info with fterr_*()

* 3-11-2001 flow-tools 0.50 released

* added mmap() support for reading flows.  flow-cat can enable it.

* initial implementation of ifName:ifIndex and alias mappings.  flow-receive
  and flow-capture will add the mappings if they exist.

* added SECURITY document

* flow-cat handles ^C

* new tool, flow-split.  Split a flow stream based on # of flows or time

* fixed sequence # calculation when encoding

* stream version 3 -- variable length header, exporter ip in flows.
  note, version 2 not supported.

* fixed memory dealloc / potential core dump on exit bug in flow-dscan.c

* new utility flow-header to just dump the header of a file/stream

* flow-capture and flow-receive update lost flows and sequence resets in

* flow-receive rewrites header on close and updates fields properly

* flow-capture and flow-receive update new exporter_ip field in header

* 2-21-2001 flow-tools 0.411 released

* Andrey Zolotnicky" <> detach in flow-capture main() shadows

* Andrey Zolotnicky" <> ftpdu_check_seq() fix

* 2-20-2001 flow-tools 0.41 released

* html and man docs included in make dist

* ftpdu_check_seq() implementation.  Check and report errors with
  received sequence numbers

* include everything needed for lex/yacc to build acl* including yyerror()
  for linux

* use autoconf macros to include string.h / strings.h

* All files use config.h

* inspect return val of ftio_set_version() to bomb out earlier

* ftio_init(), and ftio_set_version properly return error

* flow-gen uses same -V format as flow-receive and flow-capture

* flow-receive and flow-capture have -I <ip address of exports> and 
  -V <PDU version expecting> options.  -I required for flow-capture

* resurrected flow-export hack to dump flows in pcap format

* ftset_init() - code simplify/cleanup

* AS 0 substitition option in flow-receive and flow-capture

* CFLAGS = -g -ansi -Wall

* ftio_set_nflows() uses u_int32 not u_int64

* flow-capture not properly updating nflows in header

* ftpdu_verify() implemented

* Miguel A.L. Paraz" < - potential unitialized return
  value in ftio_close()

* Added perl/ftprint - example of using flow-tools with perl

* Fixed autoconfig problem where everything was linked with lex/yacc libs

* Andrey Zolotnicky" <> - linux modifies timeval after select()
  - fixed flow-capture.c and flow-fanout.c

* 2-11-2001 flow-tools 0.40 released


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