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The documentation in this directory is in HTML format.  To read it just
point your browser at the "index.html" file. A slightly more browseable
version is accessable at the FLTK web site, along with PostScript(tm)
and PDF versions of the manual.

You can generate your own (printable) copy of the manual by typing
"make" in this directory.  You will need to have the HTMLDOC software
installed on your system.  HTMLDOC can be downloaded from:

The default media size is 8.27x11.0" (210x279mm), which is the lesser
of A4 and US Letter sizes.  You can change this in the makefile by
uncommenting the corresponding media size or defining your own.

If you find any typos, things that are unclear, or would like to
contribute an example, section, or chapter to the FLTK manual, please
contact Michael Sweet (
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