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This directory contains source code for fltk theme plugins, data files
used by those themes, and source fo the "conf" library donated by Carl
Thompson which can read/write Windows "INI" style files (this is used
by the KDE theme).

"make" compiles these but they cannot be seen by fltk until placed in
the correct directory. "make install" puts them in
/usr/local/lib/fltk, you can also see them by linking this directory
to ~/.fltk.

To make a theme be the default, use a symbolic link (or copy it on NT)
to "default.theme". For instance to use the KDE emulation do "ln -s
KDE.theme default.theme"

The "scheme.theme" theme reads ".scheme" files. The example
"Alternative.scheme" lists all the possible fields and with comments
describing what they are.

We really need some "themes" written that parse GTK, Enlightenment,
X resources, and other sources of theme information.
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