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test/README - 20 Oct 1998

This directory contains tests and demos of FL.  In most cases you can
learn a lot about how to program FL by looking at the source code.

Type "make" to compile them all.

The program "demo" is a graphical interface to run all the demos. (you
may recognize this as a rewrite of an XForms program).

Some of the more interesting programs:

fractals:	A GLUT program with FL controls added to it

glpuzzle:	A GLUT program with no modifications

fullscreen:	Demo of how to make your window toggle to fill screen

list_visuals:	necessary to debug X visual stuff

mandelbrot:	A true application, using panels built in Fluid

menubar:	Demo of how FL's menus work

shiny:		Demo of drawing FL's controls using OpenGL

forms:		An XForms program to demonstrate emulation

colbrowser:	Another XForms program that is actually useful
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