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cp2foss(1)                    FOSSology                   cp2foss(1)

       cp2foss - load one or more files or archives into the
       FOSSology Database.

        Usage: cp2foss [options] [archives]
        Options: -AQThv [-f path] [-AA num] [-q {agent,agent.. | all}] [-X path]
        [-n name] [-d descritpion]

       cp2foss (copy to foss) will load  one or more files or
       archives into the folder path specified by -f.  The folders
       in the folder-path do not need to exist. cp2foss will create
       them as needed.

       Archives can be a file, directory or URL to the archive. If
       the archive is a URL, then it is retrieved and added. If the
       archive is a file, then it is used as the source to add. If
       the archive is a directory, then all files under it are
       recursively added.

       A single hyphen means the archive list will come from
       standard in (stdin).

       NOTE: The order of the options is significant. Options are
       processed in the order that they are used on the command

       -A  Turn on alpha-folders.  Default is off. When many
           archives are loaded, navigating through all the folders
           can be difficult.  This option groups packages under
           alpha folders based on the first letter of the package
           name.  For example, your folder path is ProjX/pass1/.
           Using alpha-folders the archive "andyroid" would end up
           under a folder path ProjX/pass/a-c/andyroid.

       -AA num
           Specify the number of letters per folder (default: 3);
           implies -A. For example, using the default, the alpha
           folders would be a-c, d-f, g-i and so on.

       -d description
           A short meaningful description the captures what the
           upload folder will contain.  Description must be quoted
           with either single or double quotes.

       -f path
           folder path for storing uploaded files (e.g., -f
           'Fedora/ISOs/Disk 1'). You do not need to specify  the
           top or root folder /Software Repository.  All paths are
           under /Software Repository.  If /Software Repository is
           used in the folder path, cp2foss will correctly create
           all of the other other folders in the path under the top

       -? Help, see -h
       -h  Help, prints a verbose usage message.

       -n name
           An optional name that will be used to store the upload in
           the database.  The default name is the filename from the

       -Q  List all available processing agents.  Any or all of the
           agents listed can be used with the -q option.  See -q for
           more details.

       -q agent-list | all
           Indicate what processing agents to use in analyzing the
           upload. The list is specified as a comma-separated list
           of agents, (use -Q to display the list of agents), or the
           word all.  If -q is not used, the item will still be
           uploaded and unpacked.  To schedule agent jobs later see
           fossjobs or use the FOSSology web interface.

       -T  TEST. (for Debugging) No database or repository updates
           are performed. Test mode enables verbose mode.  This is a
           trial run of the actions that cp2foss will do.

       -v  Verbose (for debugging). Details the actions being
           performed.  -T turns this on automatically.

       -X  Item to exclude when archive is a directory. You can
           specify more than one -X.  For example, to exclude all
           svn and cvs directories, include the following before the
           archive's directory path: -X .svn -X .cvs

   Depricated Options
       -a archive
           See Description above.

       -p path
           see -f

       -R  Ignored.

       -w  Ignored.

       "cp2foss -f Folder1 -d 'the first file' /tmp/file1 \
                  -d 'the second file' /tmp/file2 \"

       Would load the archives file1 and file2 in the folder Folder
       using the supplied descriptions for each upload.

       "cp2foss -q all -p Ubuntu -n 'Gutsy Gibon' -d 'Ubuntu Gutsy

       The above example, cp2foss will first get the archive using
       wget.  It will then load the downloaded archive into the
       database calling the upload 'Gutsy Gibon'.

       "cp2foss -A -f Fedora/Fedora8 -n Fedora8  -d 'Fedora 8
       Sources' -X .svn -X .cvs /bigdisk/fedora"

       Loads every file under the /bigdisk/fedora directory, except
       files in the Subversion and CVS directories.  The files are
       placed in the UI under the folder "Fedora/Fedora8" and are
       grouped by the first letter of each file (a-c, d-f, g-h,

       Neal Krawetz/Mark Donohoe for the Hewlett-Packard Company

       wget, fossjobs, fosslic

Version 1.1.0                2008-11-20                   cp2foss(1)
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