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This is Freeverb3, 2.x.x

Freeverb3 is a sound processing library
which includes sampling rate scaling enabled
version of freeverb with some fixes, extended
implemantation of N Reverb by CCRMA, implementation
of impulse response convolution reverb, FIR filter
constructor, band splitter and compressor.

This library's oversampling feature will provide
high quality of audio processing.
This library includes XMMS / beep media player (BMP) / audacious
plugins and sample programs, which can be used to
test the sound effect easily. Please report any bugs or advices.

The hand-optimized SIMD codes for some CPUs are included in this library,
which will provide fast convolution processing.

Dependencies of libfreeverb3

- FFTW3 []
  This library needs at least one precision version
  (single or double or long double) of fftw3 libraries,
  which are called fftw3f or fftw3 or fftw3l.
  fftw-3.1.2 was tested.

Dependencies of programs

Sample programs      : libsndfile
Jack sample programs : libsndfile jack
XMMS plugins         : libsndfile xmms glib GTK+
audacious            : libsndfile audacious glib2 GTK+2 gthread pango
BMP plugins          : libsndfile BMP glib2 GTK+2 gthread pango

- libsndfile []
  libsndfile-1.0.17 was tested.
- jack []
  jackd version 0.101.1 was tested.
- xmms []
  xmms-1.x >= 1.0.0 is required. xmms-1.2.10 was tested.
- glib []
  glib-1.x >= 1.2.2 is required. glib-1.2.10 was tested.
- GTK+ []
  gtk-1.x >= 1.2.2 is required. gtk-1.2.10 was tested.
- audacious []
  audacious-1.2.2 was tested.
  audacious >= 1.4.0 new plugin structure is also supported.
- glib2 []
  glib-2.x >= 2.6.0 is required. glib2-2.10.3 was tested.
- GTK+2 []
  gtk-2.x >= 2.6.0 is required. gtk+2-2.8.20 was tested.
- gthread, pango
- BMP []
  bmp- was tested.

NOTICES for using XMMS/BMP/audacious effect plugins

These players do not have the correct mutex/lock mechanism to
protect effect init()/cleanup()/mod_samples(). This means that if you
enable/disable effect in the Effects/Preferences dialog during playback,
the init()/cleanup() function will be executed
even if the effect is still running, which might causes "Segmentation Fault".
If you want to enable/disable the effects, you should stop/pause first.

There is an mutex lock example of BMP patch to prevent this problem in
the patch directory.

You might be able to use the self plugin init feature using --enable-pluginit
option. This feature is not tested on all XMMS / BMP / audacious versions,
but this option is preferred since most XMMS / BMP / audacious will crash
without this option during playback if you perform some changes to the player.

configure OPTIONS

See configure --help.

SIMD codes

3DNow! uses primitive 3DNow! codes.
This can be used on AMD CPUs which have 3DNow! instructions.
(K6-2, Athlon, ...)

SSE can be used on Intel or AMD CPUs which have SSE instrunctions.
(PentiumIII, ..., AthlonXP, Athlon64, ...)
SSE is used on x86_64/amd64.

SSE2 can be used on Intel or AMD CPUs which have SSE2 instrunctions.
(Pentium4, ..., Opteron, ...)
SSE2 is enabled on x86_64/amd64.

--enable-forcefpu can be used to disable the use of
hand optimized SSE/SSE2 codes on x86_64/amd64.


freeverb3 is written by Teru KAMOGASHIRA.
The freeverb3 home page is at:

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