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This is a basic settings for making a plugin. 

Just rebuild the directory structure you need here. E.g. you have a
plugin for 'src/video/plugins', create this directories and put your
plugin there. Same for 'share'. In every directory you put a python
file, you must also add a file without content.

Then edit to fill in a name, a version and a description. The
name will be the name of the tgz. Also fill in mail and author and
maybe homepage. After that, replace this README with your own and
maybe fill out INSTALL. Remove the CVS dir.

To build a distribution, run 'python sdist' and the tgz is in
the 'dist' subdir. Upload it at
and make an announcement at the freevo users list.

Thanks adding a new feature to Freevo.

The Freevo team
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