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fretsonfire for Debian

 Frets on Fire has a number of ways to acquire songs to play. It has a built in
 editor and a function to import tracks from the popular Guitar Hero games for
 the Sony PlayStation 2 (the importer does not yet work with the X-Box version)

 To play Frets on Fire you will need working sound and an OpenGL-capable
 graphics card. X must be configured with OpenGL.
 There are also songs available in the fretsonfire-songs packages. Due to
 licencing restrictions from the Finnish copyright association (Teosto), Debian
 cannot ship the songs written by the authors of Frets on Fire.  Therefore, the
 Debian version of Frets on Fire has had the tracks replaced with free ones.
 Much thanks goes to Carlos Viola Iborra for providing the songs in the
 fretsonfire-songs-sectoid package under an open source licence.
 The original tracks can still be downloaded from and other tracks can be found on the
 community website Downloaded tracks should be
 unzipped into $HOME/.fretsonfire/songs/

 The fonts that were originally distributed with the game have been removed:
  * Font data/title.ttf, copyright by Astigmatic One Eye.
  * Font data/default.ttf, copyright by 1001 Free Fonts.
  * Font data/international.ttf, copyright by Bitstream Vera.

 The game is distributed by upstream in two different tarball files, one
 containing the precompiled game along with the data and the songs, and the
 other one containing only the sources. Both the data (excluding the songs
 and the font files mentioned above) and the program are distributed under the
 GNU General Public License.

 -- Matthew Johnson <>  Fri, 11 May 2007 15:08:03 +0100
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