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This directory contains example projects for demonstrating GerbMerge.

Proj1 is a small board that has ovals, thermals, arcs, circles, polygons,
and text. Hexapod is the example board that comes with Eagle.

Each project has CAM data generated from its associated *.cam file,
hence and were used to generate drawing data.

The "layout1.cfg" and "layout1.def" files demonstrate how GerbMerge can
be used to panelize a single job, including rotation.

The "layout2.cfg" and "layout2.def" files demonstrate panelizing
different jobs.

The Makefile in this directory shows an example of how to invoke
the program and how to view the results under Linux. You need to
have the gerbv program installed (see
for viewing the output files.

The syntax for running GerbMerge is:

    gerbmerge layout1.cfg layout1.def

If you are running Linux and have installed the 'gerbv' Gerber previewer,
you can view the results by typing:

    gerbv *.ger *.xln

On Windows systems, GC-Prevue and ViewMate should be able to Import
the above files for previewing.
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