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NOTE: This is the FSO branch of pyneo's gsm0710muxd. FSO
branched around version 0.9.1 in order to no have to change
dbus interfaces and power handling in ogsmd.

It is planned to merge with upstream after 1.0, although
they have slightly different goals.

This is a user space multiplexer for GSM according to the
GSM 07.10 specification. Although it contains some hardcoded
paths for the Openmoko Neo devices, it should work with all
kinds of modems that understand the +CMUX operation mode.

Please send patches to

gsm0710muxd has dbus system bus activation support, API docs
are at -> org.freesmartphone.GSM.MUX

NOTE: This is the FSO branch of pyneo's gsm0710muxd. Upstream
continued to develop gsm0710muxd elsewhere. We're planning
to merge with upstream again at some point of time.


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