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FileTrace v0.9a  Copyright (C) 2000. by Senko Rasic <>
You can use and/or distribute this software under the terms of GNU General
Public License. Read the COPYING file for details.

This is an 'installwatch' clone. It preloads some libc function (open,
mkdir, link, ...) and logs every file that's been created/modified. It
just logs the (full path)names of files, not the rest of the crap installwatch
does, so you don't have to parse it's output. Also, it can ignore current
path and all it's subdirectories, so the log won't be garbled with that

This program uses many ideas and code samples from installwatch, whose
author is Pancrazio `Eizo' de Mauro <>.

For changes from the last version of ftrace (0.9) read the ChangeLog file.

You can report any problems,bugs,suggestions and comments to <>.

Enjoy :-)

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