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!!! Database and Wiki Backup Tools

It is recommended to do daily backups of your database and/or your wiki pages.

In this directory are some sample scripts, which could help to setup your 
cronjobs, on the server or even remotely (zipdump or dumpserial).

  # berkeley db backup

  # daily serial pgsrc dump
  DEFAULT_DUMP_DIR = /var/www/wikidb/pgsrc
  nice /usr/bin/lwp-request -P -d -m GET "http://localhost/wiki/?action=dumpserial"

  # pgsrc rcs update (local history)

  # update xapian index
  nice wiki2omega -u /wiki $DEFAULT_DUMP_DIR | \
    scriptindex /var/lib/omega/data/wiki /var/lib/omega/scripts/wiki2index.script \
    > /var/log/omega/updateindex-wiki.log

  # check uploads for viri
  date >> /var/www/virus-found/scan.log
  nice clamdscan -l /var/www/virus-found/scan.log --move=/var/www/virus-found /var/www/html/phpwiki/uploads

!!! Xapian Fulltext Search Integration


* wiki2omega - perl script to update the database from wiki plaintext files or live dumps
* wiki2index.script - xapian scriptindex definition
* ExternalSearch

  This is a sample template section for search.tmpl to use xapian as external search engine.

  <h5>Fulltext Search</h5>
  <form id="searchform2" name="searchform2" action="/cgi-bin/omega"
      method="get" accept-charset="<?=$charset?>" style="display:inline" class="searchform">
    <?php $s = $request->getArg('s') ? $request->getArg('s') : _("Search"); ?>
    <input type="hidden" name="DEFAULTOP" value="AND" />
    <input name="P" size="18" maxlength="256"
      onfocus="if (this.value == '<?=_("Search")?>') {this.value = '';}"
      onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;" 
      onmouseover="window.status='<?=_("Quick Search")?>'; return true;"
      type="text" id="search2" 
      title="<?=_("Search term(s)") ?>" />
    <div align="right" style="padding-right:10px;">
      <input type="submit" name="searchtype" value="fulltext" class="searchButton" title="External Fulltext Search">

  This displays the result not in a wiki layout. However the omega layout can be tuned.

!!! Open Office to Phpwiki converter

Convert Open Office 2.3 (or later), Star Office, MS Word or MS Office Documents to Phpwiki.

!! Installation

You first have to install (once for all) the Open Office to Phpwiki converter.

To install the export filter:
* Start Open Office 2.3 (or above)
* From Tool choose "XML Filter Settings"
* Choose "New" and in "General" fill the form with the following data:
** Filter name: "Phpwiki"
** Application: Writer (.odt)
** Name of file type: "Phpwiki"
** File extention: txt
* Choose Transformation and fill the form with the following data:
** XSLT for Export: put the full path to <strong>phpwiki/admin/odt2phpwiki.xsl</strong>

!! Open Office Converter Usage

Open your Word document in Open Office 2.3.

Select ''Export...'' in the ''File'' menu, then select ''Phpwiki'' in ''File format'' menu.

You will get a text file (.txt). Copy and paste the content of this file in your wiki page.

Everything should work, except:
* centered text and right-aligned text (will be left-aligned),
* the wiki only supports 3 levels of titles,
* tables will always be bordered (class="bordered"), regardless they are or not in Word; you might want to change this in the generated content,
* some <nowiki> and </nowiki> tags might remain in the code.

If there was a table of contents in your Word file, you can delete it and replace it with the ~CreateToc plugin (use the TOC button from the Edit Toolbar).

You should also upload the images in your document.
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