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g15mpd - A simple frontend for the MPD Media Player Daemon, for use with g15daemon…  more info»


1.0 29/12/06
- Initial release
- added ability to scroll through playlist and play selected songs with the
  volume control/play button.
- best used with g15daemon wip
- Respond to volume wheel & mute button
- Improve responsiveness
- Fix display if stream name is NULL
- Dont display elapsed or total time if playing a radio stream where we dont
  have that information.
- Use EVDEV rather than X events.  g15mpd can now be started from init.
  It now needs to be run as root or be in the same group as /dev/input/eventX.
- Fix playlist mode scroll feature (uses volume control to fast scroll
  through playlist if --quickscroll option is used, otherwise uses prev/next
- Only respond to mmedia keys if the display is in the foreground.
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