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<?php /* $Id: README.php 17792 2008-08-05 19:18:44Z JensT $ */ ?>

include (dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__))) . '/config.php');
include (dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__))) . '/util.php');

/* Load bootstrap code */
if (getOS() == OS_WINDOWS) {
	include_once(GALLERY_BASE . '/platform/fs_win32.php');
else {
	include_once(GALLERY_BASE . '/platform/fs_unix.php');


		<title>How to create new frames</title>
<body bgcolor="#DDAAAA">

Eventually this will contain full instructions for building your own files.
In the meantime, here's a quick diagram of where the diffent images go, and something to test
<table border="1">
	<td><table border="1"><tr>
		<td width="30">TTL</td>
		<td width="140" align="center">TT</td>
		<td width="30">TTR</td>
	<td><table border="1">
		<tr><td height="30">LLT</td></tr>
		<tr><td height="140">LL</td></tr>
		<tr><td height="30">LLB</td></tr>
	<td height="200" width="200" align="center">IMAGE</td>
	<td><table border="1">
		<tr><td height="30">RRT</td></tr>
		<tr><td height="140">RR</td></tr>
		<tr><td height="30">RRB</td></tr>
	<td><table border="1"><tr>
		<td width="30">BBL</td>
		<td width="140" align="center">BB</td>
		<td width="30">BBR</td>


To test you frames, just insert the name of your frame in the code where indicated below.

$gallery->html_wrap['frame'] = "polaroid"; /*** PUT YOUR FRAME DIR HERE ***/
$gallery->html_wrap['borderColor'] = "#AAAAFF";
$gallery->html_wrap['borderWidth'] = 0;
$gallery->html_wrap['imageWidth'] = 300;
$gallery->html_wrap['imageHeight'] = 200;
$gallery->html_wrap['imageHref'] = null;
$gallery->html_wrap['imageTag'] = '<img src="../../images/bar.gif" width="300" height="200" alt="bar">';
<?php include "../"; ?> 
<?php print "Your frame is called <b>$name</b> and you've described it as <b>$description</b>" ?>
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