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Important: These files must be UTF-8 formated.

To edit them, you can use gedit, oowrite or any text editor that supports UTF-8

To complete the translation, you must provide a single word list file for
your locale named: src/readingh-activity/resources/wordsgame/default-XX.xml
Where XX is your target locale.

Note that these words must be choosen to be simple in your language,
don't necessary translate the english. Also, it is important to make sure
that these words can be written with your keyboard in one key
(no alt gr stuff or compose key).

In order to be useful, this list must contains about 1000 words.
If you can, pick the words from a school children book.

The files are XML formatted. There are 5 levels section which contains
words in size order:
Level   Word length
  1     < 4 and very easy to type
  2     = 4 or < 4 not so easy
  3     = 5
  4     = 6
  5     > 6
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