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 $Id: README,v 1.22 2004/04/14 21:06:23 mkern Exp $

This is a FastTrack plugin for giFT (
...just in case you haven't guessed.

Obviously we take no responsibility as to what this code does to
your hardware, software, physical or mental health.

Then again, running KaZaA in wine may destroy all of the above.

Compilation & Installation

First put the sources you got somewhere outside the giFT source tree
(note: this is contrary to previous versions of the plugin).

Needed tools to build giFT-Fastrack are as follows:

automake    >= 1.6 (not if you use the tarball release)
autoconf    >= 2.5 (not if you use the tarball release)
libtool     >= 1.4 (not if you use the tarball release)

Next run './configure' in the top source dir if you are using a TARBALL RELEASE.
Or run './' if you got the sources from CVS.

Mac OS X users should run 
  sh -c 'LIBTOOL=glibtool LIBTOOLIZE=glibtoolize ./configure'
  sh -c 'LIBTOOL=glibtool LIBTOOLIZE=glibtoolize ./'
(or if use fink to install it, if you have it)

If you have giFT installed in a non-standard location (according to
pkg-config), you must make sure that PKG_CONFIG_PATH is set to the
directory where libgift.pc is located.

For example:
  export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH" (for bash)
  setenv PKG_CONFIG_PATH "/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig" (for tcsh)

The next step is to run 'make' and 'make install' which will compile
and install the plugin.

Then add FastTrack to the [main]/plugins line in ~/.giFT/gift.conf,
like so:

	plugins = OpenFT:Gnutella

	plugins = OpenFT:Gnutella:FastTrack

You may also use a fully qualified path to the plugin filename:
	plugins = OpenFT:/usr/local/lib/giFT/
The plugin will copy the configuration files from the
$PREFIX/share/giFT/FastTrack/ directory if necessary.

Running FastTrack behind a NAT

If you are behind a NAT and you still want to download from other
NATed / firewalled users you must forward the port in the config file
(default is 1214) and set the config option main/forwarding=1.

Common Problems

As a general rule, if you get errors that aren't mentioned below, first get
fresh sources from cvs before trying anything else. It may be that something
about giFT has changed and we fixed it in cvs but haven't released yet.

Problem:  You put the plugin into the giFT source tree.
Symptoms: During ./ you get the error:
          "libtoolize failed to generate"
Solution: Move the plugin somewhere outside the giFT source tree, or update
	  to the newest cvs version.

Problem:  giFT was not built with ltdl support
Symptoms: *** GIFT-FATAL: couldn't load protocol /usr/lib/giFT/
	  in file : binary does not support this protocol, consider ltdl support
Solution: Make sure libltdl is installed (apt-get install libltdl3-dev in
	  debian) and rm config.cache && ./


Project Page:

Mailing Lists:    [Developer discussion]
       [Notifies about cvs checkins]

IRC:            #giFT-FastTrack on [The best place for up to date info]

See the file AUTHORS for a list of authors.


Most of the plugin code was taken from OpenFT and old giFT code and
as such is copyrighted by the gift project.
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