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2012-05-03  Martyn Russell  <>

	Release 0.14.1

2012-05-03  Karl Relton  <>

	tracker-extract: Simplify text extraction in oasis extractor for ODT files

	tracker-extract: Support Libreoffice graphic/drawing files (*.odg)

2012-05-03  Daniel Mustieles  <>

	Updated Spanish translation

2012-05-03  Martyn Russell  <>

	libtracker-{common|sparql}: Set G_MESSAGES_DEBUG when verbosity > 2
	Since glib 2.32, debug statements are not shown without this environment
	variable being set.

	tracker-extract: Added 'max-media-art-width' config option
	Allows all media/album art to be disabled with a setting of -1 or resized to a
	width of choosing.

	Based on the patch from Kiran Bhide <>

	libtracker-miner: Don't abort() if none file:// URI themes are used
	Was occuring with sftp:// mounts pulled in from GVFS.

2012-05-03  Daniel Mustieles  <>

	Updated Spanish translation

2012-05-03  Alexandre Franke  <>

	Fix typo (missing 'not')

2012-05-03  Jürg Billeter  <>

	build: Remove obsolete check for dbus-binding-tool

	tracker-miner-fs: Do not index non-eligible mount points on startup

	tracker-miner-fs: Add tracker_miner_files_is_file_eligible
	Logic moved from tracker-miner-files-index.c, no change in behavior.

2012-05-03  Yinghua Wang  <>

	update Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) translation

2012-05-03  Martyn Russell  <>

	libtracker-miner: Don't crash in _file_system_get_file() if node non-NULL
	This occurred where parent_node was unset because of strange URI themes, e.g.

	Fixes GB#672308.

	evolution: Fixed includes ... yet again
	So I have this time put each include in separate sections. The logic was
	getting too complicated and it was hard to maintain. This is why single
	include files make so much sense.

	I've checked each release of the libraries we import from and the files do
	exist for each of the versions we support.

	I removed the camel include because all the Evolution includes include that

	I also removed the include for older than 2.91 versions which didn't exist
	there and was reported under the bug below.

	Fixes GB#672415

2012-05-03  Sam Thursfield  <>

	utils: Add tracker-sandbox to EXTRA_DIST
	Also, fix whitespace errors.

2012-05-03  Daniel Mustieles  <>

	Updated Spanish translation

2012-05-03  Jiro Matsuzawa  <>

	[l10n] Update Japanese translation

2012-05-03  Sam Thursfield  <>

	utils: Add tracker-sandbox
	This script assists in running development versions of Tracker in
	parallel and avoiding interference with real user data.

	Run 'utils/tracker-sandbox --help' for documentation.

	tests: Fix build with GLib 2.28 Error gracefully when valac is not installed

2012-04-09  Timo Jyrinki  <>

	Updated Finnish translation by Jiri Grönroos.

2012-03-08  Piotr Drąg  <>

	Updated Polish translation

2012-03-08  Martyn Russell  <>

	Release 0.14.0

2012-03-06  Martyn Russell  <>

	tracker-miner-evolution: Fix build in JHBuild
	Fixes GB#670679

	tracker-miner-flickr, tracker-miner-rss: Don't start automatically on boot
	By default this is now disabled. It's not useful for the majority of cases.
	It can easily be changed by distributions by changing the

	Fixes GB#670778.

	tracker-needle: Order results properly
	Now results are ordered by the last changed dates or titles nicely.

	Fixes GB#37899.

2012-03-05  Karl Relton  <>

	tracker-extract, tracker-writeback: Don't register dbus objects AFTER aquiring service names
	Fixes GB#671314.

2012-03-04  Fran Diéguez  <>

	Updated Galician translations

2012-02-22  Martyn Russell  <>

	firefox,thunderbird: Save AsyncReadyCallback to avoid GC crashes
	Fixes GB#670251.

	firefox: Make sure we still work with newer versions
	Arbitrary version of 20.0.* used as MAX version for now

	firefox: Don't restrict plugin to JUST 0.12

	thunderbird: Make sure we still work with newer versions
	Arbitrary version of 20.0.* used as MAX version for now

	thunderbird: Don't restrict plugin to JUST 0.12

	firefox,thunderbird: Guess install directory using actual version installed

2012-02-22  Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)  <>

	tracker-extract: Use ISO volume ID as title for unknown OS
	Fixes GB#670294

2012-02-17  Martyn Russell  <>

	tracker-miner-evolution: Doesn't build with Evolution 3.3.5
	This is based on the patch from Milan Crha <>

	Fixes GB#669646.

2012-02-16  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	tracker-miner-fs: Handle absolute paths in ignored dirs
	Only globbing on basenames was handled, so allow setting absolute
	paths to be ignored too, which is nicer to the casual user.

2012-02-15  Martyn Russell  <>

	Release 0.13.1

	libtracker-extract: Don't build EXIF tests if we don't have support enabled

	libtracker-extract: Crash in miner-fs due to size_t vs gssize
	Fixed by making use of GInputStream/GDataInputStream on the receiving end
	(which we were doing on the sending end) to avoid use of strlen().

	Crash was occurring on OpenBSD.

	Fixes GB#669546.

2012-02-13  Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)  <>

	tracker-extract: Extract media ID for bootable ISO
	In Boxes, we need to know which (libosinfo) media exactly are we talking
	about. Otherwise, we will have to do detection again.

	tracker-extract: Minor optimizations & CC warning fix

2012-02-13  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	tracker-extract: Add ISO extractor using libosinfo
	Fixes GB#666372

2012-02-13  Martyn Russell  <>

	tracker-miner-fs: Don't index removable media on initial index if disabled

	libtracker-miner: Improve logging
	Use tracker_info() for higher level tasks so logs are easier to read

2012-02-08  Martyn Russell  <>

	build: Set _REQUIRED versions for giff, jpeg and tiff
	We actually don't have a requirement, but if they're not installed, the error
	message doesn't make sense.

2012-02-07  Jürg Billeter  <>

	tracker-needle: Fix build with GLib 2.31

	tracker-extract: Add missing includes

	tracker-store: Print warning if unable to initialize statistics

	libtracker-data: Fix dead code with disabled journal

	ttl2sgml: Do not call fclose if file is NULL

2012-02-04  Sam Thursfield  <>

	tests: Fix compile warning in tracker-file-notifier-test
	Fixes GB#667786.

2012-02-03  Sam Thursfield  <>

	tests: Fix tracker-file-notifier-test
	We need to use the TRACKER_DIRECTORY_FLAG_CHECK_MTIME flag to ensure the notifier
	actually picks up on the changes.

	Fixes GB#667787.

2012-01-30  Antoine Jacoutot  <>

	libtracker-common: Add new function tracker_file_open_fd()
	Add a new function to open fds in a portable way

	open(2) with the NOATIME flag is only available on Linux. Instead of
	duplicating the same code all over with ifdef, factorize into a function
	that opens file descriptors in a portable way.

	Fixes GB#666654.

2012-01-24  Philip Van Hoof  <>

	miners/fs: Fix crash when SIGTERM happens before mainloop is available
	Fixes NB#296488.

2012-01-18  Mikael Ottela  <>

	tests/libtracker-extract: Do not use tracker_coalesce_strip on constant strings.

2012-01-11  Jiro Matsuzawa  <>

	Updated Japanese translation

2012-01-05  Philip Van Hoof  <>

	libtracker-common: Error isn't set and yet reply is NULL
	The g_dbus_connection_call_sync claims not to return NULL
	unless error is set. Yet we check for error being set and
	have seen situations where reply was NULL nonetheless.

	Test for reply being NULL and don't unref in that case.

	Fixes NB#289635.

2012-01-03  Martyn Russell  <>

	build: Depend on gmodule for libtracker-extract
	Since glib 2.31.4, gio does not depend on gmodule, so detecting on gmodule for

	Fixes GB#666410

2012-01-03  Philip Van Hoof  <>

	tracker-extract, msoffice: Add debugging aid for when opening file fails
	Related: NB#296009.

2011-12-29  Philip Van Hoof  <>

	tracker-extract, pdf: Swapped close of the file descriptors
	Previous commit had a bug: the close call on the file descriptors
	of pipe were swapped between client and parent's code blocks. Oeps.

	Fixes NB#290406.

	tracker-extract, pdf: Timeout content extraction after 10s
	Fixes NB#290406.

2011-12-21  Philip Withnall  <>

	Bug 666678 — g_str_has_prefix() called on a NULL string…
	Fix g_str_has_prefix() being called on a NULL string with the
	tracker_config_file_new() constructor.

	Closes: bgo#666678

2011-12-19  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	libtracker-miner: Ensure we deal with the canonical copy on ::directory-removed
	A mismatch could result in tracker_crawler_stop() not being called, even if the
	directory being removed was the one currently indexed. This could be triggered
	by mounts detected during init_mount_points() in TrackerMinerFiles.

	libtracker-miner: don't put sparql for missing/cancelled files
	This behavior is analogous to 0.10. The miner has to allow lesser
	errors and insert minimal sparql for the files, but this kind of
	errors must not trigger sparql insertion.

2011-12-19  Kjartan Maraas  <>

	Updated Norwegian bokmål translation

2011-12-16  Aleksander Morgado  <>

	tracker-writeback: use g_thread_try_new() if GLib >= 2.31
	Since 2.31, g_thread_create() is deprecated.

	tracker-writeback: Use g_(mutex|cond)_(init|clear) if GLib >= 2.31
	Since 2.31, g_mutex_new(), g_mutex_free(), g_cond_new(), g_cond_free() are

	libtracker-miner: add TRACKER prefix to MAX_TIMEOUT_INTERVAL

	libtracker-miner: use GPrivate if GLib >= 2.31
	Since 2.31, GStaticPrivate is deprecated.

	libtracker-data: properly print gint64 value

	libtracker-data: use GMutex if GLib >= 2.31
	Since 2.31, GStaticMutex is deprecated.

	libtracker-data: use GPrivate if GLib >= 2.31
	Since 2.31, GStaticPrivate is deprecated.

	libtracker-data: use g_atomic_int_add() if GLib >= 2.30
	Since 2.30, g_atomic_int_add() returns a gint and is fully equivalent to

	libtracker-common: use GRecMutex if GLib >= 2.31
	Since 2.31, GStaticRecMutex is deprecated.

	tracker-extract: use g_thread_try_new() if GLib >= 2.31
	Since 2.31, g_thread_create() is deprecated.

	tracker-extract: Use g_(mutex|cond)_(init|clear) if GLib >= 2.31
	Since 2.31, g_mutex_new(), g_mutex_free(), g_cond_new(), g_cond_free() are

	libtracker-common: Use g_mutex_(init|clear) if GLib >= 2.31
	Since 2.31, g_mutex_new() and g_mutex_free() are deprecated.

	libtracker-common: use g_format_size() if GLib >= 2.30
	Since 2.30, g_format_size_for_display() is deprecated due to wrongly using
	SI suffixes to denote IEC units.

2011-12-16  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	libtracker-miner: fix thinko in TrackerFileNotifier
	"canonical" was supposed to be the root dir as configured in
	the indexing tree, so the if below forces mtime checks on
	directories that do come from TrackerMonitor signals. so rename
	it to something sensible and actually initialize it.

2011-12-15  Alexandre Franke  <>

	Fix typo in French translation

	Update French translation
	miner → collecteur
	extractor → extracteur

2011-12-15  Martyn Russell  <>

	Release 0.13.0

2011-12-15  Aleksander Morgado  <>

	libtracker-miner: fix double reference

	libtracker-miner: several documentation related fixes

	libtracker-miner: ignore next update is deprecated
	Fix deprecation comment and include the method between guards.

	libtracker-miner: document indexing tree section

	libtracker-miner: fix enums related documentation

	libtracker-miner: fix deprecation comment format

	libtracker-miner: fix type referenced in docs

2011-12-15  Martyn Russell  <>

	libtracker-extract: Fix mockup example which unrefs TrackerExtractInfo->GFile
	This is not returned as a new reference.

	libtracker-common: Fix distcheck failure with new media art handling

2011-12-15  Aleksander Morgado  <>

	docs: additional documentation fixes in libtracker-miner and libtracker-extract

2011-12-15  Martyn Russell  <>

	libtracker-sparql: Fix the documentation in preparation for 0.13.x release

	libtracker-extract: Fix the documentation in preparation for 0.13.x release

	libtracker-miner: Fix the documentation in preparation for 0.13.x release

	build: Clean up more compiler warnings

2011-12-15  Aleksander Morgado  <>

	build: ignore built files in git

	build: remove glib-based FTS parser
	Fixes GB#666232

2011-12-15  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Remove remaining g_thread_init calls
	Calling g_thread_init with GLib 2.31 requires explicit dependency on
	gthread-2.0. However, g_type_init initializes threads since GLib 2.24,
	so it is no longer needed.

2011-12-14  Martyn Russell  <>

	libtracker-common: Renamed albumart test to media-art

	build: Fixed various compiler warnings across the entire code base

	libtracker-common: Fixed unit tests with renamed albumart

	Merge branch 'media-art-enhancements'

2011-12-14  Sam Thursfield  <>

	tracker-extract: Use enum to represent media-art image priorities

	tracker-extract: Style fixes and optimisations in tracker-media-art.c

	tracker-extract: Rename tracker_extract_find_external()
	tracker_extract_find_external() => tracker_extract_process_external_images()

	libtracker-miner: Rename media art update functions
	tracker_media_art_remove_add() => tracker_media_art_queue_removal()
	tracker_media_art_check_clean() => tracker_media_art_execute_queue()

	tracker-extract-gstreamer: Remove explicit zeroing after g_slice_new0()

	tracker-extract-gstreamer: Move media art parameters to MetadataExtractor
	This allows slightly more efficient processing because the apply_*
	functions can access media_art_type

	libtracker-common: Refactor tracker_media_art_get_path()

	libtracker-common: Fix media art paths when artist is not known
	Correct behaviour is prefix-md5sum(title)-md5sum( ) but previously
	we were generating prefix-md5sum( )-md5sum(title)

	tracker-extract: Fix whitespace errors

	tracker-extract-gstreamer: Fix compile warnings

	libtracker-extract,tracker-extract: Return guaranteed title
	When a title is generated from the filename (--enable-guarantee-metadata), return it to the
	calling extractor so that it can be used for media art. This allows storing video poster art
	for any video, provided guaranteed metadata is enabled.

	Rename albumart functions to media-art
	We now support video posters as well!

	Fixes GB#660784

2011-12-14  Aleksander Morgado  <>

	tracker-extract,text: try to extract text from files in typical windows charsets
	If the input file is not valid UTF-8, we now try:
	 * UTF-16, if NUL bytes are found in the string (windows-1252 and locale
	   encodings are not expected to have NUL bytes within the string).
	 * If locale encoding is not UTF-8, try with the locale encoding.
	 * If locale encoding didn't help, try with windows-1252.

	Fixes GB#655383.

2011-12-14  Sam Thursfield  <>

	tracker-extract: Rewrite tracker_albumart_find_external()
	The new code reads through the directory in one pass and allows more
	detailed logic to run on the results, also taking into account the type
	of media file.

	tracker-extract: Minor albumart code cleanups

	tracker-extract: Extract tracker_albumart_find_external()
	This is code from the albumart_heuristic() function but extracted to be
	testable and more flexible.

	tracker-extract: Rework albumart API to allow multiple media types
	* tracker-extract-gstreamer, tracker-extract-mp3: Update to use new API
	* tracker-extract-mp3: Pass URI instead of filename for consistency

2011-12-14  Martyn Russell  <>

	Merge branch 'gsettings-keyfile-bridge'

	libtracker-common: Document the TRACKER_USE_CONFIG_FILES env var
	For tracker-extract, tracker-miner-fs, tracker-store and in the reference for
	env vars.

2011-12-13  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	TrackerFileNotifier won't do mtime checks for files coming from
	initial crawling, if the check is result of a monitor event, it
	will be performed anyway.

	tracker-miner-fs: respect the crawling-interval setting
	mtime checks will only be performed on configuration directories
	according to this setting.

	tracker-miner-fs: Don't add directories to index too eagerly
	ensure_mount_point_exists() is expected to create the sparql for
	a mount point directory, not having it added to the

	libtracker-miner: Use interned GFiles in TrackerIndexingTree signals
	This is so callers may rely on equality instead of g_file_equal(), fixes
	cancel-crawling-on-unmount in TrackerFileNotifier.

2011-12-13  Jürg Billeter  <>

	tracker-store: Fix memory leak in Steroids.update
	This is caused by a bug in valac.

	libtracker-common: Fix memory leak in tracker_string_to_date
	Fixes NB#294705.

	libtracker-data: Fix small memory leak

	gvdb: Merge upstream changes
	This fixes some memory leaks.

2011-12-12  Aleksander Morgado  <>

	libtracker-common: if testing old .cfg files, ensure one is always available
	Create the .cfg file when we detect that it doesn't exist.

2011-12-12  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	libtracker-common: Add a way to test things with old .cfg files
	The TRACKER_USE_CONFIG_FILES envvar now triggers a mode where .cfg
	files are dumped into GSettings, but not deleted. The changes done
	to GSettings are also dumped to the .cfg file after any
	g_settings_apply() call with unapplied data.

2011-12-09  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	tracker-extract: Don't lock on freed mutexes
	report_statistics() was locking on a mutex that was already freed,
	so actually free it after this last use.

	libtracker-miner: Lower the expectations in TrackerFileNotifier sparql queries
	Do not query for nfo:FileDataObjects, sparql preemptively added by applications
	could not be that complete, turning into inaccurate results. So settle for with
	nie:DataObject, which is a lower common denominator.

2011-12-09  Mario Blättermann  <>

	[l10n] Updated German translation

2011-12-08  Matej Urbančič  <>

	Updated Slovenian translation

2011-12-08  Martyn Russell  <>

	tracker-miner-fs: Use new API instead of helper API to add indexing tree
	No actual change to functionality. Just avoid using the old API.

	tracker-miner-fs: Update userguide miner to work with --enable-meego
	Due to the miner-fs refactor, some of the libtracker-miner API has changed.

2011-12-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

	libtracker-data: Fix crash due to overflow in journal reader
	Fixes GB#664833.

2011-12-07  Martyn Russell  <>

	Merge branch 'miner-fs-refactor'

	build: Don't require miner-rss and miner-flickr to distcheck

2011-12-07  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	libtracker-miner: Check the ignored flag in tracker_indexing_tree_file_is_indexable()
	It should obviously be non-indexable if its config root has that flag set.

	tracker-store: Finalize the TrackerDBusRequests on blank updates
	This was likely to leave stuck resources for already disconnected clients
	in the tracker-store side.

	tests: Add TrackerFileNotifier file monitoring tests

	tests: Add tests for TrackerFileNotifier configuration changes

	libtracker-miner: Handle directories with IGNORED flag being removed
	In this case, the directory could be reindexed if it's in another indexed

	libtracker-miner: Initialize TrackerDirectoryFlags to NONE in any case
	This is so calling tracker_indexing_tree_get_root() on an unindexed file
	doesn't end up with uninitialized memory as flags.

	libtracker-miner: Set indexing tree in the file monitor
	This is so monitor events on unhandled files is blocked early.

	libtracker-miner: issue critical warning on unlikely case
	This shouldn't ever happen, but issue a warning in case some
	bug slips in.

	libtracker-miner: Fix gir generation warnings

	libtracker-miner: Fix possibly wrong progress reporting
	There's a slim window between the miner calling ::process-file
	on the last remaining file and process_stop() where the progress
	would be wrongly reported as 0%

	libtracker-miner: Allow GFiles to be part of several TrackerFileSystem
	This could be needed in the future.

	libtracker-miner: Avoid frequent sync calls
	TrackerCrawler now is able to retrieve GFileInfos with a given
	set of attributes, avoiding the need in TrackerFileNotifier
	to g_file_query_info() when traversing the file tree returned
	on ::directory-crawled.

	tests: Add beginning of unit test for TrackerFileNotifier
	ATM only crawling is tested, file monitoring and changing
	configurations should be eventually tested as well

	libtracker-miner: Add back the code removing thumbnail/albumart
	The mimetype isn't needed there after all.

	libtracker-miner: rephrase code comment
	It'd be indeed good to have tracker-miner-fs monitor directories
	triggering a TRACKER_FILTER_PARENT_DIRECTORY filter in case that
	situation changes (ie. the file triggering the filter disappears),
	but given Tracker has never behaved like that and noone ever
	complained, lower the comment severity a bit, it's not something
	we should rush on.

	libtracker-miner: Remove useless code
	This branch of code would never be executed in practice,
	as TrackerFileNotifier can't ever emit ::item-moved on
	an unknown file.

	libtracker-miner: handle moving dirs from recursive to non-recursive locations
	TrackerMinerFS now checks the TrackerDirectoryFlags for source/dest locations,
	triggering a bulk delete operation on the directory children if it's moved
	to a non recursive location

	libtracker-miner: Traverse children selectively in TrackerFileSystem
	Now, returning FALSE in the TrackerFileSystemTraverseFunc given to
	tracker_file_system_traverse() means the node will not be recursed,
	but the traversal will still continue.

	This deviates a bit from g_node_traverse, but makes more sense given
	the common operations in a filesystem representation.

	This is now used in TrackerMinerFS to stop traversal on deleted

	libtracker-miner: Avoid critical warning
	The extraction timer could be unset if the miner doesn't
	get to process any file between start/stop.

	libtracker-miner: Adapt commit e60fc84e6 to TrackerFileNotifier
	The mtimes are now stored as guint64, and a 2 seconds tolerance is
	used to determine whether the file changed, so lack of precision
	doesn't trigger spurious updates in FAT filesystems.

	libtracker-miner: Calculate remaining time purely on extraction time
	During crawling, the extraction queue may be mostly empty, but adding
	up time that makes the remaining time calculations to be quite off
	when little items have been processed so far.

	So, keep a timer only for extraction time, which can be used for more
	accurate measurements, as only extraction is left when tracker-miner-fs
	gets to report progress/remaining time.

	libtracker-miner, notifier: report again status when crawling
	This brings back the "Crawling directory '...'" messages reported
	via the Status DBus property.

	libtracker-miner: Remove fs->priv->is_crawling
	This is replaced by tracker_file_notifier_is_active()

	libtracker-miner, notifier: Check dir roots with the canonical copy in TrackerFileSystem

	libtracker-miner: Remove deleted folders from being tracked
	Directories are now removed from the TrackerFileSystem if a delete
	monitor event happens on a dir.

	libtracker-miner: Optimize TrackerFileSystem insertions/deletions
	We rely on the crawler to provide files in-order, so don't unnecessarily
	try to reparent child nodes that were added earlier. Also optimize
	insertion where a parent is provided.

	libtracker-miner: Cancel sparql query in TrackerFileNotifier when crawling stops

	libtracker-miner: Handle correctly crawling on just created dirs
	The crawler check was wrong for directories added due to a monitor
	created event, so ensure harder that we're dealing with a config
	root instead of some random dir.

	libtracker-miner: Do not delete files while traversing the file tree
	Instead, use tracker_file_system_delete_files(), which also avoids the
	need to store the GFileType as filesystem data.

	libtracker-miner: Fix problems with directories going out and into config again
	Remove the queried/crawled flags before possibly reindexing a dir tree for the
	second time (i.e. mounts). Also, check correctly the pending index roots when
	a dir is added or removed.

	tracker-miner-fs: Remove the preserve flag if a dir is removed from config
	We don't want to know anymore about that directory, even if it happened
	to be within a mount point

	tracker-miner-fs: Fix some TrackerDirectoryFlags passed on mounts
	Some flags were missing, others wrongly overwritten

	libtracker-miner: lower message log level
	Having a root directory changing flags may be a normal operation,
	so don't show a warning

	libtracker-miner: Ensure TrackerFileSystem has a meaningful file type
	tracker_file_system_get_file() will be called several times on the
	same file, so store the first meaningful GFileType gotten through
	that call.

	libtracker-miner: Add tracker_file_system_delete_files()
	This function recursively deletes files of a given GFileType,
	or every file if G_FILE_TYPE_UNKNOWN.

2011-12-07  Aleksander Morgado  <>

	libtracker-miner: indentation and alignment fixes

2011-12-07  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	libtracker-miner: Ensure the timer is set on ::directory-started

	libtracker-miner: Fix invalid read in TrackerFileSystem

	tracker-miner-fs: Remove commented code

	libtracker-miner: Untangle filesystem refcount over GFiles
	TrackerFileSystem actually owns a reference to the contained GFiles,
	it just expect an external g_object_unref() call over these to
	manage the associated GNode.

	libtracker-miner: Fix typo
	node_free() in tracker-indexing-tree.c is meant to
	be a GNodeTraverseFunc.

	tracker-miner-fs: Do not use tracker_miner_fs_directory_remove*
	Instead use tracker_indexing_tree_remove() directly.

	libtracker-miner: Avoid IRI queries on parents of config dirs

	libtracker-miner: Reimplement tracker_miner_fs_directory_remove*
	These functions now just call tracker_indexing_tree_remove(),
	every cancellation is now done in the signal handler.

	libtracker-miner: Make filesystem properties registration global
	This is so GDestroyNotify for set properties is available at the
	time of destructing a file node.

	tracker-miner-fs: Do not use old API to add/recheck dirs

	libtracker-miner: Add tracker_indexing_tree_list_roots()
	This function retrieves the configured roots, the flags can be
	later queried with tracker_indexing_tree_get_root() on these

	libtracker-miner: Listen to ::directory-updated in TrackerFileNotifier

	libtracker-miner: Add TrackerIndexingTree::directory-updated

	libtracker-miner: plug some leaks

	libtracker-miner: Remove unused vmethods from TrackerMinerFS
	This touches public API, but these signals aren't emitted anymore as
	TrackerIndexingTree provides all necessary information.

	libtracker-miner: Use level order when traversing the filesystem tree
	This is most similar to how TrackerMinerFS used to work, and results in
	less "miner stopped due to parent being indexed" situations than

	tests: Fix filesystem test, TrackerFile is gone

	libtracker-miner: Obey "ignored" directory flag in TrackerFileNotifier

	libtracker-miner: Fix compiler warnings

	libtracker-miner: Stop crawler if it matches a config dir being removed

	libtracker-miner: Handle root config directories being deleted.

	libtracker-miner: Improve a bit reference counting on TrackerFileNotifier

	libtracker-miner: Add a "preserve in store" flag for config dirs
	And use it for mounts, so the info is preserved in the store, and
	only tracker:available is unset in TrackerMinerFiles.

	libtracker-miner: Remove indexing tree signal handlers in TrackerMinerFS
	tracker_miner_fs_directory_add*() is meant to use TrackerIndexingTree
	underneath, so don't do it the other way around too.

	libtracker-miner: Only emit ::file-deleted on folders for the toplevel being deleted

	libtracker-miner: Also check "config root within config root" during queries

	libtracker-miner: Improve logging of TrackerFileNotifier

	libtracker-miner: Add compat layer for tracker_miner_fs_directory_*
	All these functions use TrackerIndexingTree underneath now

	libtracker-miner: Remove item_query_exists() from TrackerMinerFS
	All its uses have been either removed (state is guaranteed within
	TrackerFileNotifier) or replaced by tracker_file_notifier_get_file_iri()

	libtracker-miner: Remove unused structs from TrackerMinerFS

	libtracker-miner: Remove miner_fs->priv->config_directories
	This is replaced by TrackerIndexingTree and TrackerDirectoryFlags

	libtracker-miner-fs: Add tracker_indexing_tree_file_is_root()

	libtracker-miner: Remove miner_fs->priv->directories
	All its uses have been replaced by TrackerFileNotifier

	libtracker-miner: Remove miner_fs->priv->crawled_directories
	It's not used anymore, replaced by TrackerFileNotifier.

	libtracker-miner: Only spare an IRI query on updated items

	libtracker-miner: Ensure the right processing order on QUEUE_WAIT situations
	Ensure the dirs we're waiting for are prepended to the queue, so they're
	processed before any later child.

	libtracker-miner: Avoid double checking root directories in TrackerFileNotifier
	If a directory happens to be both a root directory and the child of a root
	directory, it could be told to be inspected twice, only do this if this
	directory root itself is being inspected.

	libtracker-miner: Only append dirs to crawler processing on recursive dirs
	This saves some idle jumps when a directory is found on a non-recursive
	crawled dir.

	libtracker-miner: Remove dead code in TrackerMinerFS
	TrackerCrawler is not in use anymore, so remove all its signal

	libtracker-miner: Remove IRI cache from TrackerMinerFS
	TrackerFileNotifier provides that information where necessary

	libtracker-miner: Add tracker_file_notifier_get_file_iri()
	This function replaces the IRI cache in TrackerMinerFS

	libtracker-miner: Remove TrackerFile
	Instead, weak refs to GFiles are kept to manage the actual nodes
	in a TrackerFileSystem tree, this also eases TrackerFile vs GFile

	libtracker-miner: Hook up progress/status indication to TrackerFileNotifier processing

	libtracker-miner: Add tracker_file_notifier_is_active()
	Just a boolean getter telling whether the notifier is currently
	doing something

	libtracker-miner: Add TrackerFileNotifier::finished
	This signal notifies when have all pending operations finished,
	if anything triggers new operations, a new ::finished signal will
	be emitted after these (i.e. there's no first vs !first index

	libtracker-miner: Add TrackerFileNotifier::directory-started/finished
	These 2 signals notify when does indexing of a config root directory, or
	a recently added directory, happens.

	libtracker-miner: Remove unused filesystem property

	libtracker-miner: Remove check for removed files during crawling
	This code is unused now, TrackerFileNotifier will issue ::file-deleted
	already for items found in the store but not during crawling.

	libtracker-miner: Remove mtime cache
	It's unused now that we have TrackerFileNotifier. Code
	has been roughly wired at places, but that code is to be
	removed soon too, so...

	libtracker-miner: Remove all trace of TrackerMonitor in TrackerMinerFS
	TrackerFileNotifier's is used instead

	libtracker-miner: Use TrackerFileNotifier in TrackerMinerFS
	Now TrackerMinerFS uses TrackerFileNotifier signals to receive
	crawler/monitor events, so now a cleanup is due here.

	libtracker-miner: Hook TrackerFileNotifier to TrackerMonitor signals

	libtracker-miner: Add TrackerFileNotifier::file-moved signal

	libtracker-miner: Add "attributes_only" parameter to TrackerFileNotifer::file-updated
	This is so we use the same signal on both file and file attributes updates

	libtracker-miner: Set up monitor in TrackerFileNotifier

	libtracker-miner: Perform parallel querying/crawling in TrackerFileNotifier
	The query is done in one big batch to minimize latency, when the last of
	both operations end, availability/mtimes are checked in order to issue
	the corresponding signal for a file change.

	libtracker-miner: Store mtime during crawling in TrackerFileNotifier

	libtracker-miner: Initialize TrackerFileNotifier filesystem properties

	libtracker-miner: Fix double inserts in tracker_file_system_get_file()
	If parent was provided, no check for duplicates was done.

	libtracker-miner: Add tracker_file_system_traverse()
	This function iterates over all known files, it is possible
	to provide a root to start from, or NULL.

	libtracker-miner: Create signals for TrackerFileNotifier

	libtracker-miner: Rename TrackerFileNotifier::file-added to file-created

	libtracker-miner: clear directories queue before TrackerCrawler::finished
	This is so we can call tracker_crawler_start() within the ::finished
	handler, instead of on an idle.

	libtracker-miner: Add TrackerFileNotifier
	TrackerFileNotifier is meant to be a high-level object that notifies
	about any update/addition/removal affecting the indexed content of
	a miner. At the moment only basic infrastructure has been added, so
	it only crawls the contents.

	tests: Add TrackerFileSystem test suite

	libtracker-miner: Add TrackerFileSystem
	This is a file system abstraction object which may provide canonical
	(and persistent) TrackerFile objects representing a file, so == and
	!= operations can be used for these.

	It is also able to store arbitrary information tied to a file.

	tracker-miner-fs: Use filter policies in TrackerMinerApplications
	Now all files are rejected, unless they match the *.desktop|*.directory

	libtracker-miner: Add default policies to TrackerIndexingTree filters
	An "accept" policy means a file is accepted unless it matches a filter,
	meanwhile a "deny" policy means files are rejected unless they match a
	filter. The default policy is "accept"

	tracker-miner-fs: Make TrackerMinerApplications use TrackerIndexingTree

	libtracker-miner: Make TrackerMinerFS use TrackerIndexingTree
	No more check-* or monitor-directory signals are emitted. Instead,
	the TrackerIndexingTree is used to determine whether files should
	be indexed.

	libtracker-miner: Implement tracker_indexing_tree_file_is_indexable on top of get_root()

	libtracker-miner: Rename tracker_indexing_tree_get_effective_parent to get_root()
	"Effective parent" is misleading since the same file could be returned, so talking
	about "configured root directories" makes somewhat more sense.

	tracker-miner-fs: Specify the index directories to TrackerIndexingTree

	tracker-miner-fs: Set TrackerIndexingTree filters in TrackerMinerFiles

	libtracker-miner: Optionally filter hidden files in TrackerIndexingTree

	libtracker-miner: Fix infinite loop

	libtracker-miner: change arguments in tracker_indexing_tree_get_parent_is_indexable()
	Now a GList is passed instead of an array.

	libtracker-miner: Add ::directory-added/removed signals to TrackerIndexingTree

2011-12-07  Aleksander Morgado  <>

	libtracker-miner, tests: ignore built files

	libtracker-miner, tests: implement multiple cases for indexing tree add/remove.

	libtracker-miner,tests: First tests to check indexing tree capabilities

	libtracker-miner: new IGNORE flag for the indexing tree
	TRACKER_DIRECTORY_FLAG_IGNORE allows specifying a subtree to be completely
	ignored. It has the same effect as adding a new path to the tree without

	libtracker-miner: fix logic to tell whether file is indexable
	A file is indexable if:
	 * The exact file was added to be monitored.
	 * The direct parent directory of the file was added to be monitored.
	 * The closest configured parent directory was added to be recursively monitored.

	libtracker-miner: fix tree disposal

	libtracker-miner: allow priting indexing tree for debugging

	libtracker-miner: fix node appending

	libtracker-miner, tests: avoid aligning backslash in

	libtracker-miner: avoid extra file type checks

	libtracker-miner: overwrite flags when adding same path to the indexing tree

	libtracker-miner: indentation fixes

2011-12-07  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	libtracker-miner: Make TrackerMonitor use TrackerIndexingTree
	This is at the moment only used for event discarding, and for emitting
	the correct signal out of a MOVE event.

	libtracker-miner: Add tracker_miner_fs_get_indexing_tree()
	The returned object is owned by the miner, and will be internally
	used to find out whether files should be processed.

	libtracker-miner: Add TrackerIndexingTree
	This object holds the parameters for the indexed directories, and
	the applying filters, so can effectively tell whether a file should
	be indexed or not.

2011-12-06  Daniel Mustieles  <>

	Updated Spanish translation

2011-12-06  Martyn Russell  <>

	libtracker-fts: Fix "enable-unaccent" description spelling mistake
	Fixes GB#664807.

	Ontology: Notify about nfo:DataObject changes
	Fixes GB#664070.

	tracker-extract-vorbis: Extract nmm:albumArtist for nmm:MusicAlbum
	This was missed in the Vorbis extractor but works in the GStreamer extractor.

	Fixes GB#664549.

2011-12-06  Philip Van Hoof  <>

	plugins/evolution: Fixes for several crashes in the plugin
	More information here:

2011-12-05  Jürg Billeter  <>

	libtracker-data: Handle error case when resetting collator
	Fixes NB#293766.

2011-12-03  Jorge González  <>

	Updated Spanish translation

2011-12-02  Matej Urbančič  <>

	Updated Slovenian translation

2011-12-02  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	tracker-extract,gstreamer: Fix leak
	Append elements to extractor->tagcache instead of replacing
	the list.

	libtracker-miner: Fix flow control in sparql buffer
	Avoid piling up flush requests of a small number of elements
	when we reach a limit, so the buffer is actually filled up for
	the next flush.

2011-12-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Merge branch 'subsecond'

	tests: Update tests for changed date/time formatting

	libtracker-data: Use tracker_date_to_string instead of SQLite's strftime
	This fixes an off by 1 error for timestamps before 1970.

	Fixes NB#293344.

	libtracker-common: Fix tracker_date_to_string for timestamps before 1970

	libtracker-common: Fix invalid read in tracker_string_to_date

	libtracker-bus: Keep connection to D-Bus session bus alive
	Fixes NB#293333.

	functional-tests: Disable userguides miner to avoid timeouts

2011-11-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

	libtracker-common: Add more checks to gconf-dbus locale handling
	Fixes NB#289635.

2011-11-29  Martyn Russell  <>

	Merge branch 'miner-fs-disable-miners'

	tracker-miner-fs: Provide --disable-miner command line argument
	This is to be able to disable the files, applications or userguides miner from
	actually starting. Starting here, means crawling/monitoring/indexing. The
	miners are still established via D-Bus.

2011-11-28  Christian Kirbach  <>

	[l10n] Updated German translation

2011-11-28  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	tracker-miner-fs: Fix compilation with --disable-maemo
	some ifdefs were out of place.

2011-11-27  Lucian Adrian Grijincu  <>

	Updated Romanian translation

2011-11-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Remove g_thread_init calls
	Calling g_thread_init with GLib 2.31 requires explicit dependency on
	gthread-2.0. However, g_type_init initializes threads since GLib 2.24,
	so it is no longer needed.

2011-11-25  Marek Černocký  <>

	Updated Czech translation

2011-11-25  Piotr Drąg  <>

	Updated Polish translation

2011-11-25  Daniel Mustieles  <>

	Updated Spanish translation

2011-11-25  Matej Urbančič  <>

	Updated Slovenian translation

	Updated Slovenian translation

2011-11-25  Martyn Russell  <>

	tracker-miner-fs: Add userguides miner to

2011-11-25  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	libtracker-extract: Plug a leak
	On error, the FD list wasn't being freed.

	tracker-extract,gif: Do not doubly close the FD
	DGifOpenFileHandle takes ownership on the FD, so don't try
	to close it ourselves too.

	tracker-extract,tiff: Do not doubly close the FD
	TIFFdOpen() takes ownership on the FD, so do not try to close
	it ourselves too.

	tracker-extract,text: Do not doubly close the FD
	tracker_read_text_from_fd() already takes care of closing it.

2011-11-25  Martyn Russell  <>

	Merge branch 'miner-userguide-master'

	tracker-miner-fs: Add initial check on basedir to avoid subsequent checks

	tracker-miner-fs: Userguides not found must fallback to 'en'
	This is for cases where the locale specified has no userguide.

	tracker-miner-fs: Use locale specific path targetting for userguides
	Fixes 2 bugs related to "Updating Library" showing for too long.

	Fixes NB#285537.
	Fixes NB#291569.

	tracker-miner-fs: Added locale checking on directories
	If not the current locale, we ignore the userguide directory, but only

	tracker-miner-fs: Detect locale changes properly in userguides miner

	tracker-miner-fs: Move tracker-miner-applications-meego to tracker-miner-meego

	tracker-miner-fs: Move tracker-miner-applications-locale to tracker-miner-locale

	tracker-miner-fs: Remove some FIXME comments and add TODO comments

2011-11-25  Jürg Billeter  <>

	tracker-miner-fs: Avoid unnecessary string copies

2011-11-25  Martyn Russell  <>

	tracker-miner-fs: Finishing touches on userguides miner
	- No longer get path when we don't need it per guide
	- Improve debugging
	- Remove commented out code
	- Don't allow .ini processing (only .html)

	tracker-miner-fs: Updated SPARQL generated to match more closely Files miner

	tracker-miner-fs: Added userguide extraction code
	Mostly works with the exception of a pipe leak by the looks of it.

2011-11-25  Jürg Billeter  <>

	tracker-miner-fs: Ignore userguide directory in files miner
	Userguide miner is responsible for indexing this directory.

2011-11-25  Martyn Russell  <>

	tracker-miner-fs: Added initial boiler plate for userguide miner
	This requires --enable-maemo to build.

2011-11-25  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	tracker-extract: Do not possibly leak TrackerExtractInfos

	tracker-extract,pdf: Plug a leak
	The poppler actions were being leaked. Another warning
	about invalid reads has been fixed too

	tracker-extract,albumart: Plug a leak
	The pixbuf loader was being leaked, whereas the pixbuf
	was being unref'ed, even though it's owned by the loader.

	libtracker-miner: Hook up directly to pools' state
	This way the miner is able to resume/pause as the different
	task pools notify on ::limit-reached, instead of relying
	on the pertinent item_queue_handlers_set_up() call at the
	right time.

	libtracker-extract: Deliver async result on all situations
	There were error situations that might end up on the async result
	not being called

	libtracker-extract: Made more resilient to dbus/splice failures
	Now if one of both operations fail, the other is cancelled right
	away, instead of having the petition wait forever for the other
	part to be finished, which might never happen.

	libtracker-miner: Fix buffer control in TrackerMinerFS
	Add an explicit check on item_queue_handlers_cb() to check the
	sparql buffer status, so it doesn't have an opportunity to clog
	it any further.

2011-11-25  Philip Van Hoof  <>

	libtracker-extract: Use strncmp for region of interest's type
	Fixes NB#292744.

2011-11-25  Marek Černocký  <>

	Updated Czech translation

2011-11-24  Mario Blättermann  <>

	[l10n] Updated German translation

2011-11-24  Piotr Drąg  <>


2011-11-24  Ivan Frade  <> Ignore .c files in coverage when they come from vala

	functional-tests: Update ontology-change test to milliseconds date
	Add milliseconds in the expected result.

2011-11-24  Philip Van Hoof  <>

	miner-fs: Change that dot into a space and a dot
	Just to be sure syntax-wise

	Fixes NB#290406.

	miner-fs: End the sparql query with a dot
	Fixes NB#290406.

	Merge branch 'fallback-rdf-type'

2011-11-23  Jürg Billeter  <>

	libtracker-bus: Do not use GDBusProxy
	The finalizer of GDBusProxy schedules an idle function to disconnect
	the name owner changed signal. This leaks a GMainContext if the
	corresponding loop was already terminated.

	Fixes NB#285426.

	Remove posix.vapi
	Both functions are available in upstream bindings.

	Remove glib-2.0-fixes.vapi
	This was fixed upstream in Vala 0.12.0.

	SPARQL: Ensure that fn:timezone-from-dateTime returns integer

2011-11-23  Philip Van Hoof  <>

	libtracker-miner: Other signed changes where it made no sense to use guint

	libtracker-miner: Change signedness of a field that is used to calculate
	The ABS() where this field was used in had a calculation that could
	result in a negative value within the ABS's brackets. Because it's
	unrealistic that we'd ever need the value of this field to be larger
	than int, we decided to just change it to signed int.

	Fixes NB#290165.

	libtracker-extract, miner-fs: Use a fallback rdf:type in case of extractor failure
	Fixes NB#290406.

2011-11-23  Miloš Popović  <>

	Added Serbian translation

2011-11-21  Fran Diéguez  <>

	Updated Galician translations

2011-11-21  Martyn Russell  <>

	tracker-needle: Connect iconview selection change with tag-view update

	tracker-needle: Require gtk+ 3.0 in glade file

	tracker-needle: Remove unused tags-filter now
	Since you can search by tags, there is no need to show by tags

	tracker-needle: Integrate tag editing into a panel, don't use a dialog

	tracker-needle: Don't allow entry use if switching view with tag filtering

2011-11-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Merge branch 'subsecond'

2011-11-16  Ivan Frade  <>

	libtracker-extract: Accept ISO8601 dates with milliseconds
	Milliseconds were removed in a special case. Not needed anymore, because
	now we want milliseconds in the dates.

2011-11-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

	libtracker-data: Support fractional seconds in xsd:dateTime values
	Fixes NB#290480.

	Fix Vala warnings

2011-11-15  Philip Van Hoof  <>

	tracker-writeback: Add include of math.h for modf

2011-11-15  Jürg Billeter  <>

	tracker-miner-applications: Do not warn for "Hidden" desktop files

2011-11-15  Philip Van Hoof  <>

	Writeback N/E/S/W notation for GPS coordinates
	Fixes NB#291088.

2011-11-14  Philip Van Hoof  <>

	Use NFKD normalization for album and artist in albumart filename forming
	Fixes NB#290814.

2011-11-10  Andrej Žnidaršič  <>

	Updated Slovenian translation

2011-11-10  Jürg Billeter  <>

	libtracker-data: Do not implicitly replace values when using blank nodes
	Fixes NB#290249.

2011-11-09  Philip Van Hoof  <>

	tracker-writeback: Preserve file permissions
	Fixes NB#289953.

	tracker-writeback: Check for write permission
	Fixes NB#289953.

2011-11-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

	libtracker-common: Fix crash in gconf-dbus locale handling
	Fixes NB#289635.

2011-11-08  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	writeback: Add missing #include
	This fixes the build, which I broke in my last commit,

	writeback: Set uniformly the same error when writeback modules don't handle the file
	Fixes NB#286656. TRACKER_DBUS_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED is used in miner/writeback
	communication when writeback doesn't handle a given RDF type, which is
	considered non-critical on the miner side. So use the same error code when
	a module refuses to handle a mimetype.

2011-11-06  Mario Blättermann  <>

	[l10n] Updated German translation

2011-11-01  Ivan Frade  <>

	tests/libtracker-miner: Compile correctly monitor tests to get coverage
	When gcov is enabled, libtracker-miner exports all symbols and no compilation
	against the source code files is needed. Compiling against the library
	also gives us coverage information of the test.

	tests/libtracker-miner: Fixed trailing whitespaces
	... or Martyn would cut my fingers

	tests/libtracker-miner: Mock connection to inject results in the code
	Implementation of the Tracker.Sparql.Connection interface that allows
	to set predefined results on it.

2011-10-31  Marek Černocký  <>

	Updated Czech translation

	Updated Czech translation

2011-10-30  Daniel Mustieles  <>

	Updated Spanish translation

2011-10-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

	libtracker-data: Also recreate domain indexes on collation change
	Fixes NB#286610.

2011-10-28  Ivan Frade  <>

	tests/libtracker-common: Testing tracker-date-time functions

	tests/libtracker-common: moving tests to the write file
	Tests for tracker-date-time.c go into tracker-date-time-test.c

	tests/libtracker-common: tests for crc32 calculation

2011-10-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Merge branch 'locale-change'

	tracker-miner-applications: Update locale file only after mining
	This ensures that locale change gets picked up on next start if the
	miner is shut down before finishing.

	Fixes NB#284591.

	tracker-miner-applications: Add miner_applications_locale_get_filename
	No functional change.

	tracker-miner-applications: Add miner_applications_locale_get_current
	No functional change.

2011-10-28  Philip Van Hoof  <>

	tracker-extract, png: Fix DLNA profiles
	Fixes NB#288530.

	tracker-extract, jpeg: Fix DLNA profiles
	Fixes NB#288530.

2011-10-28  Ivan Frade  <>

	libtracker-common (tests/src): More tests and coverage tuning for tracker-file-utils

	tests: Use g_assert_cmpstr instead of our own implementation
	tracker_test_helpers_cmpstr_equals was written when g_assert_cmpstr
	didn't exist but both had the same intention.

2011-10-27  Piotr Drąg  <>

	Updated Polish translation

2011-10-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

	tracker-extract-gstreamer: Use global tags returned from discoverer
	Fixes NB#287529.

	tests/libtracker-common: Add missing includes

2011-10-27  Takeshi AIHANA  <>

	Updated Japanese translation.

2011-10-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

	tracker-extract-gstreamer: Rename flag also in the non-GUPnP-DLNA case

2011-10-27  Ivan Frade  <>

	tests/libtracker-extract: new tests binaries added to .gitignore

	tests/libtracker-common: new test binaries added to .gitignore

	tests/libtracker-common: Missing file in previous commit (sched test)

	tests/libtracker-common: Complete tests for tracker-utils.c

2011-10-26  Ivan Frade  <>

	tests/libtracker-common: testing tracker_sched_idle
	Make a nice coverage. Maybe the file should be ignored right away...

	tests/libtracker-common: Test for tracker-albumart

2011-10-26  Philip Van Hoof  <>

	tracker-utils: Display nameGiven and nameFamily when fullname is empty
	Fixes NB#287970.

2011-10-25  Martyn Russell  <>

	ttl2sgml: Fixed memory leak
	Fixes NB#287972.

2011-10-24  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	tracker-writeback: Apply writeback handlers sequentially on a same file
	Activating different writeback handlers on the same file in different threads
	may bring in issues, and as the GDBusMethodInvocation is shared across the
	(possibly multiple) spawned threads, there's a race condition to have it

2011-10-24  Daniel Mustieles  <>

	Updated Spanish translation

2011-10-24  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	libtracker-miner,crawler: Use a cancellable per crawled directory
	Reusing the cancellable might bring in issues if tracker_crawler_start()
	(which resets the cancellable) is called shortly after tracker_crawler_stop().
	So pending async tasks that do check for g_cancellable_is_cancelled() might
	run into the wrong state. Possibly fixes NB#287480.

	The cancellable might be used to cancel the current operation, but then
	reset and reused for the next one, while the previous operation could
	still be on the way to be cancelled. Instead, create a new cancellable
	to handle any following task.

2011-10-24  Aurimas Černius  <>

	Updated Lithuanian translation

2011-10-24  Martyn Russell  <>

	tracker-search-bar: Don't display the results in a broken fashion
	Fixes GB#662364.

2011-10-22  Matej Urbančič  <>

	Updated Slovenian translation

2011-10-21  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	libtracker-miner,buffer: Improve logging of sparql errors
	On sparql error, both the faulty sparql string and the affected
	file(s) are displayed, this is only shown with -v 3.

	tracker-extract,gstreamer: Handle streams with no tags
	This prevents critical warnings on certain files.

2011-10-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

	tests/libtracker-extract: Fix tests when srcdir != builddir

2011-10-20  Piotr Drąg  <>

	Updated Polish translation


2011-10-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

	libtracker-miner: Ignore mtime difference of less than 2 seconds
	FAT stores timestamps with 2 second granularity.

	Fixes NB#287278.

2011-10-20  Ivan Frade  <>

	tests/libtracker-extract: unit tests for tracker-iptc

2011-10-19  Gert Michael Kulyk  <>

	tracker-preferences: Make sure "Recurse" column title is translated
	Fixes GB#662099.

2011-10-18  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	tracker-needle: Fix crash in result store
	n_children() would crash if there weren't any items
	in the categories array. Fixes GB#661446, reported by
	Damien Gombault <>

	tracker-extract: Also complete cancelled tasks
	If a task happened to be cancelled at the time of
	get_metadata(), the error was set, but the async
	result wasn't notified.

2011-10-18  Daniel Mustieles  <>

	Updated Spanish translation

2011-10-18  Ivan Frade  <>

	tests/libtracker-extract: Add LGPL notice to the test code

2011-10-18  Jürg Billeter  <>

	functional-tests: Increase timeout in application tests

2011-10-18  Gert Michael Kulyk  <>

	tracker-preferences: Mark tooltips in tracker-preferences.ui for translation

2011-10-17  Ivan Frade  <>

	tests/libtracker-extract: Complete tracker-encoding tests

	tests/libtracker-extract: Ignore deprecated function in LCOV

	test/libtracker-extract: Complete tests for tracker-utils
	New tests for some functions, ignore deprecated functions in LCOV.

	tests/libtracker-extract: tracker-guaranteee unit tests

	tests/libtracker-extract: Do not check exact value of a date
	In the write/read process the timezone is recalculated. The expected
	value should be also updated accordingly. Checking that the date is not
	NULL is good enough for our purposes.

2011-10-17  Jürg Billeter  <>

	tracker-miner-fs: Fix uninitialized variable

	tracker-extract-text: Fix crash if unable to open file

	tracker-extract: Fix uninitialized variable in albumart

	libtracker-common: Fix compile warning, no functional change

	tracker-control: Fix crash when unable to get miner pause details

	tracker-control: Do not call g_object_unref on NULL in error case

	tracker-control: Use g_printerr instead of g_warning in get_uid_for_pid
	This is in line with the rest of the code.

	tracker-control: Fix a couple of typos, no functional change

2011-10-14  Ivan Frade  <>

	tests/libtracker-extract: Unit tests for tracker-exif

	tests/libtracker-extract: Tests for TrackerExtractInfo

	libtracker-extract: Initialize string as NULL
	The pointer is used and shared later without any check. No know bug
	about it and tests pass fine before and after.

2011-10-14  Philip Van Hoof  <>

	tracker-writeback: Don't own the DBus name before registering the object
	Fixes NB#286589.

2011-10-13  Jürg Billeter  <>

	libtracker-common: Update tracker_filename_casecmp_without_extension
	The function was refactored in tracker-0.12 branch. This merges the
	changes back into master.

2011-10-13  Philip Van Hoof  <>

	tracker-extract: Use black background for transparant album art
	Fixes NB#272997.

2011-10-13  Ivan Frade  <>

	tests/libtracker-common: moving test to the expected location
	Test is for a function in tracker-file-utils.c, so it should go
	to tracker-file-utils-test.c (it was in tracker-file-utils.c)

2011-10-12  Ivan Frade  <>

	doc/tools: Include GCov flags (fixes building error with doc + coverage)

	tests: Testing gvdb to get a good coverage report

2011-10-12  Jürg Billeter  <>

	tracker-miner-fs: Fix crash in ReindexMimeTypes
	TrackerDBusRequest and GDBusMethodInvocation were freed twice.

	Fixes NB#286103.

2011-10-11  Jürg Billeter  <>

	The DELETE WHERE operation is a short form where the pattern is also
	used as the template for deletion. Syntax is specified in current
	SPARQL 1.1 Update draft.

	libtracker-common: Fix tracker_filename_casecmp_without_extension
	This fixes the test case comparing "test.mp3" and "test".

	SPARQL: Support SELECT (Expression AS Var) syntax
	Syntax specified in current SPARQL 1.1 Query draft.

2011-10-11  Philip Van Hoof  <>

	tracker-writeback: Don't warn in case of unsupported format for writeback
	Fixes NB#285979.

2011-10-11  Martyn Russell  <>

	tracker-control: List/control processes for the calling user only
	Fixes GB#655177.

2011-10-09  Daniel Mustieles  <>

	Updated Spanish translation

2011-10-07  Aleksander Morgado  <>

	tracker-extract,gstreamer: flag renamed from TAGS to LIGHTWEIGHT in GStreamer

2011-10-07  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	libtracker-bus: Plug 2 leaks

2011-10-06  Piotr Drąg  <>

	Updated Polish translation

2011-10-06  Matej Urbančič  <>

	Updated Slovenian translation

2011-10-06  Piotr Drąg  <>

	Updated Polish translation

2011-10-06  Martyn Russell  <>

	tracker-needle: Fixed POTFILES.{in|skip} changes needed for distcheck

	Merge branch 'needle-info-bar'

	tracker-needle: Make sure new strings are translated

2011-10-06  Philip Van Hoof  <>

	miners/fs: Don't let writeback block incoming DBus calls
	Fixes NB#285251.

2011-10-06  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	tracker-needle: Do not warn on cancelled operations

	tracker-needle: Fix some valac compiler warnings

	tracker-needle: Set tags list scrolledwindow shadow
	This is so it stands out a bit more, as the side pane it is

	tracker-needle: Put the tags list in a GtkPaned
	This is to make it resizable within the view.

	tracker-needle: tell the user when a query is too generic
	There's now a limit of 500 items per category, and the info bar
	is used whenever a query is too generic to fit in the limit

	tracker-needle: Add GtkInfoBar and API to control its content

	tracker-needle: Use "primary-toolbar" style on toolbar

2011-10-06  Martyn Russell  <>

	tracker-needle: Have a more inviting message for "no results" view

2011-10-05  Piotr Drąg  <>

	Updated Polish translation

	Updated Polish translation

2011-10-05  Martyn Russell  <>

	Merge branch 'tracker-needle-improved-tagging'

	tracker-needle: Don't use requires and check for null without use of "?"
	This is done by Vala

2011-10-04  Andrej Žnidaršič  <>

	Updated Slovenian translation

2011-10-04  Martyn Russell  <>

	tracker-needle: Update tooltip for 'filter by tags' toolbar button

	tracker-needle: Renamed tracker-taglist to tracker-tags-filter

	tracker-needle: Added tracker-tags-view to edit tags as GtkVBox
	Made available through right click on hits

2011-10-04  Daniel Mustieles  <>

	Updated Spanish translation

2011-10-04  Marek Černocký  <>

	Updated Czech translation

2011-10-03  Jürg Billeter  <>

	tests/libtracker-common: Add missing include directive

2011-10-03  Aleksander Morgado  <>

	tracker-extract: include DLNA mimetype in non-gstreamer media extractors
	Fixes GB#647575.

2011-10-03  Martyn Russell  <>

	tracker-preferences: Disable special user dir toggles if they duplicate others
	Fixes GB#660350.

	build: Don't use HAVE_GTK_DOC to determine building docs
	Now we use ENABLE_GTK_DOC like other projects and have updated configure
	according to the latest recommendations from the gtk-doc documentation.
	Additionally, we only use ENABLE_GTK_DOC to disable building ontology
	documentation because we use that before detection of the other tools we need
	when building documentation (such as dia and graphviz).

	Fixes GB#659995.

2011-10-03  Gert Michael Kulyk  <>

	tracker-preferences: Use correct names for icons in preferences dialog
	Fixes GB#660589.

	tracker-needle: Mark a string in tracker-stats.vala for translation
	Fixes GB#660601.

2011-10-01  Jorge González  <>

	Updated Spanish translation

2011-09-30  Carlos Garnacho  <>

	tracker-extract: Add geolocation to GStreamer extractor
	Fixes NB#257478.

2011-09-30  Martyn Russell  <>

	Merge branch 'cuesheets'

	tracker-extract-gstreamer: Fix cue sheet build error

2011-09-30  Sam Thursfield  <>

	tracker-extract: Fix bug in cue sheet extraction

	tracker-extract: Fix cuesheet track numbers
	The TrackerToc object only stores entries relevant to the file currently
	being extracted. We need to calculate the track number earlier when we
	have knowledge of every track in the cue sheet.

2011-09-30  Martyn Russell  <>

	tracker-extract-gstreamer: Avoid additional NULL check for cuesheet TOC

	tracker-extract-gstreamer: Small code style/warning clean ups

2011-09-30  Sam Thursfield  <>

	tracker-extract-gstreamer: Fix memory leak
	* Avoid leaking extractor info on failure
	* Be consistent about where extraction data is freed
	* Remove pointless check

2011-09-30  Martyn Russell  <>

	tracker-extract-gstreamer: Don't test for NULL tagcache, it's never NULL
	Instead use !gst_tag_list_is_empty()

	tracker-extract-gstreamer: Use strcmp() not g_ascii_strcasecmp() for artists
	This breaks the way artist URIs are formed/used otherwise.

2011-09-29  Martyn Russell  <>

	tracker-extract: Use g_strchug() functionality to avoid allocating memory
	Previously the work from Sam just returned buffer and the returned string
	required a +9 to get past the cuesheet=, however, I thought it better to
	just move the memory in a similar way to g_strchug() so we don't allocated any
	memory and the returned value can be used straight away.

	tracker-extract: Rename public functions to prefix tracker_cue_sheet_

	tracker-extract: Fixed various coding style issues

	libtracker-extract: Bump version tracker_extract_info_get_postupdate_builder() was introduced

	libtracker-common: Remove unnecessary condition in tracker_filename_casecmp_without_extension()

	libtracker-common: Renamed function to casecmp filenames without extension
	New name is tracker_filename_casecmp_without_extension()

	build: Bump version to 0.13.0
	Note: all new librar
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