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git-core for Debian

When setting up a server, there are several things to
configure to make everything work nicely together.  All this is optional.

1. Run a git-daemon.  This allows people to use a git:// URL to access your
repositories.  This package provides the git-daemon program, to enable a
git-daemon service, configure inetd(8) to launch it on demand, or install the
git-daemon-run package to run it permanently:
 cat >> /etc/inetd.conf <<EOF
git stream tcp4 nowait nobody /usr/bin/git git daemon --inetd --base-path=/srv/git
git stream tcp6 nowait nobody /usr/bin/git git daemon --inetd --base-path=/srv/git

 apt-get install git-daemon-run

Wait five seconds for the service to be picked up, and check its status and

 sv stat git-daemon
 cat /var/log/git-daemon/current

The git daemon by default looks into the directory /var/cache/git/ for
repositories (this is configured in /etc/sv/git-daemon/run).  It expects
the repositories' .git subdirectories in /var/cache/git/, symlinks pointing
to the corresponding subdirectories in the repositories are just fine, e.g.:

 ln -s ~pape/git/foo/.git /var/cache/git/foo.git

Now git-clone git:// will work.

2. Install rsync.  This allows people to use rsync:// URLs to access your
repositories.  You then need to add a stanza to /etc/rsyncd.conf that looks
like this:

    path = /var/cache/git
    readonly = yes

Now git-clone rsync:// will work.

3. Configure a web server for git.  This allows people to use a http:// URL
to access your repositories.

Here's an example for an apache virtual server.  Add a stanza to your apache
configuration that looks like this:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    HeaderName HEADER
    # bogus but safe DocumentRoot
    DocumentRoot /var/cache/git
    ErrorLog /var/log/apache-ssl/
    CustomLog /var/log/apache-ssl/ combined
    Alias /robots.txt /var/www/cvs.robots.txt
    Alias /gitweb.css /usr/share/gitweb/gitweb.css
    Alias /git-favicon.png /usr/share/gitweb/git-favicon.png
    Alias /git-logo.png /usr/share/gitweb/git-logo.png
    Alias /git /var/cache/git
    ScriptAlias / /usr/lib/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi
    RedirectMatch permanent "^/~(.*)$" "$1" 

Now git-clone will work.  And if you
installed the gitweb package, now will display a
list of repositories, making them accessible through a web browser.

 -- Gerrit Pape <>  Fri, 15 Sep 2006 09:19:37 +0000
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