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Setting up

Setting up gitolite after rpm-install can be done as

On the server:

1)  Copy your public key to some easily accessible location,
    say /tmp/
2)  run "su - gitolite" to get a login shell on the gitolite
3)  run "gl-setup /tmp/"

On whatever machine your key came from (maybe your
workstation or another account on the same server):

4)  run "git clone gitolite@<name.or.ip>:gitolite-admin" to
    start adding users and repos.

Quick Notes for admin operations

To administer gitolite, make changes to the config file
(conf/gitolite.conf) and/or the pubkeys (in subdirectory
'keydir') in any clone, then git add, git commit, and git

ADDING REPOS: Do NOT add repos manually on the server.  Edit
the config file to give *some* user access to the repo.
When you push, an empty repo will be created on the server.

ADDING USERS: copy their pubkey as keydir/<username>.pub,
add it, commit and push.

CONFIG FILE FORMAT: see comments in conf/example.conf in the
gitolite source.

IMPORTANT:  For users from older installs, please make sure that in your .gitolite.rc;

before re-running gl-setup.
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