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gkrellm-volume - A mixer plugin for GKrellM…  more info»


A plugin for gkrellm 2.0 , that let's you control your mixer..


The plugin will need at least version 2.0.1 of gtk and version 2.0 of gkrellm

Compile with:
   make enable_alsa=1
The plugin will prefer alsa and fall back to oss when there is no alsa support.

 Compile with:
   make enable_nls=1
  And install with
   make enable_nls=1 install

Running 'make install' will place the plugin under
/usr/local/lib/gkrellm2/plugins ugins.. You can also manually place the 
resulting under ~/.gkrellm/plugins.. After restarting gkrellm, 
you should be able to enable it in the gkrellm plugins configuration menu..

This plugins supports gkrellm's plugin theming possibilities, it's even
included in the default gkrellm theme :))... The keyword of the plugin is
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