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This directory contains various stuff that is used when building
software from the GNOME CVS (and dependent software) on uncommon
platforms. It contains:

- makefile snippets and scripts used when building GLib, GTk+,
  and related software for Win32 with MSVC's command line
  tools, when not using the GNU auto*/configure/libtool mechanism

- the <dirent.h> implementation from (the public domain) mingw
  runtime, separated for the benefit of MSVC builds.

(Originally, this directory was intended to be used by a build system
for GNOME, written in Python. See CVS for the original README
text. Apparently this concept never was taken into use, and this
directory hadn't been touched for two years, when I got the idea to
use this suitably named directory for another purpose. The original
author, Jay Painter, has okayed this.)

Tor Lillqvist
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