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Globulation 2

This game is still in heavy development, so consider that:
- the graphics are not definitive,
- there is a lot of debug output,
- it's slow,
- it crashes sometimes.

If you get a crash, submit a bug report with the last lines of the output as
well as the log files (in ${HOME}/.glob2/log) as attachments.
Please use Savannah ( for bug reports.

If you got the source from CVS, read README.cvs first.


First, configure the program by running the configure script.
Then, run 'make' to build the package.
Finally, run 'make install' to install it.
You can read the INSTALL file for more information about these steps.

Microsoft Windows

To build the program, use glob2.dsw with MSDEV.

Have fun,

The Globulation 2 Team
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