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To create the Windows installer for glom, ideally all you have to do is to run
the build-installer script, after having installed all dependencies to the
correct places (that means precompiled ones to /, and self-built
ones to /local/). Also, you will need to have postgresql installed at
C:\postgres and Python at C:\Python25. The Inno Setup compiler (iscc) needs to
be in your PATH.

There are many paths hardcoded to fit my own build environment. Feel free to
generalize the script, to make it more adaptive to other environments.

The script takes an argument which is the revision number of the installer. If
it is not given, then it uses 1 as revision number. The revision number should
be increased every time the installer for the same glom version is updated,
and be reset to 1 for a new glom version.

Armin Burgmeier <>, 2008-08-12
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