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gnome-btdownload - Gnome interface for 'executing' BitTorrent files…  more info»


	* Added StatusIcon and pynotify support.
	* Applied Milo Casagrande's updates to it.po.
	* Applied Thomas Perl's updates to de.po.
	* Change ellipsizing of labels from "middle" to "start".
	* Finally found a way to make GTK+ size the session window properly.
	* Made the lengthy/precise time format function slightly locale
	* Prefixed source files with license.
	* Removed wrapper functions that are just clutter now.
	* Replaced download.png with download.svg provided by Thomas Perl.
	* Split fmt_time functions off into formattime module.
	* Streamlined button visibility at Thomas Perl's suggestion.
	* Tweaked border sizes and spacing a bit.

	* Add Italian translation from Milo Casagrande and Canonical.

	* Wrap gobject.idle_add calls to always return False. This may have
	been the cause of the rare program-won't-close issue.
	* Cleaned up generation.
	* Updated so that intltool-update runs again.
	* Added "UPDATE" so that I stop forgetting to update all of the
	version numbers.
	* Changed fmt_time_short to hours:minutes:seconds
	* GtkHigErrorDialog is now a slim wrapper around GtkMessageDialog
	( has been removed as a result).

	* An incorrect was being distributed and the debian build
	script was neglecting to overwrite it. This should no longer be so.
	* Utilize the urgency hint.

	* Fixed max_port schema's default value.
	* Fixed GTK+ thread initialization, removed most threads_enter and
	threads_leave calls, and changed the remainders from gtk to gtk.gdk.
	* Set download status rate to zero when the download is complete.
	* Fixed a couple of locale issues. Also, intltool is quite stupid at
	times. Combine that with me not having much localization experience
	and mistakes do happen :).
	* Add a couple more BitTorrent switches to the white list.
	* Split program into vanity modules (which made these next ones easy).
	* Added installation prefix information to program.
	* Removed absolute pathes from program code and .desktop file.

	* I was hoping to stop working on the 0.0.x series quite a while back
	(I even put it in the README) in anticipation of BitTorrent 4.x and a
	mythical 0.1.x series. Apparently that didn't work out, so I'm
	recanting that claim. Sorry for any misunderstandings I've caused.
	* Messed around with the error dialog implementation to make it much
	less annoying (now it won't pop up dozens of error dialogs at once).
	It's far from perfect, but it's still better.
	* Added a title to the error dialogs to make them play nice them play
	nice with all window managers as well as fit the new HIG less badly
	(that used to be what the HIG requested, honestly!).
	* Modified fix_up_uri and implemented path_origin as URI-only based on
	a patch from Gary Coady. Hopefully this makes the program a bit more
	tolerant overall.
	* Changed KB/s increment to 0.5 from 0.01 (from Debian).
	* Added Swedish translation by Daniel Nylander (sorry for the wait!).
	* Added some more Dutch translations from Reinout van Schouwen.

	* Finally added min_port and max_port to the GConf settings based on a
	patch from Dave Meikle.
	* Cleaned up code calling get_url so that it happens less often.
	* Cleaned up BtStateArgs a bit.
	* Fixed a couple path/URI confusion issues.

	* Merge all patches from Ubuntu.
	* Merge directory detection patch from Gabriel de Perthuis.
	* Updated AUTHORS to reflect all of the contributions.

	* Added GNOME session support.
	* White-listed switchs allowed to be passed on to BitTorrent.
	* Certain switchs will be reflected in the GUI and stored preferences
	(max uploads and and max upload rate, for now).
	* Make fix_up_uri a little smarter.

	* Replaced deprecated "gnome.vfs" module with "gnomevfs".
	* Made the title use the destination's file name rather than the
	origin's. Also, use on the base name of the path, rather than the
	entire path.
	* Added GConf support for the many useful settings the user may want
	* Fixed the continue dialog to not assume anything when it's simply
	* Changed the time remaining text to be an estimate. Yes, I did steal
	this idea from Avalanche ;).
	* Added back the feature that allows you to pass BitTorrent arguments
	just like any of its provided clients. So, '--min_port' and
	'--max_port' will work once again.
	* Changed the Debian build system over to CDBS. Hopefully I didn't
	break it :P.

	* A single bug fix release: fixed a simple bug in the new caching
	system that broke certain relative paths.

	* Fixed error dialog so that it will, once again, close when the "OK"
	button is activated.
	* Applied patch from Tim Fuchs to allow ellipsizing labels if you have
	a new enough version of GTK+, libglade, and so-on.
	* Added basic localization. More information in po/ChangeLog. This is
	still a work-in-progress, it probably won't work particularly well

	* Due to some anonymous prompting, I was inspired to fix an issue with
	resuming torrents after the program is completely exited. Previously,
	one had to save over the existing location, but this wasn't so easy
	since the upgrade to the new GTK+ FileChooserDialog. So, rather that
	dealing with detection of directories versus files, I solved the whole
	issue by caching the save location of torrent sessions.
	* Fixed the annoying deprecation messages related to calling
	GtkProgress methods directly.

	* Thanks to Dan Korostelev, added gnome-btdownload to the GNOME menu
	and allowed it to be picked up by GNOME 2.8's ".desktop" based MIME

	* Fixed the long time format.

	* Cleaned up and commented the code a little as well as fixed some
	bugs that had no possibility of ever actually causing problems.
	* Changed the time format at the recommendation of Marc Etcheverry.

	* A default save name should now be presented when the user uses the
	open dialog to choose the BitTorrent meta file.
	* Brought the autotool stuff up-to-date ( became, AC_INIT and AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE are passed the new correct
	* Changed the progress bar's text to be the percentage downloaded
	(this might be a bit awkward for pre-3.3 BitTorrent users, but they
	should be relatively few anymore).
	* The new-in-2.4 GTK+ FileChooserDialog is used now instead of the
	deprecated GtkFileSelection.

	* Added dialog to give assurance that the download is being continued
	in a backward sort-of-way. I'd prefer not to do any file deletion in
	the program itself.
	* If the program isn't support a meta file, it prompts for one.
	* Now using gtk_dialog_run instead of a manual loop.
	* Replaced all of the open button support with something better.
	* Rewrote the argument interpreter to work better.
	* The program will definately not work without gnome-python anymore.
	* Fixed a potential bug with handling meta file URLs that couldn't be
	opened for some reason.

	* Enabled the open button when GNOME is available (involving one big
	hack, see README for more information).
	* Updated the README a bit.

	* Fixed a URI handling bug (or three) that fixed problems opening URIs
	since 0.0.8.
	* Made the code a little more robust against such things happening

	* At the recommendation of Ryan Veety include the percentage
	downloaded in the window's title.

	* Fixed a problem that disallowed relative-paths to the meta file.

	* Changed the default location to save the file to be obtained from
	information from the ".torrent" file itself. Unless Gnome-Python stuff
	is installed this may or may not work with URLs.

	* Oops, forgot to include the changes to allow "uploaded amount" to
	carry-over across resumes. Now it's included.

	* Worked around a BitTorrent oddity that should allow the "downloaded
	amount" to carry-over across resumes.
	* In the same spirit as the last change: "elapsed time" should now
	continue to be updated after the downloading part of the session is
	* Made the ChangeLog and README files nicer :).

	* Updated the fallback_locate_file function to be more FreeBSD friendly
	with information supplied by Jeremy Messenger.

	* Again, trying to finish what I tried to do last time (allow 3.2 to
	work) after an update from dbrody:
		* Modified the status callback to understand 3.2-style status
	* I actually tested it with BitTorrent 3.2 myself, this time, as well:
		* Fixed the "total uploaded" being reported as zero.
	* Stopped certain UI features from being incorrectly updated by
	BitTorrent callbacks after the download is done.

	* Trying to finish what I tried to do last time (allow 3.2 to work)
	after an update from dbrody:
		* Fixed the arg-list passed to to
		make responsefile/url explicit.

	* Added something that (in theory) should allow BitTorrent 3.2 to work
	as well (thanks to dbrody).

	* Added mime association information (thanks to FooBarWidget).

	* Added a close button that appears when stopped.
	* Added total size to the status.
	* Added the ability to mute error dialogs.
	* Added the ability to clear the event log.
	* Changed "feedback" to "events".
	* Fixed the status display's downloaded size for quick completion
	* Removed the "downloading" text from the progress bar. It was wrong
	half the time anyway.
	* Set the window's title to the address of the torrent (HIG-ification).
	* Cleaned up the code some more.

	* Added an "Address" field.
	* Added a "Resume" button.
	* Added rate tracking to the status.
	* Fixed the "Cap Upload Rate" feature.
	* Fixed the error dialog a little.
	* Moved the progress bar below.
	* Cleaned up the code a bit.

	* Initial release
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