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gnome-hearts - The classic hearts card game for the GNOME desktop…  more info»



Building and installing from source:

If you obtained this package from the subversion repository, you must first
boostrap the package by running ./bootstrap. After a succesfull bootstrap you
can build and install the package with:

make install

If you use the same --prefix for configure that was used for gnome-games then 
gnome-hearts will be able to use the installed gnome-games card decks as well
as the cards provided in this package.

Playing the game:

The complete documentation is provided as a DocBook XML file and can be
accessed through the GNOME help system.


* Bugs and feature requests

All bugs, feature requests and the like should go in Bugzilla at, but before you file a new one, please do a quick 
search of bugzilla and the mailing list archive to see if your issue has already
been reported.

* Translating Hearts

Hearts is translated through's Rosetta system. Translations
should be added and updated through there, not as diffs for the subversion
repository. This makes our life easier because we won't have to resolve
conflicts between translations in Subversion and translations in Rosetta. You
can find Hearts in Rosetta at:

* Submitting patches

If you have a patch that you want to contribute then you can send an e-mail to
the gnome-hearts mailing list at You must be subscribed
to the mailing list to do so (to prevent spammers abusing our lists).
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