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Changes in version 2.28.2 are:
 * Add license to reference documentation.
 * Sent output of g_printerr to syslog.
 * No error when can't unlock login keyring.
 * Fix assertion when comparing attributes.
 * Fix freeing of unallocated memory in test.
 * Don't barf on certificates with unsupported algorithm.
 * Fix some memory leaks.

Changes in version 2.28.1 are:
 * Fix support for SSH RSA1 keys.
 * Fix a delay when the daemon quits.
 * Use default D-Bus timeout when finding daemon.
 * Make custom pkcs11 constants unsigned longs.
 * Use unsigned long for module handle counter.
 * Fix assertion when releasing secure memory block.

Changes in version 2.28.0 are:
 * Fix build problems.

Changes in version 2.27.92 are:
 * Some uses of glib memory routines to explicitly allocate memory.
 * Fix erroneous assertion hit by gtk-doc and tests.
 * Revert change which bumped libtasn1 required to 1.0.
 * Fix logic for only_if option in PAM module.
 * Handle unix signals on one thread.
 * Better daemon startup and forking logic.
 * Optional use of automake silent rules when available.
 * No warning when a disk doesn't have a UDI identifier.

Changes in version 2.27.90 are:
 * Build fixes on Solaris and FreeBSD.
 * Take length of ASN.1 elements into account, when parsing.

Changes in version 2.27.5 are:
* Add support for lifetime constrained SSH identities.
* Use GtkBuilder files where glade files were used.
* Write private key files with tighter file permissions.
* Use gio instead of libhal for monitoring volumes.

Changes in version 2.27.4 are:
* Insurance in parsing keyring format for future changes.
* Add 'use_authtok' option to pam module.
* Test utility fix [Jon Downland]
* Add 'only_if=' option to pam module.
* Make 'Password:' prompt translatable in pam module.
* Use libgcrypt to generate iv/salt where needed.
* Remove old cu-test style unit tests.
* Code refactoring and cleanup, removed 'common' component.
* Auto generated ChangeLog.
* Cleanup unit tests, and make them run with 'make check'

Changes in version 2.26.3 are:
* Build fixes. [Alexis Ballier, Daniel Macks]
* Fix problem with RSA key sizes that are not a multiple of 8.
  This affected use of SSH keys in particular.
* Fix crash related to secure memory. [Ryan Beasley]

Changes in version 2.26.1 are:
* Fix many problems with the new secure memory allocator.
* DBus now automatically starts the gnome-keyring service properly.
* When auto activating the gnome-keyring DBus service, check for an
  already running daemon.
* Don't print critical warnings when registering with DBus fails.
* Bump glib dependency.
* Add DBus method for getting the gnome-keyring environment variables.
* Fix crash when prompting to unlock the keyring.
* Initialize daemon with LOGNAME and USERNAME environment variables.
* Build fixes [Ed Schouten]

Changes in version 2.26.0 are:
* Implement support for running gnome-keyring-daemon under valgrind.
* Checks for asn1Parser tool when configuring. [Alberto Ruiz].
* Only automatically expose PKCS#11 public key objects for private keys.
* Have the SSH agent only log into the token when we have a private
  key that we want to access.
* Disable input method in password. [Takao Fujiwara]

Changes in version 2.25.92 are:
* Fix problems when multiple processes tried to initialize the
  gnome-keyring-daemon at the same time, often resulting in a user
  session that hung on login.
* Add compatibility support for loading SSH unlock passwords from
  previous versions of gnome-keyring.
* Fix compiler warnings on 32-bit systems.
* Fix uninitialized variable usage. These resulted in crashes.
* Initialize PKCS#11 tokens before importing certificates or keys
  to them. Remove previous auto-initialize idea.
* Add basic support for PKCS#11 SO logins.
* Fix focus issues in the import certificate/key dialog.
* When looking for PKCS#11 objects, skip tokens that have not been
* Exit properly when an error occurs on importing a certificate or key.
* Hash objects when storing them in PKCS#11 user-store and validate the
  hashes when loading them.
* Build fix on Solaris [Jeff Cai]
* If login keyring doesn't exist when changing a PAM password, don't
  create it automatically. [Vincent Untz]
* Close stdin/stdout when not running the daemon in foreground. This
  fixes a regression in scripts starting gnome-keyring-daemon.

Changes in version 2.25.91 are:
* Complete certificate details display in the gcr library.
* Correctly escape prompt markup. [Joe Shaw, Magnus Boman]
* Show correct MD5 hash in certificate display. [Fabrizio Tarizzo]
* Overhaul the secure memory allocator to have memory guards,
  and also be more sparing with secure memory.
* Add C++ header guards to public headers. [Xan Lopez]
* Prompt to initialize new PKCS#11 tokens with a password.
* Fix output of RSA keys to be interoperable.
* Translation fixes.
* Fix problems importing certificates and keys.
* More code reorganization.
* Add support for netscape trust objects, so Root CA certificates
  can be trusted by NSS.
* Fixes to the PKCS#11 headers on 64-bit systems. [Christophe Fergeau]

Changes in version 2.25.90 are:
* Add certificate UI bit to gcr library.
* Can now again clear the cached authentication from an SSH key.
* Add some additional helper functions to gp11 library.
* Fix some corner cases in signal handling. [James Henstridge]
* Don't crash when trying to lock keyrings that don't have a password.
* Fix problems running on 64-bit systems. [Christophe Fergeau]
* Build fixes [Theppitak Karoonboonyanan, Saleem Abdulrasool]

Changes in version 2.25.5 are:
* Refactor out gcr library for crypto UI and related tasks.
* Code refactoring.
* Support automatically initializing a PKCS#11 token when not initialized.
* Add modular user-store module for general storage of keys and certs.
* Build fixes [Saleem Abdulrasool, Jeff Cai]
* Add modular roots-store module for storage of trusted CA certs.
* Add modular rpc-layer for communication between module and daemon.
* Add modular ssh-agent as the main gnome-keyring-daemon agent.

Changes in version are:
* The modular ssh agent uses keys from all available PKCS#11 slots.
* Fix compiler warnings.
* Fix broken release.

Changes in version are:
* Fix broken release.

Changes in version 2.25.4 are:
* Half way through refactoring of PKCS#11 support.
* Add crypto support to gp11 library.
* gp11 library is now by and large thread-safe.
* Add modular ssh-store, roots and rpc-layer PKCS#11 components.
* Beginnings of a PKCS#11 based ssh-agent.
* Transactional storage of PKCS#11 objects.
* Add auto-authenticate support in GP11 library, which greatlty
  simplifies figuring out when to provide passwords.
* Fix initialization problems which prevented SSH agent from setting
  environment variables properly [Yanko Kaneti]
* Translation fixes [Gabor Kelemen]

Changes in version 2.25.2 are:
* Fix PKCS#11 corner cases highlighted by p11-tests tool.
* Solaris fixes [Halton Huo, Jeff Cai]
* Don't use non-pageable memory for public keys.
* Rework initialization of daemon, and the way that it integrates
  with the session.
* Close open file descriptors before starting daemon from PAM module.
* Don't try and unlock keyring from PAM if daemon isn't
  running. [Vincent Untz]
* Don't leave keyring daemon running if PAM just started it for
  a password change. [Vincent Untz]
* Add a keyboard accelerator to the 'Deny' button. [Gabor Kelemen]
* Use pkg-config to detect libtasn1. [Jeff Cai]
* Register environment variables with session properly.
* Make DBUS a required dependency of gnome-keyring.

Changes in version 2.25.1 are:
* Remove usage of deprecated glib/gtk stuff.

Changes in version 2.24.1 are:
* Fix crash on logout on Solaris. [Jeff Cai]
* Add missing 'server' attribute to the NETWORK_PASSWORD schema.

Changes in version 2.24.0 are:
* Update documentation for functions in gp11 library
* Ungrab the keyboard properly when a password prompt is minimized.
* Report errors from keyboard grabbing.
* Fix build problems with gcc 4.3.
* PKCS#11 initialize compatibility fix for OpenSC. [Joe Orton]
* Make all errors from prompt process go to syslog.
* When prompting for a password on import, don't go into an endless
  loop for blank passwords.
* Fix problems with PK indexes overwriting one another.
* Don't add additional extensions on storage files when the extension
  is already correct.
* Load all objects when a PKCS#11 session is opened, regardless of
  whether a C_FindObjects is run or not.

Changes in version 2.23.92 are:
* Build fix for Solaris. [Jeff Cai]
* Import the LANG environment variable into daemon enviroment
  so that dialogs display with correct translations.

Changes in version 2.23.91 are:
* Use 'Change' instead of 'Create' when prompting the user for
  a password to change keyring password. [Adam Schreiber]
* Fix RSA signing with X509 mechanism.
* Tweaking of the asynchronous scheduling to prevent hangs.
* Add some documentation for GP11 library.
* Translation fixes.
* Build fixes. [Götz Waschk]

Changes in version 2.23.90 are:
* Use 'Create' button instead of 'OK' when prompting the user for
  a password to create a new keyring. [Adam Schreiber]
* Fix more cases where 'Deny' choice by a user resulted in
  more subsequent prompts.
* Automatically create non-existant directories when storing files.
* Fix problem prompting for the same password twice when parsing a
  PFX or PKCS#12 file.
* Don't offer to store password during import operation.
* Don't try to store certificates encrypted on the disk.
* Add command line tool for importing of keys and certificates.
* Fix problems with SSH agent not unlocking keys properly.
* Build fixes. [John Ralls]

Changes in version 2.23.6 are:
* If the user denies a prompt, then don't prompt the same prompt
  again for that connection to the daemon.
* Bug fixes for loading of SSH keys.
* Add gconf schema for noting the user's configured PKCS#11 modules.
* Update and bug fixes for the new GP11 library.
* Better reference counting of internal objects.
* When a certificate is in the roots storage, assume it is a CA if
  no basic constraints are present.
* Add ability of PKCS#11 module to accept a string on its reserved
  initialization argument, similar to NSS's libsoftkn3 module.
* Translation fixes.
* Build fixes.

Changes in version 2.23.5 are:
* Load all SSH keys in ~/.ssh named id_?sa*, not just id_rsa
  and id_dsa. Also load public portions of keys when needed ie: *.pub
* Include new GP11 library, which is a GLib wrapper for PKCS#11
* Add ability to import keys/certificates to PKCS#11.
* Better storage and creation of PKCS#11 objects.
* Start using GTest for new unit testing.
* Better indexing of keys and certificates.
* Better buffer handling, and threading fixes. [Jon Burgress]
* Fix warnings in logs caused by programs checking whether
  gnome-keyring is available.
* Standardize on libgcrypt random number generator.
* Add --disable-acl-prompts option to disable all ACL prompting [Colin Walters]
* Build fixes.

Changes in version 2.22.2 are:
* Streamline the importing of keys and make the proper prompts show up
  consistently. Better fixes for this to come in 2.24.x
* Don't show 'location' field in most password prompts.
* Return serial number of certificates properly to requesting programs.
* Fix crash when receiving certain HAL events.
* Build fixes [Brian Cameron, Matthias Drochner, Antoine Jacoutot]

Changes in version 2.22.1 are:
* Add SSH agent protocol 1 support.
* Make 'ssh-add -D' lock any SSH private keys that gnome-keyring is
  automatically loading.
* Reconnect to system DBus whenever the system bus restarts. [Sjoerd Simons]
* Log to syslog even when running in the foreground [Tony Espy]
* Add a configure option to disable building of the SSH agent.
* Build fixes. [Alex Converse, Andrea Del Signore]

Changes in version 2.22.0 are:
* Build fix. [Jens Granseuer]

Changes in version 2.21.92 are:
* Sync up user's session environment with the daemon, so that
  things like X authentication, DBUS etc... work properly.
* Shutdown socket connections properly, so things don't hang, when
  wrong versions of daemon/library are used.
* Limit PKCS#12 parsing to a clearly defined subset of the format.
* Decrypt PKCS#12 with empty passwords properly.
* Build fixes.
* Translation fixes.

Changes in version 2.21.91 are:
* Don't prompt for a password from the PAM module since
  gnome-keyring is not an authenticator. [Ray Strode]
* Check that PKCS#11 socket connections come from same user.
* Don't lock the entire gnome-keyring-ask process in memory.
  Just the password text. Works better when less non-pageable
  memory is available.
* Basic serializing of certificates and keys.
* Build fixes.
* Translation fixes.

Changes in version 2.21.90 are:
* Fix problem where most keyrings were being treated as insecure
  from the point of view of storing passwords for keys or certificates.
* Fix race condition that is causing deadlocks and freezes.

Changes in version 2.21.5 are:
* Proper support for creating and destroying objects through PKCS#11.
* Support for setting PKCS#11 attributes.
* Fix hanging of daemon under certain conditions.
* Add gconf setting for determining which components of the daemon
  (such as SSH) are run at startup.
* Better parsing of objects and prompting for passwords in PKCS#12 files.
* Calculate trust and purpose/usage of certificates.
* Mark certain key/certificate directories as special requiring certain
  special treatment (such as the CA root store, SSH keys etc...)
* Add support for unencrypted keyrings which are used when the user
  specifies a blank password.
* Fix crasher [Jeff Cai]
* Build fixes.

Changes in version 2.21.4 are:
* x86_64 memory alignment fixes
* Other build and install fixes
* Solaris build fixes [Halton Huo]
* Automatically activate keyring daemon via DBus if it is not already
  running. [Tom Parker]

Changes in version are:
* x86_64 build fixes
* Build and install fixes
* Fix problems with assertions when not in debug mode.
* Fix some crashers
* Better ASN.1 and PKCS#11 date parsing and handling
* Fix return results from C_GetAttributeValue
* Lookup certificates related to keys properly.

Changes in version are:
* Build fixes
* Use SHA1 instead of MD5 where possible.
* Install PKCS#11 module to a better prefix

Changes in version 2.21.3 are:
* Added basic X.509 certificate and key store
* PKCS#11 module for accessing certificates and keys
* Now includes an SSH agent
* PAM module now works with SELinux [Alexander Larrson]
* Add a simpler API for accessing and storing passwords.

Changes in version 2.20.3 are:
* Use correct environment to startup gnome-keyring-daemon from PAM.
* Fix crash when comparing item attributes. [Sam Morris]
* Fix crash on shutdown. [Jeff Cai]
* Build fix for OpenBSD [Martynas Venckus]

Changes in version 2.20.2 are:
* Build fixes for systems that require GNU_SOURCE to be defined. [Christopher Taylor]
* Builds with the latest DBus [Owen Taylor]
* Build fix for OpenBSD [Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse]
* Don't print out a warning message in applications using libgnome-keyring when
  non-pageable memory cannot be allocated.

Changes in version 2.20.1 are:
* Link pam module properly with libpam [Sebastian Dröge]
* Remove 'install-pam' make target [Rémi Cardona]
* Return a 'not found' result when no results are returned
  from a find operation.
* Don't remove 'default' file on exit. [Alex Larrson]
* Recognize newly created keyrings properly. [Darren Kenny]

Changes in version 2.20 are:
* Build fixes [Halton Huo]
* Translation fixes [Claude Paroz]

Changes in version 2.19.91 are:
* Builds with newer versions of DBus [Theppitak Karoonboonyanan]
* In the PAM module we now support starting gnome-keyring-daemon when
  the user's session actually starts, rather than during password validation.
  This makes us more solid and sane with GDM and well behaved PAM using
  applications. [Chris Rivera]
* In the PAM module check that the socket is owned by the same user, before
  sending the login password there.
* Don't read from /dev/random when not needed. This makes startup faster
  in many cases, as it won't block for entropy.
* Get around more optimizations that cancel out wiping of strings in
  memory before freeing.
* Now builds on FreeBSD [Joe Marcus Clarke]

Changes in version 2.19.90 are:
* Fix problem where keyrings are created in wrong directory [Nathaniel McCallum]
* Incorporated security fixes from Novell
* Fix crashers when the ask dialog sends back bad data.
* Now builds on Solaris [Damien Carbery]
* Configure PAM module directory better [Matthias Clasen]
* Fix memory leaks

Changes in version are:
* Fix uninitialized variable in 'get_item_info' operation
* Better installing of PAM module on Fedora. [Matthias Clasen]
* Build fixes [Jens Granseuer, Claudio Saavedra]

Changes in version 2.19.6 are:
* Grab the keyboard when prompting for passwords, and always put the prompt
  window above other windows.
* Now supports use of keyrings on removable drives.
* PAM module to automatically unlock keyrings on login, or unlocking
* Simplify daemon code (now uses cooperative threading) and get it ready for
  other PKCS#11, SSH and other stuff running in same process.

Changes in version 2.19.5 are:
* Allow passing NULL as a password to gnome_keyring_unlock()
* Added strerror() like functionality for GnomeKeyringResult
* Added support for async version of gnome_keyring_item_grant_access_rights_sync()
* Handle unix signals properly, quit gracefully.
* Fix memory leaks [Alexander Sack]
* Make unit tests automatic when building a distribution tarball
* Fix prompt messages [Jürg Billeter]
* Fix problems prompting for access to items when the keyring is locked.
* Non-pageable memory degrades gracefully on Solaris, FreeBSD
* Build fixes [Theppitak Karoonboonyanan, Christian Kirbach]
* API Documentation

Changes in version are:
* Build fix for unit tests

Changes in version 2.19.4 are:
* Fixed problem where zero find results returned 'denied'.
* Fixed ugly password prompt for making a new keyring.
* Consistent use of NULL in the API to represent the default keyring.
* Use non-pageable memory for secrets and passwords.
* Log warning and error messages to syslog when running as a daemon.
* Added unit tests for the gnome-keyring API.
* Refactored and reorganized the code.

Changes in version 2.19.2 are:
* Sync up version number with GNOME release schedule
* Use libgcrypt instead of hand-rolled encryption algorithms.
* Internationalization fixes [Elijah Newren]
* Solaris build fixes.

Changes in version 0.8 are:
* Translations

Changes in version 0.7.92 are:
* Fix build by including sys/types.h
* In gnome_keyring_free() don't crash on NULL parameter.

Changes in version 0.7.91 are:
* Add method for library to discover daemon via DBus. Adds soft
  DBus dependency.
* Fixes for building on kFreeBSD.

Changes in version 0.7.3 are:
* Fix endless loop when creating a keyring and a file by that name
  already exists.
* Fix crasher when deleting session keyring.
* Fix crasher when doing find operation with NULL attribute string.
* Sync files to disk after writing to keyring.

Changes in version 0.7.2 are:
* Don't have multiple password dialogs presented for the same

Changes in version 0.7.1 are:
  to be for a single application only with strict access controls.
* New function gnome_keyring_item_get_info_full(_sync) which allow
  retrieval of item meta data without the secret, thus not incurring
  an ACL prompt.
* Translation updates

Changes in version 0.6.0 are:
* NetBSD fixes
* Crash fix
* Typo fix
* Translations

Changes in version 0.5.2 are:
* Translation updates
* Better title in docs
* Fixed crashes
* New function: gnome_keyring_item_grant_access_rights_sync

Changes in version 0.5.1 are:
* Support changing password of a keyring
* Create ~/.gnome2 if needed
* Save keyring when an ACL is added
* Add password strength meter
* Small bugfixes

Changes in version 0.4.9 are:
* Fix return value for some sync calls
* Translation updates

Changes in version 0.4.8 are:
* Fix crash when asking for password
* Translation updates

Changes in version 0.4.7 are:
* Fix --disable-nls
* Translation updates

Changes in version 0.4.6 are:
* Confirm password when selecting new password

Changes in version 0.4.5 are:
* Fix a crash in some sync functions.

Changes in version 0.4.4 are:
* Translation updates
* warning fixes
* require gtk 2.6

Changes in version 0.4.3 are:
* Translation updates
* Fix bug in acl functions
* implement gnome_keyring_set_info
* add sync function for all operations
* fix leaks

Changes in version 0.4.2 are:
* AIX portability fixes
* Translation updates

Changes in version 0.4.1 are:
* Support for slaving lifecycle to a file descriptor
* Translation updates

Changes in version 0.4.0 are:
* Build fix on some systems
* Translation updates

Changes in version 0.3.3 are:
* Translation updates

Changes in version 0.3.2 are:
* New API functions for getting/setting ACL
* Implemented delete keyring operation

Changes in version 0.3.1 are:
* New and updated translations.
* New introduction document
* unlocking the NULL keyring unlocks the default keyring

Changes in version 0.2.1 are:
* New and updated translations.

Changes in version 0.2.0 are:
* New and updated translations.

Changes in version 0.1.91 are:
* New translations

Changes in version 0.1.90 are:
* New translations
* uninstalled pkg-config file

Changes in version 0.1.4 are:
* New translations
* put gnome-keyring-ask in libexec

Changes in version 0.1.3 are:
* Fixed leaks
* Portability fixes
* Don't split strings for translations

Changes in version 0.1.2 are:
* Spelling fix in API
* require latest gtk/glib
* use g_get_tmp_dir instead of hardcoding /tmp
* More translations

Changes in version 0.1.2 are:
* Slave lifecycle to session
* More translations
* Nicer user interface
* FreeBSD fixes
* Solaris fixes
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