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This is obgtk, version 0.6.1, a set of Objective C classes that
encapsulate the Gtk widget set. 

You can get the latest from either, or
as part of the gnome distribution (visit for more

A short example of using the library can be found in the obgtk-test

- Fix bugs
- Add new classes for whatever new Gtk widgets come along.

- No, I didn't want to break this up into over a hundred header and source
files, but if I left it as the four files it was, it would have had to
include all the unused classes even in the smallest test program...

Copyright (C) 1997 Elliot Lee. Licensed to you under the LGPL, available
for your perusal in the COPYING file included with this package.

Let me know if you want anything added.

-- Elliot <>, <>

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