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			   A Volume Manager for GNOME

gnome-volume-manager is a desktop-level daemon that enforces volume-related
policy in response to events received from HAL.  Its goal is to implement all
functionality as a state-machine in response to asynchronous events from HAL.

It is one component in a larger plan to fully integrate all levels of the Linux
system, from the kernel on up through the desktop and its applications.

gnome-volume-manager comes in two parts:

	- gnome-volume-manager:	   the manager daemon itself
	- gnome-volume-properties: the control panel applet, for configuration

To build, gnome-volume-manager requires

	- libgnomeui-2.0
	- libglade-2.0
	- libhal-0 (from HAL 0.5.0 or later)
	- libdbus-1 (from D-BUS 0.31 or later)
	- libdbus-glib-1 (from D-BUS 0.31 or later)

To run, gnome-volume-manager requires hald to be running.

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