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pkg://gnubg_0.90+20091206.orig.tar.gz:14117278/gnubg_0.90+20091206.orig/non-src/  info  downloads


The files in this directory will be generated automatically on linux
and other system supporting the autobuild process. You should
therefore not edit any of these files. If you need to alter any code
in any of these files you should rather edit the corresponding file
that generates it.

If you have troubles building any of these files you may copy the file
causing problems from this directory to its intended location.

TARGET                     SOURCE

../copying.c               ../copying.awk

../credits.c               ../
../credits.h               ../

../external_l.c            ../external_l.l

../external_y.c            ../external_y.y
../external_y.h            ../external_y.y

../doc/gnubg.xml           ../doc/gnubg.texi

../sgfl.c                  ../sgf.l
../sgfp.c                  ../sgf.y
../sgfp.h                  ../sgf.y

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