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Decoding ATSC using 19.2MSps rate over 5 processes

1) Verify signal, adjust antenna and find best gain setting using,
station frequency from the fcc video database, and decimation of 10.

2) Capture data - adjust gain (-g) frequency (-f) and which side
the tvrx is on to fit your local setup: -R B -d 10 -g 65 -f 503e6 atsc_data_6-4m_complex 

You probably still need fast disks to take the data, like a raid-0 set of
striped sata drives. Make sure there are no or very few Ou overruns.

3) Make pipes:

mkfifo /tmp/atsc_pipe_1
mkfifo /tmp/atsc_pipe_2
mkfifo /tmp/atsc_pipe_3
mkfifo /tmp/atsc_pipe_4
mkfifo /tmp/atsc_pipe_5

4) In seperate windows run processes:

./ <input rf data at 6.4Msps>
./ <output mpeg transport stream>

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