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2011-02-20  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* po/ta.po, po/LINGUAS, AUTHORS, NEWS: New Tamil translation from
	launchpad. Ready for release.

2010-12-12  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* src/interface.c: Fix incorrect use of 'GTK_CHECK_VERSION' macro.
	* src/file-op.c, src/file-op-gio.c: Added code to save last directory
	from/to where file was opened/saved. Fixes bug LP:#680100.

2010-10-11  Aanjhan Ranganathan  <>

	* src/8085-instructions.c: Added patch for bug LP: #579320. Thanks
	to Debjit Biswas.

2010-09-26  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* src/callbacks.c: Add an error message to be shown when assembly
	tutorial file is not found. Mark 'Select font' string for translation.
	* po/gnusim8085.pot: Update to include latest strings.
	* po/*.po: Auto update.
	* po/ar.po: Updated Arabic translation from launchpad.

2010-09-25  Onkar Shinde  <>

	*, src/main.c: Use autoconf variable to specify windows
	build. Use this variable to decide when to set 'localedir' to apprpriate
	windows directory. Fixes compiler warning on non-windows build.
	* Show 'Run Program' checkbox in installer finish
	screen only when GTK+ installer is not embedded. This avoids an error
	being shown about dll loading.
	* src/bridge.c: Do not ignore breakpoints when stepping through code.
	Patch by Ramanathan. Fixes bug LP: #579318.

2010-09-24  Aanjhan Ranganathan  <>

	* src/8085-instructions.c: CMP instruction should not check and
	set S, P and AC flags as there is no result that is computed. It
	affects only C and Z flags. Hence removed most code in that
	function. Fixes bug LP: #579320.

	* src/8085-instructions.c: Fixed the long standing DAA
	bug. Followed plus had to
	ensure the addition operation on the accumulator must be done
	using the _eef_inst_func_add_i function so as to ensure setting of
	the carry and other flags. Fixes bug LP: #584093.

2010-09-18  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* src/gui-editor.[c,h]: Add variable to save current font. Add function
	to get current editor font.
	* src/interface.c, src/callbacks.[c,h]: Add ability to change editor 
	font. Thanks to Ramanathan for patch. Fixes bug LP: #579322.
	* po/ar.po, po/es.po: Updated translations from launchpad.
	* src/file-op.c, src/file-op-gio.c: Fix file not getting added to recent
	list when saving under different name.
	* src/callbacks.c: Update the memory and I/O views when doing resets.

2010-08-29  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* src/gui-list-message.c: Highlight the line containing error when
	selecting the error message from message pane. Fixes bug LP: #519834.
	* src/bridge.c: Clear all highlighting when assembling program.
	* doc/example/*.asm: Add copyright and license information to existing
	sample programs.
	* doc/examples/sorting.asm, doc/examples/sumofnumbers.asm: Add sample
	programs submitted by Kirantej.
	* Use better (easily understandable) names for
	installers. Add new sample programs to the list of 'read only' files.

2010-08-25  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* README, TODO, doc/asm-guide.txt, doc/gnusim8085.1: Update website URL.
	* src/gui-editor.[c,h]: Add function to toggle display of line numbers.
	Add function to toggle mark at certain line. Add function to allow
	marks to be toggled by clicking left margin.
	* src/callbacks.c: Use new function to not display line numbers in
	tutorial window. Add callback function to detect button click on margin
	and toggle mark accordingly. Fixes LP: #519836.
	* src/gui-app.h: Use new function to allow mark to be toggled by
	clicking on left margin only in case of editor component.

2010-08-22  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* Allow specifying mingw home directory via command
	line arguments when creating installer. Split translations in separate
	component so that users can choose not to install them. Add
	asm-guide.txt file to the list of files to be installed. Add iconv.dll
	file as well to make the application work with default install of
	latest GTK+ runtime.
	* src/support.[c,h]: Add function to load tutorial from asm-guide.txt.
	* src/interface.[c,h]: Add function to create interface to display
	* src/callbacks.[c,h]: Add function to display tutorial text. Modify
	callback functions to show the tutorial instead of just pointing to it.
	Fixes LP: #579317.
	* po/gnusim8085.pot, po/*.po: Updated as per latest UI changes.

2010-08-17  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* src/*.c, src/*.h, src/ Add editable I/O listing as a tab.
	This is based on Debajit's work for memory editing. Hence copyright of
	new files stays with him. Fixes LP: #579324.

2010-06-22  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* src/*.[c,h]: Fix postal adress of FSF in file headers. Makes
	licensecheck program in Debian happy.
	* COPYING: Include exact text of license as available on FSF's website.
	Includes address change ans other minor formatting changes.
	* data/8085asm.lang: Add copyright/license information.
	* config.guess, config.sub: Update to a bit recent copy of the files.
	* Do not install ChangeLog. Let distributions decide if
	it should be included in binary packages.

2010-06-20  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* po/pt_BR.po: Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation from launchpad.
	* src/gui-list-message.c: Wrap assembler messages in the table cells.
	Fixes UI problems when messages or translations are too long.
	* src/asm-listing.c: Use tab instead of space for alignment in assembler
	listing window.

2010-06-08  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* src/file-op.c, src/file-op-gio.c: Add files opened/saved to recently
	used file list. This way they show up in 'Recently Used' section of
	file chooser dialog.
	* src/interface.[c,h], src/support.[c,h]: Add copyright header since
	the files are not 'generated' for long time.
	* src/gui-list-memory.[c,h]: Allocate copyright to Debajit Biswas as
	these files were created from scratch for a new functionality.
	* src/ Clear copyright statement.

2010-06-04  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* src/interface.c: Fix icon loading on Windows by using fallback icon.
	* tools/: Remove files from initial stages of development. Not needed
	* GNUSim8085.prj: Remove because none of the maintainers use Anjuta.
	* Remove as discussed on mailing list.

2010-06-03  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* src/ Unbreak linux build. Stupid mistake about CFLAGS.
	* src/main.c: Fix crash on linux.
	* Add more languages to installer.
	* po/de.po, AUTHORS: Updated German translation from launchpad.
	* src/src/gui-list-data.c, src/gui-list-stack.c: Split translatable
	string into two. Makes reuse of translations.

2010-06-01  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* po/*.po, AUTHORS: Updated translations from Launchpad.
	* src/main.c, src/,, WINDOWS-PORT.txt: Some
	modifications to make i18n support work on Windows.

2010-05-31  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* src/*.c, src/*.h, src/, AUTHORS: Add editable memory
	listing as a tab, thanks to Debajit for the huge patch. :-)
	Fixes: LP: #579341.

2010-05-26  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* src/interface.c: Change startup dialog from GtkWindow to GtkDialog.
	The 'modal' behaviour works as expected. Fixes LP: #519828.
	* po/de.po, AUTHORS: Updated German translation from launchpad.
	* src/interface.c, po/gnusim8085.pot: Move format tags outside
	translatable strings. Update pot file accordingly.
	* po/*.po: Semi-auto update of translations as per latest pot file.

2010-05-25  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* src/support.c: Fix stupid mistake - trying to access message from
	null error object. Remove the corresponding variable as it is never
	initialized. Fixes LP: #579319.

2010-05-23  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* po/it.po: Updated Italian translation from launchpad.
	* po/el.po, po/LINGUAS, AUTHORS: Greek translation.

2010-05-01  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* po/pt_BR.po, po/LINGUAS, AUTHORS: Brazilian Portuguese translation.

2010-03-19  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* Don't use hard coded GTK version in message boxes.
	Add a generic function for checking existing GTK installations. Call it
	from init function. Add a function to uncheck the GTK checkbox on
	components page depending on existing GTK installation. Modify the
	AskForGtk function to use variables set by CheckGtk. Make the installer
	request for admin privileges for proper functioning.

2010-03-12  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* Use the MUI method for setting icon for installer.
	Add functionality to embed GTK+ runtime installer. Changes derived from
	public domain script of GSmartControl.
	* pixmaps/gnusim8085_icon*: Delete old icon files.

2010-03-09  Onkar Shinde  <>

	*, NEWS: Start working on new release.
	* po/*.po, AUTHORS: Updated translations from launchpad.

2010-02-27  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* po/Makevars*: Change the bug reporting address in Makevars. Delete
	redundant Makevars.template.
	* po/gnusim8085.pot: Update to reflect the new bug reporting address.
	* po/*.po: Add BSD (3-Clause) license header where it was missing. Auto update
	of all files as per latest source.
	* po/ Don't update pot file when doing make dist to avoid
	the pot file header being overwritten. Don't include gmo files in
	distribution. Instead generate them at install time. Include COPYING file
	in distribution.
	* po/COPYING: Add file specifying the 3-Clause BSD license of translations.
	* Add more languages to installer.
	* NEWS: Add prefix to bug numbers to indicate they are from

2010-02-14  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* pixmaps/*,,,
	src/interface.c, AUTHORS: New icon.

2010-01-31  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* src/interface.c, src/callbacks.*: Add basic printing support for program
	editor as well.
	* po/gnusim8085.pot: Update to include the tooltip for newly added button.

2010-01-30  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* src/interface.c, src/callbacks.*: Introduce a toolbar button to show/hide
	the data pane. This allows the user to have more screen space for program
	* po/gnusim8085.pot: Update to include the tooltip for newly added button.
	* po/*.po, po/LINGUAS, AUTHORS: Arabic, Asturian, Esperanto, Italian

2010-01-28  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* po/de.po, po/LINGUAS, AUTHORS: German translation.
	* src/file-op-gio.c: Use GIO APIs for saving assembly listing.

2010-01-26  Onkar Shinde  <>

	*, src/file-op-gio.*, src/ Experimental file
	handling with GIO APIs, disabled by default.
	* Change website URL to

2010-01-25  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* po/*.po, AUTHORS: Updated Gujarati and Spanish translation from

2010-01-24  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* po/fr.po, po/LINGUAS, AUTHORS: French translation.

2010-01-17  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* doc/ Fix a small problem in man page installation.
	* Remove some redundant path definitions. Fix PACKAGE_URL
	* pixmaps/ Use PACKAGE_PIXMAPS_DIR directly.
	* Use docdir directly.
	* src/ Move PACKAGE_DOC_DIR definition here. It is only used
	in source code and no other place.
	* .gitignore: Ignore all .gmo files.
	* src/8085.h, src/interface.c, src/support.h: Mark menu labels and tooltips
	for translation. Call the GTK+ helper function for translation.
	* po/*.po, po/gnusim8085.pot: Update as per code changes.

2010-01-15  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* doc/ Better handling of installation of examples and manpage.
	* po/*: Spanish translation.

2009-12-29  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* Define a variable if gtksourceview version is >= 2.8.
	* src/gui-editor.c: Improve the change by Sridhar to use different
	methods based on gtksourceview version.
	* src/interface.c: Use gtk_show_uri, in the hook for about dialog,
	when available (GTK+ >= 2.14.0).
	*, src/interface.c, src/asm-listing.c: Define website url
	in and use it everywhere instead of hard coded value.
	* src/gui-editor.c: Print website url in footer. Now that we have a footer
	reduce bottom margin.
	* po/*: Updated as per latest changes in code.

2009-12-28  Sridhar Ratnakumar <>

	* src/gui-editor.c: Fix deprecation warning from GtkSourceView

2009-12-28  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* Gettext version updated to 0.17. Removed a bunch of
	redundant declarations.
	* src/main.c: Change variables in gettext calls to match changes in
	* src/ Fix setting of variable LOCALEDIR.
	* ABOUT-NLS, config.rpath, m4/*, po/, po/Makevars.template:
	Added/updated by gettextize.
	* src/interface.c: Fixed some translatable strings.
	* po/gnusim8085.pot: Auto update. Also fixed copyright in header.
	* po/LINGUAS, po/gu.po: Add initial Gujarati translation by Kartik Mistry.
	* po/ Clean up .gmo files in distclean target.
	* AUTHORS: Add Kartik to translators list.

2009-12-26  Onkar Shinde  <>

	*, Move the deletion of certain generated files
	to They should not be deleted in distclean target.

2009-12-25  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* src/bridge.c: Remove a code block that was not being used.
	* src/gui-app.c: Fix a compiler warning in dialog creation.
	* data/8085asm.lang: Add underscore ('_') to the regular expression for
	label. Fixes SF #2580092.
	* First shot at installer with modern UI.
	Adds multi-language interface and 'Run program' finish page.
	* configure,, *, Delete the generated
	files that should not be in repository. Add minimal Going
	forward when compiling from VCS ./ needs to be run first.
	Source tar balls will still contain configure script.
	* Add some checks suggested by autoscan. Use 'silent-rules'
	macro for automake when available (automake >= 1.11).
	Makes compiler output pretty.
	* Delete the autogenerated files, *.gz and *.exe in
	distclean target.
	* .gitignore: Add appropriate files to the ignore list.

2009-12-24  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>

	* src/file-op.[c,h], src/callback.c: Fix SF bug #2356534 - basic file
	handling errors (confirm before exit, etc..). Patch by Puneeth Bhat.
	* src/asm-listing.c: Add project webpage to listing (for network

2009-12-24  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* Add commands to make example files read only.
	Remove exclusion of svn directories. We are not using svn anymore. :-)
	* WINDOWS-PORT.txt: We need GTK+ 2.12 only. So modify download
	instructions accordingly.
	* src/interface.c: Fix button mnemonics not getting set on starting
	dialog in latest GTK version.

2009-12-23  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* src/callbacks.[c,h], src/gui-editor.[c,h], src/interface.c: Add basic
	printing support to assembly listing window. Print settings are not saved.
	* src/callbacks.c, src/asm-listing.c: Make the text view in assembly
	listing read only. Update the message at the top accordingly.
	* src/interface.c: Remove the images used in 'Registers' and 'Flag' boxes.
	They really have no significance.
	* po/gnusim8085.pot: Auto updated with 'make dist'.
	* doc/examples/*.asm: Replace unnecessary tabs with spaces. Makes
	programs easy on eyes in the small editor area.

2009-12-20  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* src/gui-keypad.c: Process keypad button events only when the mode is
	not debug. Fixes SF #2462607.
	* src/interface.c: Add certain size to assembler listing window. Fixes
	SF #1942893.
	* data/8085asm.lang: Add sp to the list of registers. Fixes SF #2582426.
	* Makefile.[am,in], Merge patches from Debian.

2009-12-19  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* src/gui-app.c, src/gui-keypad.c, src/gui-list-message.c,
	src/interface.c: Swap horizontal and vertical panes for better
	arrangement of widgets. Provides more vertical and slightly more
	horizontal area to the editor.

2009-07-16  Aanjhan Ranganathan  <>

	* src/asm-genobj.c: iAdded more description invalid operand error
	* src/gui-list-message.c: Fixed wrong line highlight issue.

2008-12-21  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* AUTHORS: Add Krishna Bharadwaj to list of patch contributors.
	Modify Sridhar's email id.
	* src/support.[c,h]: Add function to read authors list from AUTHORS
	file. Remove unused functions.
	* src/interface.c: Call function to read authors from AUTHORS file.
	* po/gnusim8085.pot: Auto updated.
	* debian/: There is no point of maintaining our own version of
	packaging files. Hence remove the directory.

2008-12-20  Aanjhan Ranganathan  <>

	* src/8085-instructions.c: fix DAD instruction carry set/reset
	bug. Thanks to Aditya M for the patch.
	* AUTHORS: Changed Onkar's email id.

2008-12-11  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* src/interface.c: Fix warnings about deprecated non-zero page size in
	spin button.
	* src/file-op.c: Set setting for overwrite confirmation. It will get
	used for 'Save As' action. Fix compiler warnings because of the
	ignored return values of some file related functions.
	* src/callbacks.c: Call gui_editor_show for listing window so syntax
	highlighting gets activated.
	* data/8085asm.lang: Make syntax highlighting case insensitive. Fix
	labels not getting highlighted in listing window. Fix hex opcodes or
	addresses not getting highlighted in listing window.
	* AUTHORS: Add Madhusudan and Aditya in list of patch contributors.
	* NEWS: Fix news file. We have not yet released 1.3.5.
	* TODO: Minor update.
	* GNUSim8085.prj, src/asm-id.h: Remove irrelevant scintilla

2008-09-22  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* Add AC_CANONICAL_HOST so --host option actually gets
	* configure: Auto updated.
	* We now don't need the workaround for gtksourceview
	win32 distribution problem.
	* NEWS: Add the release date and update features list.
	* TODO: Minor update.
	* WINDOWS-PORT.txt: Update the instructions to use gtksourceview 2.4.
	Also we now don't need to add target=win32 to the .pc file.

2008-09-18  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* src/file-op.c: Add file filter for extension .asm
	* src/gui-editor.c: Additional search path  of current directory for
	style file.
	* src/gui-view.[c,h], src/callbacks.c: Show updated register and flag
	with bold font, except when doing 'Reset All'.
	Known issue - last updated register and flag stays bold even after
	program has finished executing.
	* src/interface.c: Set scrollbar policy to automatic. Scrollbar is
	only shown when needed. Update icon for hex -> decimal conversion
	* data/8085asm.lang: Update the language definition as per
	specification version 2.0.
	* Change installer title, start menu group and
	shortcut, default installation directory. Update file list to
	workaround problem with gtksourceview win32 distribution.
	* WINDOWS-PORT.txt: Minor updates.
	* NEWS: Update for yet unreleased 1.3.5 version.

2008-09-09  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* src/gui-editor.[c,h]: Use style scheme manager to set style search
	path and default style.
	* Include file for style scheme "classic".

2008-09-07  Aanjhan Ranganathan  <>

	* src/asm-id.c: Added mneumonic descriptions.
	* Fixes SF bug #1875401.

2008-09-07  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* pixmaps/gnusim8085_icon.ico: Add icon for Windows
	* src/support.c: Additional logic for icon file lookup. Works when
	running directly from svn and also in Windows.
	* Use .ico file as icon for installer. Use .ico
	instead of .png for menu shortcut.

2008-09-04  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* Add
	* Template for generating installer script to be
	used with NSIS.
	* WINDOWS-PORT.txt: Updated with status about installer.
	* configure, Auto updated.

2008-09-03  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* Update to check gtksourceview2 >= 2.2 and gtk >= 2.12.
	Also removed libgnomeui variables.
	* Fix some of the problems reported by
	* Install desktop file in universal location used by
	freedesktop specification.
	* WINDOWS-PORT.txt: Updated as per current status.
	* src/8085-instructions.h: Fix array overflow by incrasing array size.
	* src/asm-id.[c,h]: Add element in IdOpcode structure for description.
	* src/gui-editor.[c,h]: Move the gtksourceview2.
	* src/interface.c, src/gui-keypad.c: Move to new GtkToolTip api from
	gtk 2.12 for easy tooltip management.
	* src/ Replace gtksourceview cflags and libs with
	* data/8085asm.lang: Add an id for new search gtksourceview2 search
	* data/ Install .lang file in our own directory.
	* aclocal.m4,, configure,, data/,
	doc/, pixmaps/, src/ Auto updated.

2008-08-28  Aanjhan Ranganathan  <>
	* configure,, aclocal.m4, src/ Auto
	updated by autotools removing libgnomeui dep for Windows.
	* WINDOWS-PORT.txt: Removed configure changes from the to do list.
	* Bump application version to 1.3.5

2008-08-05  Aanjhan Ranganathan <>
	* Bump Application version to 1.3.4
	* Fixes SF bug #1936852. Thanks to Missouga Dongi 

2008-05-29  Aanjhan Ranganathan <>
	* Fixes SF bug #1966993. Thanks to Marcelo Souza 

2008-02-18  Aanjhan Ranganathan  <>

	* Bump application version to 1.3.3
	* Merge changes for Windows port done by Srid

2008-02-07  Sridhar Ratnakumar <>

	* file-op.[c,h] - Fix the file selectors to show ALL files.
	* 8085.c,interface.[c,h],main.c,support.[c,h] - Removed GNOME

2008-01-29  Onkar Shinde  <>

        * src/*.h, src/main.c - Remove unneeded headers. Adjust sources
	for using i10n functions from libc.
	* src/Makefile.* - Small correction

2007-12-06  Onkar Shinde  <>

	* (ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): New variable.
	(EXTRA_DIST): Add config.rpath, m4/ChangeLog. Removed macros
	* (AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION): Bump to 0.16.1. Removed
	macros directory.
	* configure,, aclocal.m4, src/ Auto
	updated by autotools.
	* ABOUT-NLS, config.rpath: Added/changed by gettextize.
	* src/,src/main.c: Changes as per gettext manual.
	* m4/: Added by gettextize. Refer to corresponding ChangeLog
	* po/*: Refer to corresponding ChangeLog

2007-12-05  Onkar Shinde  <>
	*, Use external gettext functions provided
	by libc. Don't build files in intl/ directory.
	* configure,, src/, pixmaps/,
	doc/, data/, macros/,,
	aclocal.m4: Automatically updated by autotools
	* src/8085-instructions.c: Remove redefinition of _(X)
	* intl/: Delete directory as it won't be used anymore.

2007-12-05  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* GNUSim8085.prj, po/ Removed redundant file
	* src/*: Removed redundant file support-common.h. Moved non-local
	imports to header files.

2007-12-04  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* configure*: Lowered libgnomeui_required to 2.14.0. Fixes
	* Makefile.*: Changed install location of .desktop file to
	${datadir}/applications which is used by freedesktop compatible
	desktop environments.
	* AUTHORS: Added 'Fernando Munoz' in 'Patch Contributors' list.
	Changed Onkar's and Sridhar's email address.
	* Remove deprecated and invalid
	fields. Added categories for application.
	* src/interface.c: Added 'Patch Contributors' list to about
	dialog.  Changed Onkar's and Sridhar's email address.
	* src/file-op.c: Incorporated Fernando's patch for file
	dialogs. Fixes #1683318.

2007-10-16  Onkar Shinde  <>
        * configure*: Lower the versions of dependencies to the actual
	required. Bump application version to 1.3.2.
	* aclocal.m4: Automatically updated
	* debian/patches/*: Remove patches used for fixing debian build
	and dependencies' versions.
	* src/*: Remove ambiguous message about keypad stability. Fix bug
	* data/8085asm.lang: Fix bug #1683228.
	* po/*: Fix debian build. .pot file automatically updated.

2007-09-22  Onkar Shinde  <>
        * debian/*: Multiple changes and patches to fix debian build and
	lower build dependency to the actual required. No changes to

2007-08-31  Onkar Shinde  <>
        * src/interface.c: Some cleanup in dialogs. Also don't use hard
	coded stock ids.

2007-08-24  Onkar Shinde  <>
        * src/*.(c,h): Changes some GNOME widgets to GTK widgets.
	* configure*, **/Makefile*, aclocal.m4: Check proper versions
	while checking development packages, more verbose errors.

2007-07-07  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* data/8085asm.lang: Corrected expression for dz and cmc
	* src/: Replace most GNOME UI widgets with GTK+ widgets. Move
	non-local header includes to local header files instead of source
	files. Replace occurrences of tabs ('\t') with space (' ').

2007-03-19  Aanjhan Ranganathan <>
        * data/8085asm.lang: Added the patch submitted by Fernando Munoz.

2007-02-11  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* src/interface.c, src/bridge.c: Disable 'Stop Debug' menu and button
	when not in debug mode. Fixes bug #1656194
	* src/gui-editor.h, src/gui-editor.c: Scrolling in debug mode, proper
	line highlighting. Fixes bug #1656191
	* src/interface.c, po/gnusim8085.pot: Register and flag names are not
	tranlatable now.

2007-02-08  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* src/gui-editor.h, src/gui-editor.c: Make breakpoints work

2007-01-27  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* src/gui-editor.h, src/gui-editor.c: Line highlight in debug mode

2007-01-21  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* src/interface.c, src/interface.h, src/callback.c: Change the way
	about dialog is shown. Fixes bug #1556427.

2007-01-17  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* src/gui-editor.h, src/gui-editor.c: Add scroll window and make it
	parent of text widget, add method to set font, default to "Monospace
	* src/gui-app.c, src/callbacks.c: Pack scroll window instead of text

2007-01-14  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* debian/: Files needed for creating debian packages
	*, configure,,, data/: Install
	.lang file in ${prefix}/share/gtksourceview-1.0/language-specs
	directory, add it to package distribution
	* po/: gettext domain name is changed, so .pot file is updated
	* License.txt: Deleted as GNUSim8085 doesn't use scintilla anymore

2007-01-07  Aanjhan Ranganathan <>
	* auto-tools: Moved to Auto make 1.9
	* Will automaticaly copy the .lang file to the /usr/share
	/gtksourceview-1.0/language-specs directory

2007-01-04  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* src/gui-editor.h, src/gui-editor.c: Syntax highlighting code
	* data/8085asm.lang: Language specification file to use with
	* Revert last change which caused icon not to
	show in menu entry

2006-12-31  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* src/gui-editor.h, src/gui-editor.c: Replaced scintilla widget with
	gtksourceview widget, basic editing is working
	* src/: Removed scintilla source files
	* src/, po/ Remove scintilla source file names
	* Updated version, added check for gtksourceview,
	changed doc directory path
	* configure: Updated by autoconf
	* Automatically updated
	* Changed doc directory path, updated doc file list
	*, src/, pixmaps/, doc/,
	macros/ Updated by automake
	* Changed icon path
	* doc/gnusim8085.1: Minor correction
	* TODO: Updated according to current state of application

2006-9-18 Aanjhan Ranganathan <>
	* Fixed Bug related to DAA(reopened). Thanks to Dinesh
	* Fixed the PCHL Bug.

2006-9-13  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* Fixed some assertion failures while closing window
	* Some clenup

2006-9-11 Aanjhan Ranganathan <>
	* Solved bug on DAA Instruction

2006-9-11  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* Use gtk stock items for some of the menus
	* Change configure script to check GTK+ >= 2.6.0

2006-8-07  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* Fixed a bug with menus being disabled while debugging
	* Addded url handler for about dialog
	* Disable file actions and reset actions while debugging

2006-8-05  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* Migrated menus and toolbar from GnomeUIInfo to GtkAction,
	GtkActionGroup, GtkUIManager system.
	* As result of the above, keyboard shortcuts actually work.
	* Changed keyboard shortcuts for some menus.

2006-7-31  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* Replaced GtkFileSelecton with GtkFileChooserDialog.
	* Replaced GnomeAbout with GtkAboutDialog.
	* Compilation will need GTK+ 2.6 at least.

2006-7-20  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* Apply patch 964792 submitted by Alexander Shigin. Corrects 'PUSH
	PSW' instruction behaviour.

2006-7-20  Onkar Shinde  <>
	* Update to scintilla 1.66
	* Updated build scripts

2004-01-25  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>
	* 8085-instructions.h: removed 'extern' just before
	G_END_DECLS (fixes string.h bug)
	* *.*: _() macro, now working
	* glade: icon for all dialogs

2004-01-01  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>
	* gui-app.c: removed gdk* functions
	* *.c: encapsulated all strings in _() macro for translation

2003-12-30  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>
	* 8085-instructions.c: In _eef_inst_func_47, fixed ~(instead of !)
	* 8085-instructions.c: In _eef_is_carry, return value of op '-'
	* 8085-instructions.c: ADD, ADC, SUB, SBB M bug fixed
	* file-op.c: In fs_cb_save_listing, invalid cast of button to
	fileselection fixed
	* glade: changed main windows title acc. to gnome hig
	* 8085-instructions.c: Oops! XCHG was not at all implemented. Now
	* glade: Hacked glade sources and saved the changes in

2003-12-28  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>
	* asm-id.c: Fixed *ACI* bug
	* 8085-instructions.c: ACI int-len 1 -> 2
	* 8085-instructions.c: Fixed add(sub)-with-carry function

2003-12-07  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>
	* 8085-instructions.c: Added warning messages for unimplemented

2003-12-07  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>
	* gui-keypad.c: fixed crash bug in cb_clicked (which is why that
	large gap!)
	* gui-editor.*: added gui_editor_grab_focus
	* asm-id-info.*: added to project
	* *: modified all files to reflect the new mail-id
	* asm-ds-limits.h: opcode length = 5 (smaller size!)
2003-11-21  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>
	* gui-input-symbol.c: added gui_input_reg()
	* asm-id.*: added util funcs
	* gui-keypad.c: 90% completed
	* scintilla sources: funcs to insert text
	* project: added dependency "libiconv" - otherwise i get linker
	error FIXME

2003-11-11  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>
	* asm-id.c: removed double semi-colon (thanks Shaun)

2003-11-04  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>
	* *: Fixed anjuta project to include doc files
2003-11-03  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>
	* file-op.c: on creating new file template code is set
	* *.*: autoconf is working properly in slackware

2003-11-02  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>
	* file-op.c: dialogs will now be modal
	* callbacks.c: removed funcs file_ok_sel, i_save
	* warnings: suppressed all warnings (platform: slackware 9)
	* *.c: changed g_sprintf to g_snprinf, so more stable software!
	* main.c: filename can be passed in command line!

2003-10-24  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>
	* gui-input-symbol.c: made it working ;-)g
	* file-op.c: changed error messages format

2003-10-09  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>
	* gui-keypad.[ch]: added files

2003-10-04  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>
	* :moved all *.h files in include/ to src/

2003-09-31  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>
	* 8085-instructions.c: shld, ral, rar, stc - modified

2003-08-26  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>
	* bridge.c: clear the stack
	* gui-list-stack.c: stack view is working (in beta)
	* gui-list-stack.c: <-- started working after beta release -->
	* gui-list-stack.c: code rewrite for attaining efficient execution
	by updating stack view only during breakpoints or trace.
	* asm-ds-symtable.[ch]: added listing_no member to AsmSymEntry and
	modified appropriate functions
	* asm-ds-symtable.[ch]: added functionality to search for symbol
	given data(addr)
	* asm-gensym.c: Due to above modifications, this is also modified
	* gui-list-stack.c: print function(call) name in view
	* [*].c: replaced "gnome_error_dialog" with "gtk_message_dialog"
	* gui-list-stack.c: fixed add() 8bit - 16bit data

2003-08-13  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>

	* 8085-asm.c: Show success msg after assembling
	* gui-list-data.c: changed globals to static
	* 8085-[ins*].c: added support for stack change callback

2003-08-04  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>

	* file-op.c: Each file-selection dialog has its own title
	* bridge.c: addes statusbar information display
	* gui-view.c: fixed io-mem-update bug.

2003-08-03  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>

	* asm-gen[sym,obj].c: fixed assembler syntax - "equ" symbol - used
	with pseudo ops also
	* sci* fixed "last char not begin saved" bug - (len ==>
	len + 1)
	* file-op.c: fixed "critical save bugs" (sometimes extra lines, or
	stripped lines!)
	* glade: changed text in about dialog
	* :-- Added copyright messages to all source files written my me!
	* bridge.c: fixed: breakpoints are considered only when not

2003-07-31  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>

	* bridge.c: Implemented "step in", "step out"
	* callbacks.c: glade update
	* main.c: Added widgets for dec-hex converstion
	* gui-list-stack.[ch]: Added source for stack trace
	* Fixed - automatic view update on cursor
	* main.c: added start-with dialog
	* bridge.c: Fixed - file-op widgets disable on debug
	* glade: removed "run to cursor" functionality - considered
	* file-op.c: added automatic breakpoint syntax for assembly code
	* scintilla: archives (binaries) are replaced with sources (lesser
	package size!)

2003-07-25  Sridhar Ratnakumar  <>

	* :Released 1.1 (first stable release) with lot of bugs, of
	course! (coded in just 2 days!)
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