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ProjectBuilder Project for GNUstep Additions Framework on MacOSX

This a MacOSX ProjectBuilder project for building the GNUstep Additions
Framework, written by Stephane Corthesy <>. If builds
a library that contains classes and extensions found in the GNUstep base
library, but that are not found in the MacOSX Foundation framework.

Currently updated for Mac OS X 10.3

Note that the GNUstep developers do NOT maintain this project as we do
not normally have access to MacOSX machines. Thus it is possible this
project will be out of date with the actual sources. However, it is
always possible to build the Additions library with the standard
GNUstep make system (install gnustep-make first, then build gnustep-base
with make base=no add=yes).

Volunteers to help maintain this project are welcome.
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