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These are some example .gob files

gtk-button-count.gob	An example showing how simple it is to derive
			objects and override methods, this one implements
			a "click counting" on a GtkButton.  It defines
			a property for getting and setting the count
			and it overrides the "clicked" default handler
			to count clicks.  It also has inline documentation
			in gtk-doc style which gob can translate
			and stuff into the source file for you.

my-person.gob		A simple file which can store some identity
			information about a person, it shows properties,
			signals and others.

foo-some-interface.gob	Example idl and gob file for a BonoboClass
			implementation.  It can be this easy to write
			Bonobo classes.

my-glade-main.c		Example gob and glade file (plus a driver program)
			to use the libglade integration
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