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gobject-introspection - Generate interface introspection data for GObject libraries…  more info»


GIR XML format
- Document the format better
- Add attributes to connect signals to their default handlers
  and wrappers to their vfuncs
- Add a way to specify default values
- Add a way to mark init functions like gtk_init
- For argument/return values etc, store only c:identifier in the
  <class/> definition. Requires a link to the references type in the 
  Type node.
- replace gidl/gdk-pixbuf.gidl with something generated from headers,
  verify all information is available, possible to write

Binary format
- Sort arrays so that we can use bsearch for lookup
- Maybe add hashes to lookup interfaces and functions in interfaces
- Add default values
- Make annotations more flexible (and typed)

- Cleanup, maybe turn the nodes in to objects to avoid the horrific
  type switches
- Add thorough error checking

- Reconsider the current clunky API, maybe an iterator approach is better
- Add thorough error checking
- Use hashes
- Maybe allow populating repositories at runtime
- Think about a system-wide repository mapping namespace ids to
  libraries/metadata files
- Fix extra indirection for out parameters in invoke

- Property.readable/writable, GLibProperty.blurb/nick
- Constants
- Annotations in external files which is not source code

- type SYMBOL is kind of inconvenient; would be nicer to go straight to 
  boxed, etc.
- no way to construct a boxed type
- no way to access struct fields (should have a way to go field -> GArgument)
- types namespaced GI, functions namespaced g_
- no way to get GType given a GIRegisteredTypeInfo
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