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The development goals for this project are to produce a stable, complete
tool that does one thing, and does it well.  The 1.0 release established
all of GOPchop's basic functionality.  The development work from 1.0 to
2.0 will focus on eliminating all flakiness and making it a reliable,
useful tool.

Development Milestone 14 (Release 1.1.x) - User Interface Upgrade
This development series focuses on improving the user interface by
upgrading it to Glade2 and adding other features like Scrollwheel
support, etc.

   * (DONE) Save clip info (GOP indexes) for an mpeg (.clips)
   * (DONE) Add option "clip-save report to file" (default=off)
   * (DONE) Add option "remove leading B frames on a spliced open GOPs" (default=yes)
   * (DONE) Incorporate System Header Prepending patch
   * (DONE) Force refresh during "Run"
   * (DONE) Fix up displaying correct frame during a GOP Display or Run
   * (DONE) Thoroughly debug the display code, and add more logic to compensate
     for libmpeg2's picture flushing limitations.
   * (DONE) Set up a 'make check' Makefile target and create an empty
     tests/ directory
   * (DONE) Research into timestamps and why it isn't working
   * (DONE) Use "parseable_items" to populate preferences window
   * Inject nearest sequence header into saved streams
   * Establish Stable Branch 1.2.0

Development Milestone 15 (~Release 1.3.x) - Project Organization
The 1.3 development series will focus on establishing Open Source style
practices in GOPchop, to enable the community to be more involved in the
maintenance of the software.

   * Review and incorporate pending patch bundles
   * Create a list of project "invariants" defining the scope of the
   * Add option to re-write time-stamps in the resulting MPEG. (based on
   * Load packet information to a text file (.gop) for faster parse times
     (Probably in the patch bundle)
   * detect non-MPEG2-PS files (or rather, detect MPEG1 files quickly)
     (Probably in the patch bundle)
   * Fix for issue with missing sequence headers
     (Probably in the patch bundle)
   * Write an article describing what GOPchop is, and publish it at
     FootNotes (
   * Make output streams sane for DVD authoring tools
   * Rename "Run" to "Run Source"
   * Add "Run Clips"
   * Add option to add NAV packets to output stream
   * Add option to add timestamps so gop_fixup doesn't need to be used
   * Fix plural forms - 
   * Fix GUI contexts:
   * Post a call-for-translators to GNOME i18n list
   * Create one simple unit test and hook it up to run with 'make test'
   * Create a rough outline for a "GOPchop Design Specification"
   * Establish Stable Branch 1.4.0

Development Milestone 16 (~Release 1.5.x) - Parsing Library Upgrade
This development series conducts a major upgrade to the underlying MPEG
library, switching to libmpegparse.

   * Add libmpegparse as a dependency
   * Create a simple benchmark for testing parser speed
   * Produce a first draft of a "GOPchop Design Specification"
   * Convert internal code over to use libmpegparse
   * Command-line interface for cutting video at specified points without
     using the GUI (see mpgtx?  EDL?)
   * Create a way to spit out .gop files from the command line
   * "run in reverse"
   * Distinguish between Frames and Fields (do I need to?)
   * Figure out how to measure time within spliced GOPs; plan implementing
   * Add configurable option to pipe debug output of parser to a file
   * Add right-click pop-up context menu to Info clist for saving:
     + single GOP as MPEG2-PS file
     + single I-frame as jpg or something
     + audio packets of a GOP as a raw ES stream file
   * Investigate System Header prepending logic
   * Adjust PTS values like the GOP timestamps
   * When loading a file, find the GOP's while loading the packs/videos
   * Write an outline for basic/advanced user guides
   * Create a few regression tests using the new command-line interface
   * Ensure new parser runs faster than old one
   * Establish Stable Branch 1.6.0

Development Milestone 17 (~~Release 1.7.x) - Productization
In this milestone, the goal is to establish a foundational set of
materials (tests and documents) that will pave the path to eliminating
remaining bugs.

   * Add support for MPEG TS (Transport Stream), to enable editing of
     videos recorded with a DVB card
   * Make load/save dialog remember location after exit
   * Change font in error box header
   * Add time offsets to the clip list, along with GOP number
   * Create little "time" graphic for showing how long clips are in clist
   * Add "1 of 50..." info to Info box for GOP numbers.
   * Figure out how to auto-resize the error message window
   * Issue error when trying to close/exit with clips still in list
   * Issue warning about saving a clip if the final position hasn't been
     saved (i.e., a clip has been "start"ed, but not "finish"ed.)
   * Issue warning when MPEG2-PS format resists GOP closing/splitting
   * Produce a first draft of a "User's Guide"
   * Produce a first draft of an "Advanced Usage Guide"
   * Complete writing "GOPchop Design Specification"
   * Create remaining tests and ensure 'make test' invokes them
   * Establish Stable Branch 1.8.0

Development Milestone 18 (~~Release 1.9.x) - Testing
In this development series, the goal is to wipe out every last bug.
A hard feature freeze will be imposed.  The goal is to make the 2.0.0
release _never_ crash, and _never_ corrupt a stream it processes.

   * Review and incorporate latest patches
   * Find way to suppress repeated error messages
   * Complete writing a "User's Guide"
   * Complete writing an "Advanced Usage Guide"
   * Establish Stable Branch 2.0.0

- have a button to just drop the current GOP number to stdout or
  have it available on the clipboard, or change modes to just
  save marks, or something like that. (Matthias Schniedermeyer's use
  of mkdvd:

- have a "last GOP" window while selecting start-frame of a clip

- if FILE mtime is greater than .gop mtime, regenerate .gop file?
	- or, option to skip .gop reading (and regenerate)
	- option to save .gop stuff

- report audio format (hard)

- add "Run Clips"
	- this requires re-vamping the packet-tracking mechanisms so that
	  the GOP-type can arbitrarily change information within it's packet

- add "detailed" info section to info window.  For example,
	the clist should start with the "GOP" expanded to show
	each Packet list can be expanded to show each of the system packets
	each Picture item can be expanded to show each of the video packets
	each Audio item can be expanded to show each of the audio packets

- get audio playable.  Maybe figure out a way to link to/control mplayer?
	- this requires having both "seek to byte" and "show only X frames"
	  to work from the "slave" mode.  Source to mplayer didn't want
	  to do that.

- finish weird PES header flag parsers
	- or, optionally, totally skip header flags?  weaker parser, but
	  a faster parser maybe?  Or maybe disk will continue to be the
	  limiting factor?  Make this a configurable option?

- add time offset to scroll bar somewhere.  maybe in a centered box below
  the clip list?

- change mmap interface somehow to not require writable files
	- this will be addressed by the private GOP area changes mentioned

- make clip list editable to hand-move start/end markers
	- maybe add a pair of arrow buttons to affect the currently
	  selected clip's start and end markers?

- i18n tagging (mpeg2consts.c too)

- i18n tagging
- bind arrows, space, and backspace to step forward/back through SPU seqs
- use future "libmpeg2ps" to open an mpg instead of a ".spu"
- get color info from the DVD files


- I care about:
	- Pack's: they carry SCR: I shouldn't mess with this, they wrap:
	  - System packets: they carry rate & bounds
	  - VES packets: they define the video stream, and carry:
	    - SEQ headers
	    - GOP headers
	    - Picture headers
	  - other packets (audio, stuffing, whatever)

I must have a GOP before each I-frame.
I must have (or build) a SEQ header in front of each split, minimally, and
	in front of each GOP maximally.
I must include all AES Packs between GOPs in the prior GOP.
A System Header must follow the first Pack.  All System Headers must be the

I must build a table of:

System header locations, parent Pack, and length (correctable)
GOP header locations, parent Pack, and last seen SEQ
Picture header locations, parent Pack, and last seen GOP
SEQ header locations, and parent Pack
PES packet locations, and length (which must be corrected for dropped frames)
Pack packet locations, and length (which must be corrected for dropped frames)

I must re-write:
- GOP "closed" and "broken" flags
- VES to drop open-GOP B-frames following a GOP/I-frame
	- requires they are "exclusively" enclosed in Packs
- packet lengths where I need to

I could re-write:
- GOP time codes

When I write, I must write Packs.  Any added data (SEQ headers) will be added
either as:
- stand-alone Pack with stand-alone VES packet
- prepended to a VES packet, having both VES and Pack packets' length increased

Detect/Deal With "dangerous" situations:
- data from more than one picture in the same Pack (dangerous for dropping
- lack of system header in first saved Pack

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