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gopchop - fast, lossless cuts-only editor for MPEG2 video files…  more info»


1.1.8: (2009-03-02)
    - x86_64 cleanups
    - subversion migration
    - datarootdir cleanups
    - src/display.cpp: debian FTBFS
    - src/widgets.cpp: debian icon path patch
    - src/Main.cpp: debian progress bar patch
    - gopchop.desktop: clean up thanks to Gregor Herrmann
    - libvo/video_out_x11.c: Xv crasher fixed thanks to Tony Mancill
    - docs/gopchop.sgml: cleanups from debian
    - src/*: bump copyright years

1.1.7: (2005-05-02)
    - added --version option
    - fixed typos in preferences handling
    - fixed crash on close
    - created stubbed "make check" tests/ directory
    - added tooltips to the preferences
    - display GOP number in Info window
    - added experimental MPEG1 support from Brent Baccala
    - generalized pref window settings
    - added "ignore program end code" based on patch from Brent Baccala
    - forced sequence injection during playback for MPEG1 sanity
    - updated man pages slightly

1.1.6: (2005-04-30)
    - modified patch from Tiziano Cappellari and Igor Baldachini to optionally
      force a prepended system header.
    - modified patch from Tiziano Cappellari and Igor Baldachini to optionally
      drop trailing packs that have system headers.
    - compilation patches from Eric Jorgensen and Barry Roberts.
    - NetBSD off_t patch from Thomas Klausner.

1.1.5: (2005-04-30)
    - improved gopchop.desktop
    - added debian menu file
    - fixed compile regression in new display code

1.1.4: (2005-04-30)
    - suse patch from Rainer Lay
    - changed scroll wheel usage to try and fix file select windows - schmidtw
    - changed the menus & menu items to be more "standard" where
      possible - schmidtw
    - added XML based load/save using libxml for editing sessions - schmidtw
    - added text enterable gop selector box - schmidtw
    - added view menu to control GOP Info window & in the future the video 
      window - schmidtw
    - changed the menu items to be more descriptive - schmidtw
    - fixed details need to read other MPEG2 PES packets
    - locale clean-ups
    - Xv display is now aspect-correct
    - TODO reorganized - bryce

1.1.3: (2004-03-14)
    - minor correction to gtkspu manpage source - JRH
    - add in Debian packaging related files - JRH
    - #define "or" syntax fix - JRH
    - close-window will exit the app - schmidtw
    - RPM and pixmap packing updates - schmidtw
    - desktop application icon & entry - schmidtw
    - added initial scroll-wheel support suggested by JRH
    - scroll wheel improvements from JRH

1.1.2: (2004-02-29)
    - show two digits in gtkspu's update report
    - GOPchop.spec built from configure script now
    - added gopchop manpage from John R. Hogerhuis
    - changed program name to "gopchop" instead of "GOPchop"
    - added mpegcat manpage from John R. Hogerhuis
    - added gtkspu manpage from John R. Hogerhuis
    - updated to use AM instead of AC for PROG_LIBTOOL
    - removed "needs write access" restriction
    - added option tag to turn on/off timestamp adjustment
    - added timestamp calculation function
    - removing redundant frame type strings, consolidating markers

1.1.1: (2004-02-10)
    - the decoder window repaints!
    - throw in a sequence error to fully flush frame decoding
    - lots of STATE_ debugging is "on" right now
    - calling "mpeg2_flush_picture" to dump ALL gop frames
    - (needed) if a show_GOP happens and isn't preceeded by the original
          prior GOP, issue an mpeg2_reset first
    - fixing XShmMem for remote displays that have it but can't use it
    - added --show-states to make it quiet by default
    - made "mpeg2_flush_picture" optional

1.1.0: (2004-02-08)
    - starting development branch 1.1.0
    - updated glade config to use glade-2 project files
    - updated GtkText objects to GtkTextView
    - updating GtkCList objects to GtkTreeView
    - update main GtkTreeView to handle drag/drop
    - update main GtkTreeView to handle delete
    - renamed "Info" window to "GOP Info"

1.0.0: (2004-02-03)
    - releasing "stable" branch 1.0.0

0.9.3: (2004-02-02)
    - fixed the botched "make install"
    - added xshm patch from Simon Truss

0.9.2: (2004-02-01)
    - added "clip count" to the window
    - a few more features and bugs documented
    - fixed incorrect sequence header decoding in mpegcat
    - added sequence header parsing and visibility (per GOP)
    - report number of GOPs to "wrote" report
    - showing default halves of GOP flags
    - fixed beginning-to-end wrap when pressing "prev" bug
    - merged mplayer 8-bit dither patch into libvo
    - pulled file-buffer code out of mpegcat and into separate files
    - gtkspu can display an arbitrarily sized screen area
    - making gtkspu much smarter by scanning for valid SPUs
    - migrated to libmpeg2 0.4.0
    - disable "end mark" if start mark is before current GOP
    - allow "start mark" to be toggled back off
    - if video output init fails, don't kill the program
    - include paths fixed to pass "make distcheck"

0.9.1: (2003-08-18)
    - whoops, forgot to update mpegcat for the sec/pic decode bug.
    - segfault fix in gtkspu
    - stomping out possible segfaults due to weird results from
    - adding "run speed" idea from Tom Pfeifer
    - found another signed/unsigned test

0.9.0: (2003-06-07)
    - patch from Louis-Michel Gelinas for fr translation & locale fixes.
    - removed decode_stop on a STATE_INVALID, seen by Tomi Ollila.
    - found a few more strings that needed translation.
    - finished --pipe command, inspired by gello.
    - fixed lack of fseeko, noticed by Tomi Ollilia.
    - cleaned up %lld into OFF_T_FORMAT for proper non-largefile support.
    - added load/save of .GOPchop rc file
    - made orphaned B-frame dropping a configurable option
    - updated documentation
    - doubling indexing maximum (unsigned)
    - added cache writing (need reading next!)
    - correction from Scott Smith, I was decoding sec/picture wrong!

0.8: (2003-04-13)
    - sped up writes (1 GOP per write instead of 1 packet per write).
    - attempting to put GNU gettext support back in.
    - ported to libmpeg2 0.3.1 (and moved libvo internal).

0.7: (2003-02-16)
    - applied patch from Tony Brummett to display GOP number
      when errors are seen.
    - continuing to improve "mpegcat".
    - got side-tracked with a utility to display SPU contents.
    - assume DVD audio is "private stream 1" instead of reporting errors.
    - added "ignore errors" check box.

0.6: (2002-05-31)
    - wrote "mpegcat" as a tool to help with new parser
    - added non-functional mplayer-control for playback
    - cleaned up documentation a bit

0.5: (2002-01-30)
    - 80 column docs!
    - starting to build more detailed preferences
    - force first GOP of a write to be closed (no: this isn't safe)
    - found PES packet type parsing bug
    - hide error box on a close
    - found silly mmap boundry bug with PES packet parser

0.4: (2002-01-21)
    - corrected GOP timecode information and status bits
    - made the "Offset" and "Bytes" columns mean something on the Info
    - trying to fix up the configure script to link against libvo when
      SDL needs pthread support.
    - spit out errors as the come in to stderr.
    - abort with super-garbage files.
    - keep errors visible after a GOP load failure.
    - documentation updated.
    - squashed bug in splicer's packet counter.  Eek.
    - added GOP closing!  This fixes the damned checker-board-at-splices

0.3: (2002-01-16)
    - fixed up the and .h's with the help of Bram Stolk
    - removed intl and po directories since I don't understand them
      and they're just getting in my and everyone else's way.

0.2: (2001-11-28)
    - clean ups and adjustments for latest mpeg2dec CVS
    - documentation updates

0.1: initial version

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