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@c -*-texinfo-*-

@ifset TEXT-ONLY
@include version.texi
@end ifset

@section Introduction

Read the NEWS file for the latest user visible changes. Read the INSTALL
file for installation instructions.

Gorm is an acronym for Graphic Object Relationship modeler (or perhaps
GNUstep Object Relationship Modeler).

Gorm is a clone of the Cocoa (OpenStep/NeXTSTEP) `Interface Builder' application for GNUstep.

Gorm is part of the GNUstep project, and is copyrighted by the Free Software

Gorm is released under the GPL - see the file `COPYING' for details.

Documentation for Gorm is located in the Documentation directory.  It's also available on the wiki at

@section Status

Gorm is usable and stable.  Please report bugs to

Known problems (things to do) -

@item Support for IB 3.0 functionality.
@item More palettes.
@end enumerate

@section Acknowledgements

@item Icons - Mostly by Andrew Lindsay.   Gorm application icon by Jesse Ross.
@item Code -  GormViewKnobs.m adapted from code by Gerrit van Dyk.
@end enumerate
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